Terrell Thomas chat transcript

Trojan redshirt freshman cornerback Terrell Thomas took part in a chat room on Tuesday night with WeAreSC.com premium subscribers to talk about a variety of subjects relating to Trojan football. Click below for a transcript of that chat session:

SCtradition:: Hey TT
sweat:: TT!!!!  What up!
USCinPA:: hello Terrell
toner 1:: hi Terrell
FG4SC:: Hey Terrell.  FIght on!
goscx:: hey Terrell
jagger:: hi terrell
TerrellThomas:: How you doing
MySonsDad:: Welcome Terrell!
MJDUSC:: good evening Terrell Thomas--great name for a future star defensive back
SCtradition:: How are you Terrell?
sweat:: 38 Days until the Run begins!!!!
bayareatrojan:: terrell- I'm in
Scott4USC:: Hey Terrell!
jefftrojantheft:: T2 What Up Dog
TerrellThomas:: I'm here and ready to take your questions

GarryP:: Terrell - tell us about the summer workouts and passing drills right now.  How are the corners coming along?
TerrellThomas:: We're doing good - we're all getting better working hard

toner 1:: Terrell, what's your height/weight right now?
TerrellThomas:: 6'1 193

GarryP:: how did you do in the combine testing last spring (40, vert, etc)
TerrellThomas:: I did good after coming off of injury etc 40 4.44 vert 39.5
RLott42:: wow...39.5 is AWESOME!!!
SCtradition:: impressive
toner 1:: wow, that's great!

RLott42:: TT...who has surprised you so far during summer workouts/7 on 7 drills???
TerrellThomas:: Dwayne Jarrett will be the biggest surprise of the season
RLott42:: thanx TT
SCtradition:: great news
jagger:: wow just the news i wanted to here
Scott4USC:: QUESTION:  Why will Jarrett be the big surprise this year?

sf4sc:: Hey Terrell, How is Camp Carlisle going?
TerrellThomas:: Camp Carlisle is treating well

4QTR:: Do you prefer Corner or FS?
TerrellThomas:: I prefer corner
GarryP:: why do you prefer corner?
TerrellThomas:: just my size overall and just my toughness from playing safety

jefftrojantheft:: T2 How has the transition from HS Ball to USC been for you? Do you think you benefited from a redshirt year?
TerrellThomas:: Yes - it is a big transition - I am just waiting for the challenge
RLott42:: we know you will accept the challenge quite well TT
jefftrojantheft:: That's cool, compete baby!!!!!

bayareatrojan:: TT- How is Matt's arm doing?
TerrellThomas:: Matt's arm is doing well - Jarrett will be the best b/c he is one of the tallest and most athletic - kinda like Mike
MJDUSC:: is jarrett faster than BMW
TerrellThomas:: I don't know

toner 1:: Terrell, can you talk a little about E.Wright? What are his strengths that you see?
TerrellThomas:: He is a playmaker and has heart - he's like me- waiting for a chance to prove himself
jefftrojantheft:: Eric"Easy" Wright is form Nor Cal just like me. Tell these guys how good Easy will be when he gets his chance? Are you and Easy close?
toner 1:: Terrell, I'm excited to see both you and Eric. You guys represent the future at corner
TerrellThomas:: E Wright and I are very close friends and will be the future corners

FG4SC:: TT...what is the toughest part about playing corner?
TerrellThomas:: FG4FC-you're on an island
FG4SC:: I hear ya.  Thanks.

4QTR:: Which defensive player will surprise us the most this season?
TerrellThomas:: the entire defense
4QTR:: Great answer!
jefftrojantheft:: Team guy, I like it!!

jefftrojantheft:: T2, tell your boy Averell Spicer USC is the place to be.
TerrellThomas:: Averell will commit to USC - I promise that
FG4SC:: Great news!!
jefftrojantheft:: YESSSSSSSSS!!
SCtradition:: NICE
toner 1:: excellent
RLott42:: i hope you're right TT
sweat:: a little inside info, I love it!
RLott42:: We will all hold you to that!!!
4QTR:: Take Spicer to Felipe's on Foothill

sweat:: TT,  is Kevin Arbet 100%
toner 1:: good question, sweat
TerrellThomas:: I don't know Kevin status but he is doing well

toner 1:: Terrell, any chance that you will return punts? If not, who will?
jefftrojantheft:: Kickoffs?
TerrellThomas:: Returns -probably not this year- I want to focus on corner

gouxgate:: What is your impression of Jeff Byers?
TerrellThomas:: Jeff Byers is ready to contribute and has the focus of a red-shirt freshman

sweat:: by the way TT, in case you are wondering, you are doing a great job in this chat session
FG4SC:: I second that sweat
TerrellThomas:: thanks

jefftrojantheft:: T2, what do the guys call you? I like T2?
TerrellThomas:: that is what they call me
jefftrojantheft:: I knew it
jefftrojantheft:: T2 or TT

RLott42:: Hey TT...how do you like Tom Malone???
TerrellThomas:: Tom Malone - best punter I've ever known - he probably can play athletic position at a small D1 school
RLott42:: thank TT

