Tom Malone discusses USC vs UCLA

Tom Malone attended the USC vs UCLA game on Saturday and in this interview he takes the time to share some thoughts on his future team How was the game yesterday?

T: Oh it was great. Everything was just a lot of fun. Did you make any new friends?

T: Yeah, Actually I met Dallas Startz for the first time. I talked to him for quite a while and he's a great guy and he just seemed like a great athlete, and the coaches speak highly of him. We got to know each other well, and we're gonna be teammates, so it was nice talking to him. What was locker room like?

T: The locker room was great. The coaches were all pumped up and the players were yelling and just having fun with the win. It was really great for the players. You could tell the other recruits were really impressed by it all. Any specific big names?

T: Well, I saw Manual Wright and Winston Justice and they seemed pretty pumped up. Booker was there. There were a lot of big name guys there and they all seemed happy. Rumor has it that you are good friends with Brandon Hancock. Any truth to that?

T: I've talked to him at a couple of games and over the phone twice. We've talked a lot, but that's about it. I've just gotten to know him. Any clue as to where he's headed?

T: I'm not sure, I just know that he's down to Stanford and SC. Many fans think you can start right away next year, is that the plan?

T: Yeah, that's the big reason I'm enrolling early. I want to get used to lifting weights and just being part of the team. You pretty pumped?

T: Oh I'm really excited. Especially after this season and how everything turned around. Especially the last game. It's just unbelievable. The direction it's going and the way the coaches are going about it. It's just been great. Do you have you your punting stats for the year?

T: Yeah, I've averaged 43.4 yards per punt this year and I had one blocked which brought down my average. I know you don't keep stats for hang time, but what do you think you're average hang time is?

T: We actually tried to do that a little and we figured that my average was around 4.5 or 4.6. I had a lot of pooch punts this year. Far more than last year. So instead of sky punting it, I've been punting a lot of directional stuff. In the last 5 games, I've only had two punts returned for a total of ten yards. The rest were fair caught. I understand that you play a little QB?

T: I haven't gone in as a QB this season. It was something I only did for the spring. Have you ever thrown a pass on a fake punt?

T: We had a couple of those plays, but we never got to run them. But that's something you think you're capable of doing?

T: Yeah, I definitely think I can and I'm hoping to do that a lot in college. I think that's it. Anything else you might want to share with me? For the fans?

T: Well, just that the season was great and that the coaches have been real positive throughout the whole thing. They told me it was coming. I'm just really excited and as far as recruits go, SC is going to be real hard to turn down now. Top Stories