Winston Justice update

An interview with Trojan recruit Winston Justice

Winston tells me that he doesn't have a leader but his top 5 are " USC, UCLA, Tenn, Ore and UW." What did he think about the USC-UCLA game? "It was a surprise, I didn't think USC would win, let alone blow em out. " Still, he says that the game will not affect his decision very much. "You can't really judge a team off of one win or one loss." He went on to tell me he enjoyed the locker room atmosphere. He especially liked the fact that Pete Carroll was very excited after the game, and he noted that he said "what's up" to Mr. Booker, but he insists that they did not talk about attending the same college. He plans on tripping to UCLA on 1-11, UW on 1-14, and Tenn on 1-18. He may also trip to USC. As for committing, Winston tells me he will probably make his decision at the end of January. He will attend UCLA's game against ASU this weekend and he, along with the rest of the LB Poly team continue their march to another CIF Div. 1 title as they play Los Alamitos at Veteran's Stadium this weekend. Top Stories