Fort Worth Trojan:: Will Ashton White be joining the team this fall?
TerrellThomas:: I don't kno about AW
GarryP:: Fort Worth - I put in a message to Charles today asking about that.  I'll post something when I hear back from him.  The last we heard Ashton was scheduled to be here in the fall.

totheloo:: Terrell -- which sc running back is the most difficult to tackle?
TerrellThomas:: All of them
TerrellThomas:: they are all great athletes
sweat:: I'll guess and say LenDale

SCtradition:: Terrell- Does Freddy Davis remind you of Mike Williams?
TerrellThomas:: Fred is a different kind of player - he will be solid player in the upcoming years
SCtradition:: Thanks Terrell

Scott4USC:: Terrell, what word(s) describes the mystery known as Chauncey Washington?
TerrellThomas:: Chauncey is taking care of school work - and his ankle
TerrellThomas:: he works out - he has his own workout schedule with coach CC

RLott42:: TT...who is the hardest WR to cover in practice?
TerrellThomas:: Steve Smith

SCtradition:: How much weight have you put on since you got to SC?
TerrellThomas:: 18 lbs
SCtradition:: man thats good
SCtradition:: and you have kept your speed too
SCtradition:: thats incredible
TerrellThomas:: I lost a little- b/c I gained weight - but that is not an excuse
TerrellThomas:: I will be faster and stronger next year
SCtradition:: 4.44 is still fast

toner 1:: Terrell, have you had the chance to play against Michael Stuart yet? If so, what are your impressions?
TerrellThomas:: No i haven't against MS

RLott42:: TT...who do you think, besides yourself, is the best cover CB on the team?
TerrellThomas:: all of us - we all have our different style sof playing

FG4SC:: T2....what are your short term and long term goals at USC?
TerrellThomas:: long term - graduate and have a chance to go to the NFL
SCtradition:: nice goals
FG4SC:: Good for you.  Obviously, you will have a huge cheering section.

sweat:: TT, do you have any idea where Mike Ross will end up?
4QTR:: good one sweat!
TerrellThomas:: no I don't
sweat:: cool, we will miss having him on the field

jefftrojantheft:: T2, how are your classes going?
TerrellThomas:: started off shaky and finished strong - had to learn the system

RLott42:: TT...who's your favorite NFL team???
TerrellThomas:: Broncos
TerrellThomas:: Terrell Davis

sweat:: Terrell, can you tell us about the Tings?  Do you see them contributing this season?
TerrellThomas:: yes - they are hard workers and gifted athletes

dpryor17:: T2 in the late 70s we were a very close knit team, is the current club real tight?
TerrellThomas:: we all get on each other and laugh it off

Scott4USC:: How badly do you want to get Cal on the field??
TerrellThomas:: Just them ruining our season makes me want to blow them out of the coli
Scott4USC:: TT, I look forward to that day BIG TIME.  I hate those guys
sweat:: TT, they wil be tough, no doubt, they have some nice WR's and a good QB, but I know you guys will shut them  down

RLott42:: TT...do you model your game after anyone past or present?
TerrellThomas:: no - I like to create my own game
jefftrojantheft:: D2, pattern you game after Charles Woodson, he's a RAIDER!

FG4SC:: T2...what are you studying/majoring in?
TerrellThomas:: Im undecided
FG4SC:: So am I and I'm 34!...LOL...

uscmike:: terrel,are you more comfortable in man or zone schemes right now
TerrellThomas:: both

RLott42:: TT...what other schools were you giving a hard look at coming outta high school?
TerrellThomas:: Wash state and Michigan and Oregon state
RLott42:: but we are VERY HAPPY YOU ARE AT sc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bayareatrojan:: Did you  "puke" after your first Carlisle workout?
TerrellThomas:: no - but nearly passed out - I feel puking is a sign of weakness
plmr4heisman:: Yeah...puking is a bruin tendency!!!
TerrellThomas:: I agree

sweat:: TT, did you go up against any current D1 receivers in high school that we may know of?
TerrellThomas:: more DBs not wide receiver

uscmike:: tt, how much more comfortable are you this year as compared to last.
TerrellThomas:: I feel this year I am more a part of the team compared to last year when I was an incoming freshman

wstripes:: What did you think of Fred Davis
TerrellThomas:: FD is an overall godd athlete and I can't wait to see him blossom

dpryor17:: T2 will we see you on any special team groups?
TerrellThomas:: yes - I hopefully will be on every single one to contribute as much as I can if I am not getting time at cornerback
wstripes:: I think you'll get a lot of time at CB this year

4QTR:: T2--which specific skill did you want to improve most for this season?
TerrellThomas:: my footwork and keeping my eyes on the wide receiver and not playing lazy

toner 1:: Terrell, what's your impression of Leinart, JDB and Rocky?
TerrellThomas:: they are all good QBs but some have to wait for their time to play

uscmike:: tt, which of our receivers gives you the most trouble jamming at the line
TerrellThomas:: Steve and Buc

wstripes:: Who talks the most this year...Almond talked a lot durning practice, as did BMW
Scott4USC:: WStripes, and let me add Matua doesn't count
TerrellThomas:: everybody talks - we do it to keep our minds off of practice so we can enjoy it

