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Took a visit to Chino HS today and had a chance to talk to Trojan verbal WR Chris McFoy as he prepares to play in the CIF finals this weekend

Took a visit to Chino HS today and had a chance to talk to Trojan verbal WR Chris McFoy:

It didn't take long to spot McFoy once we got on the practice field as Chino worked on an inside screen and McFoy moved smoothly down the line of the scrimmage with both hands extended waiting for the ball before catching and turning up field in one motion. Chris runs with very little wasted motion and is able to maintain a consistent speed when making his breaks, a rare trait among high school wide receivers. When we spoke after practice he was very polite and friendly but what I really noticed when he took off his helmet is that he bears more than a passing facial resemblance to Keary Colbert and he said he has heard that from a few people at USC.

WeAreSC "Describe yourself as a receiver."

McFoy "I'm mostly a technique receiver. I run good patterns and I just focus on my technique more, I have good speed but I focus more on running my routes and keeping good technique while I do it."

WeAreSC "I imagine in this system you have to be a pretty good blocking receiver as well." (Chino has two 1,000 yard rushers this season)

McFoy (laughing) "Yeah, we run the ball 80 percent of the time so every day we work on it and at least 2 or 3 times per week we hit the two man blocking sled so we get good practice at it. It took some time to get adjusted but now it's to the point where I kind of like it."

WeAreSC "Do you think it will help you at the next level to have done so much blocking in high school?"

McFoy "Most definitely. It really does."

WeAreSC "What are the strengths of your team as you head into the finals on Saturday?"

McFoy "Offensively, we've got 3 good running backs and our linemen average 240 lbs and they're quick. That's why we run the ball a lot because we've got 3 guys who can do it. It doesn't matter to me if we run it or throw it as long as we're winning, I just do my part when I can."

WeAreSC "What did you think of USC's season this year?"

McFoy "They did pretty good. They're still getting used to the coaching staff and toward the end you could tell they gelled with the coaches and everything started working, especially offensively, and that's when they started to win games."

WeAreSC "Did you like what you saw with Chow's offense?"

McFoy (big laugh) "Oh wow, man, I was very excited. The first time I saw five WR's on the field I got real excited. I know if I don't redshirt most likely I would see the field if I work hard."

WeAreSC "What do you need to work on for the next level?"

McFoy "My speed. Right now I'm a 4.49 and I want to get to a 4.4, maybe 4.3 hopefully. I also want to keep focusing on my technique cause there's always room for improvement."

WeAreSC "You are known as a fundamental receiver, what do you do to get an edge on the DB?"

McFoy "I always like to look a DB in the eyes at the line of scrimmage. When you get that eye contact it has him guessing at to what you're going to do next instead of looking straight ahead and focusing on your pattern. It just gives a little bit of intimidation to look them in the eye before breaking away and getting separation. That's what I've been doing since the beginning and it's working pretty good so far."

WeAreSC "What is your bread and butter route?"

McFoy "Mostly out patterns. I like to give them one good step inside or sell a post before breaking it to the outside. The comeback, I like that, and also the up pattern. Anything that scores a touchdown I like. (laughing)"

WeAreSC "Who do you admire as a WR?"

McFoy "It's hard not to like Randy Moss, he's just such a raw athlete. I like how he uses his body as a big receiver. I'm a big receiver now against most of the DB's I see and I use my height a lot. That's one of the biggest things I work on is my vertical and leaping ability. I work my calf muscles and the back of my quads a lot."

WeAreSC "Are you playing any sports in the spring?"

McFoy "Track, I compete in the triple jump. I only did it for the first time last year and ended up making the Masters Meet with a best of 47'2'' so I did pretty good for the 1st year. I'm hoping to do good and have some fun with it."

WeAreSC "Did anybody in your family play football?"

McFoy "No, my father played soccer and he was also a professional table tennis player. He was born in Jamaica and lived in Canada for a while but then he moved to Southern California and that's when I was born. He made me play soccer for two years when I was younger but it didn't stick."

WeAreSC "Are you looking forward to college?"

McFoy "Oh yeah, it's a little overwhelming right now but, yeah, I'm looking forward to it."

WeAreSC "What are you looking to major in at USC?"
McFoy "Business and management. Maybe something in the computer field."

On the season McFoy has 42 catches for 777 yards with 5 TD's as a receiver and also has carried the ball six times on reverses for 123 yards with two touchdowns (1 for 80 yards). His coaches praised him for his unselfishness and said they have never once heard him ask what his stats are or complain about not getting the ball enough. One coach at the school said, "He's a diamond. Just a great kid. He runs very crisp routes, has tremendous hands, is athletic, acrobatic, has great body presence, he's got it all. The perfect possession receiver." McFoy and the Chino Cowboys play Mission Viejo for the CIF Div 2 title this weekend and the game will be televised on Fox Sports Net 2 on Sunday morning at 10:00am. McFoy wears #82 for Chino.

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