Q&A with Ekom Udofia

One of the top players on the Trojan recruiting wish list is Chaparral (AZ) defensive tackle Ekom Udofia and the interest in mutual as Udofia has long listed USC as one of his favorites. Click below to hear his thoughts on the recruiting process and how he got interested in the Trojans:

Talk about the recruiting process and all the attention you've received:

"I like the recruiting process so far, it's been fun. It's nice to have the coaches coming by all the time to watch you practice. They come at 2:00, which is our last period, and they watch you work out and then they watch practice and drills. Penn State was there today and LSU and Georgia were here yesterday. It makes you feel good that they are there and it just makes you want to keep on doing what you're doing. When I first started getting attention from college coaches I was kind of worried but now I'm used to it and it's not as stressful."

How did your interest in USC get started?

"For a while I've known that schools like USC and Miami are great programs that consistently put out great teams and they are also strong academically. They are great schools. I've always known USC was a place I'd be interested in because of their whole package. Some schools just aren't at that level and can't offer everything they can."

Is it possible to be a student-athlete and a football hero? (Ekom carries a 4.1 GPA and is also considering Stanford, where his brother currently plays)

"Oh yeah, for sure. It's just a matter of managing your time wisely. It might mean you have to sacrifice some stuff but that's what you have to do."

Talk about what the SC coaches are telling you in terms of what your future would be for the Trojans.

"They are saying don't come in expecting to redshirt. With Mike Patterson and Shaun Cody leaving it's wide open and I would have the opportunity to compete for playing time as a freshman."

Talk about Coach Carroll."

"He's a real nice guy. I remember the first time I talked to him it was kind of unreal because I'd seen him on TV and now here he was on the phone telling me how much he liked me as a player. He seems really focused on keeping a winning program."

Talk about Coach Orgeron.

"I love talking to him. He gets you pumped up to the point where you just want to play right there. He's so excited about what he does and he's always talking about getting off the ball, making plays, getting after it."

Have you finalized your summer camp plans yet?

"I'm going to the Nike Camp at Stanford on Saturday but I don't know after that. I've got to sit down and get that figured out soon."

Udofia has offers from schools such as USC, Miami, Tennessee, Stanford, Georgia and Penn State. Last season he had 63 tackles including 37 tackles for loss and 12 sacks. Had 78 tackles and 9 sacks as a sophomore. He's listed as 6-1, 290 and is known for his combination of strength and quickness along with great explosion off the line.

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