Fort Worth Trojan:: Who are the strongest candidates for team captains?
TerrellThomas:: Matt and Lofa
plmr4heisman:: I would think Groots would be in there

sf4sc:: Terrell, have any other Freshman arrived early to join Byers and Rivers?
TerrellThomas:: pretty much everybody except DJ

USCinPA:: will BMW be back?He might of answer this but i missed it.
TerrellThomas:: I dont know - hopefully he will

jagger:: TT what do you think of Rivers?
TerrellThomas:: a monster - he is wearing 55 for a reason

wstripes:: Who's harder to tackle, Holmes or Byrd? niether look fun
TerrellThomas:: both

plmr4heisman:: Has Powdrell come in yet and how is he doing?
TerrellThomas:: yes he has - he is doing good

USCinPA:: Man,i cant wait for some football
TerrellThomas:: I just can't wait to get on the field
TerrellThomas:: 38 and counting
sf4sc:: gotta love that attitude

wstripes:: How's Sedrick doing? Didn't you two commit together
TerrellThomas:: He is doing great - he will be a significant backup - yes
TerrellThomas:: we had to hold down the IE
TerrellThomas:: we all talked at the Cali-Florida game and decided to stay at SC and play together for 4 yrs

teiji:: tt have you been timed in the 40 recently?
TerrellThomas:: 4.44

usc1972:: TT--Did you always want to play for USC, or did the current coaches turn you around?
plmr4heisman:: Doesn't everyone want to play for USC???
TerrellThomas:: they offered me early Spring and I told the coaches I didn't want to commit there b/c I wanted to get out of CA
TerrellThomas:: but - I went to the Auburn game and it changed my whole mindset
GarryP:: what do you like about staying and playing for the local school?
TerrellThomas:: being able to go home and see my mom
jefftrojantheft:: You mom is cool
GarryP:: His mom, Teressa Knox, is also on this chat.  She's a regular at practice.
Scott4USC:: I hear Teressa is a dynamite cook!
TerrellThomas:: YES SIR
Scott4USC:: ha
FG4SC:: lol

uscmike:: Terrel, do you think SS is ready to be a dominant wideout this year
TerrellThomas:: yes - his overall confidence is up and he is ready to become one of the great SC wide receivers

jefftrojantheft:: T2 are you friend s with OL Brian Abraham and do you show him your Fat Ass Rose Bowl Ring ? LOL
TerrellThomas:: we were good friends - he blocked for me my senior year
TerrellThomas:: wish he wouldn't have committed so early - but best wishes to him - even though he is a Bruin

wstripes:: How's Bing looked this summer
TerrellThomas:: he is doing good

socalsugar:: Terrell-could you talk about Coach Carroll and the rest of the staff and what it is about them that makes USC so irresistable to High School recruits?
TerrellThomas:: just their overall personality - they are all player coaches

4QTR:: T2--how hard is it to balance your social life with practice and classes?
TerrellThomas:: very hard - being a student has to be easy - having all day to do your homework - but I wouldn't change it for the world

wstripes:: When Coach O talks, do you just guess what he's saying
TerrellThomas:: you can understand it once you hear it so much - it is kinda funny

usc1972:: TT--What are your impressions of the new RB coach McNair?
TerrellThomas:: great coach - all the new coaches are great coaches - we didn't miss a beat
TerrellThomas:: he understand where we came from b/c he has been through it more than the other coaches
TerrellThomas:: so it is good to have him around

4QTR:: Your other interest besides football and school(can't count your Mom Here)
TerrellThomas:: play station, church
4QTR:: Cool!
socalsugar:: Have you checked out NCAA 2005 yet?
TerrellThomas:: yes - the day it came out
TerrellThomas:: T2 USC 28 that is my online name if you want to play
jefftrojantheft:: So you will be wearing #28?
TerrellThomas:: yes

jefftrojantheft:: How is your relationship with Greg Burns? Has Burns taught you a lot about your position?
TerrellThomas:: yes - he taught me to be patient - there's more plays to come

jefftrojantheft:: What is your favorite place to eat around campus?
TerrellThomas:: a small Mexican truck - it probably has the best food on campus
jefftrojantheft:: LOL
jefftrojantheft:: I can't eat that stuff anymore.LOL

23blast:: So T2, who is the meanest and toughest player on this year's club.
dukeduplesisis:: Sed Ellis
TerrellThomas:: our defense - I think we play together better than anyone out there

FG4SC:: T2...have you noticed any other players that have added some weight this offseason?
TerrellThomas:: everybody that needed to

GarryP:: Guys - we told Terrell we would be done by 8:00 so I'd like to thank him for coming and doing such a good job with the chat tonight.  Thanks to tirebiter and Teressa as well.  We'll be posting a transcript later. 
TerrellThomas: I just want to thank you for your time and come out to all the games and cheer us on - hopefully we'll be in the Orange Bowl once again
TerrellThomas: Fight On!

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