Kyle Williams update

The offensive line is a position of need in this year's Trojan recruiting class and the coaching staff is in on one of the best in tackle Kyle Williams.

At 6'6 and 270 pounds, Kyle Williams has the prototypical size for an offensive tackle. More impressive than his great size however, is his quick feet and phenomenal pass blocking skills. He has completely shut down every defensive end he's faced this year for 11-1 Highland Park. Right now, Williams is concentrating on the playoffs, but he's also thinking about his college decision and he just had in-home visits with the two schools that he's narrowed it down to, USC and Washington.

"Coach Myers and Coach Williams" are the Husky coaches that visited last night. In discussing the visit, Williams explained "It went really well. Jeez, we talked about pretty much everything. You know, to my season...., I mean everything."

Trojan coach Nick Holt visited Williams on Sunday night and he also had positive things to say about that meeting, "The same for him. I mean, both schools, they were over here for probably three or four hours." So, has a leader emerged after the two in-home visits? Williams was quick to answer that, "No, not at all."

Williams truly does appear to be torn between the two schools and he is nowhere close to making his decision. One thing he really likes about each program is the coaching staffs, "With Washington, I really like their coaches. I really like the coaching staff and the same with USC. That's probably one of the things that's kind of hard. Both of the coaching staffs are awesome. Coach Neuheisel and Coach Carroll, they're both just really good coaches."

Originally from California, Williams' family will be moving to the Southern California area as soon as the school year is over. Might this affect his decision and do his parents have a preference? He answered that as he explained, "It is. Not a lot, but it will. My dad is kind of neutral. My mom would like me to go to USC. You know, they're going to be living down there, and so…"

The big lineman also touched on the issue of early playing time. Might that be a factor in his decision? "Yes and no. If I go to Washington I know I won't play early. If I go to USC, I'll have a better chance of helping out early, more so than at Washington. I'm not sure on that yet."

Williams has yet to schedule his official visits to the two schools under consideration and he plans on waiting until his team's season is over before doing so. In the mean time, he's looking forward to this weeks match-up with Dallas Samuels in the Texas State playoffs. Top Stories