Q&A with Luthur Brown

Lakewood's Luthur Brown is arguably the top linebacker prospect in the West for the class of 2005. WeAreSC caught up with the 6'3, 230 pound blue chipper after a recent Lancer passing league game to get the latest.

WeAreSC- Talk about what you like about playing linebacker. We saw you in action today in passing league, but I have a feeling you like it a little better when you get to put the pads on.

Brown- "Yeah, I'm a guy that loves to hit. Out here, if I would have been hitting people like I could have, they would probably have gotten mad and I would have gotten kicked out of the game or something like that. Just the hitting and adrenaline, I don't feel that at any other position."

WeAreSC- Talk about the recruiting process so far. It must get pretty hectic at times.

Brown- "To a point, you know, they'll come around and try to persuade you to go to their school, but I don't let it bother me. It's just something that they can do, but I'm not going to let it mess up the whole process, school, and football, and I'm not going to get big-headed about it. I'm still going to be me. That's how I feel about all of that."

WeAreSC- What are the most important factors for you in choosing a school?

Brown- "A big factor, of course, is football because that's how I'm getting in there, and then academically, how it will help me in my future. After football, how will this help me in my life? Also the family support, like at USC they always tell me that it's not just football, there's family support too. After I graduate they'll still be there to help me, see me through things, and if I get in tough situations they're willing to help me."

WeAreSC- Have you narrowed down your list of schools at all?

Brown- "Not at this point. I feel like coaches are putting me on their top 5 list instead of me putting colleges on my top 5 list, but two schools in particular that I like are Miami and USC."

WeAreSC- What do you like about both of those schools?

Brown- "With Miami, the way I got into them was because my brother was a Florida State fan, and I was like, ‘OK, I'm going to pick a team from Florida,' and I picked the team with the tightest jerseys just because I was a kid. So you know, I grew up watching them. Then, they also have the best linebacking corps out of all of the colleges that I've seen, and my favorite player, Ray Lewis, went there, and it would be nice to go to school out there in Miami. Then USC, I really didn't know too much about USC until I got out here my sophomore year. I was talking to Kennedy Pola, the running back coach that was up there, and he was keeping in contact with me. Then people's parents and families were telling me to think about my major, and I said that I wanted to major in business, and they have like the #1 business major. That's why I like USC."

WeAreSC- What are the coaches from USC telling you about what your future would hold there?

Brown- "They mainly tell me that it's more than football. They wouldn't just use you for football, they're going to make sure that you're going to class. You know, if I need help then they'll get a tutor for me, things like that to help me just in case football doesn't work out, knock on wood, but if I happen to get hurt or whatever, I'll have that USC degree and that will help me all the way through."

WeAreSC- At which linebacker spot are they recruiting you at?

Brown- "They haven't really told me but they ask me questions like ‘Do you feel like you can play anywhere?' and I tell them ‘Wherever you put me, that's where I'm willing to play.'"

WeAreSC- One thing that always comes up when people talk about you is your intensity on the field. Have the Trojan coaches brought that up?

Brown- "Yeah, they've said that. They've said that I have good aggression. I'm highly aggressive out there. The coaches at Lakewood say that my aggression is right there on the edge and sometimes I go over because I hate to lose. If I start losing I get really mad. They said my intensity, that's something they would love to see at USC."

WeAreSC- Have you had a chance to talk to Coach Seto and Coach Norton?

Brown- "Yeah, they're pretty nice guys. They've got this thing called ‘A.K.A.' I forgot they're exact meaning of it, but my meaning of it is ‘attack, kill, and annihilate.' It's a little joke that they write on cards that they send to my house."

WeAreSC- What are your plans for this summer?

Brown- "This coming Monday I'm supposed to go up to a clinic at USC. After I get done with summer school I'll head up there and see what that's about. And in July, I think it's the 28th or 29th, they're having a two-day camp. I might see if can attend that because I might be going back to Mississippi to visit my mom."

WeAreSC- Do your parents have any kind of preference about where you go to school?

Brown- "I haven't really sat down and talked deeply with them about what college they would like me to attend, but I would say that my dad would pick USC because its right here."

WeAreSC- Have you set up any official visits yet?

Brown- "No, not yet."

WeAreSC- Do you know of any schools that you want to visit?

Brown- "Of course my top 2, and then I think me and Adrian McCovey, I'm going to pick one, he's going to pick one, I'm going to pick one, he's going to pick one, and then we'll decide on the last one because we want to take them together."

WeAreSC- Do you have any kind of timeline on your decision?

Brown- "I'm going to wait until after my five trips, and after my five trips I'll sit down and talk to my family, friends, and coaches, and see how they feel about the situation and then I'll sign, after the five trips."

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