7 on 7 passing workout

The Trojans held a 7 on 7 passing drill today on campus. Steve Smith and Reggie Bush put in the top performances for the offense with each catching several long passes from quarterback Matt Cassel. Click below for some highlights and photos:

* The first ones out on the field to warm-up were Matt Cassel, Steve Smith and Ryan Powdrell. The players who jumped out at me on first sight as having added size this summer were Dallas Sartz, Hershel Dennis, Lofa Tatupu and John Walker. Lofa is over 240 right now and looks solid, he and Dallas are much bigger in the upper body.

* Oscar Lua is weighing in at 240 pounds these days and says his knee "feels great, no problems at all". Oscar didn't wear a brace during the practice, another sign that the knee is doing good.

* Terrell Thomas had an early pick of a Cassel pass.

* Alex Holmes caught a deep ball down the middle.

* Cassel had more success with deep passes than with short ones. He connected down the sideline to Steve Smith a couple times and also had a nice completion to Will Smith.

* Reggie Bush also had two deep passes toward the end of the 45 minute session. Reggie is ten pounds bigger right now and he just looks so explosive. Before the practice started Collin Ashton was punting a ball and it went sailing over Reggie's head, Bush simply took a couple steps back and made an impressive over the shoulders grab.

* Dominique Byrd had a deep catch over the middle.

* Frostee Rucker and Sedrick Ellis were among the linemen who came to offer support. Frostee says the toe is fine and he's ready to go for fall camp. Lawrence Jackson was also in attendance and he is excited for camp to start. Ryan Kalil and Ross Burruel were on hand to snap the ball to Cassel while John Drake stopped by for a visit as well.

* Matt Leinart did not throw but he did direct the warm-up sessions and drills.

* Ryan Powdrell has very quick feet.

Players in attendance included: Cassel, Leinart, Bush, Dennis, Woodert, L. White, Webb, S Smith, W Smith, Buchanan, McFoy, Holmes, Byrd, Vanderboom, Katnik, Tatupu, Sartz, Ashton, Williams, Lua, Rivers, Powdrell, Wyatt, Thomas, Walker, B Ting, R Ting, DeShaun (track, friend of Reggie Bush, worked at corner), Leach, Pinkard.

William Buchanan at the line of scrimmage.

Ryan Powdrell

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