Whatever it Takes

Long Beach Poly (Ca) WR DeSean Jackson (5-11, 170, 4.4) gives California a very slight lead over USC (childhood fave) and LSU. "Those are the schools I'm really focused on," said Jackson. "I also know more about those schools than any of the others and I've taken unofficial visits to all of them." Washington St and Arizona St also have a shot.

"The main thing I like about California is the fact that they're losing a lot of receivers. I want to play as a freshman. I'd really want to make a big impact as a freshman on that team. I know a lot of players on California's team and they've told me that the coaching staff and the other players are great.

"LSU always has great QBs and they're always giving the ball to the receivers. I want to be one of the main receivers. I like coach Nick Saban and I like the players there. They're all cool with me. I really felt at home around them. And I really like the fact that LSU is in the SEC. I think that's the best conference out there. There's a lot of competition and I like that.

"LSU also has a good baseball team and some of their center field players are leaving soon, so that's good for me. I got to talk to the baseball coaches too, they're okay with me playing football and the football coaches are okay with me playing baseball.

"I like the fact that USC is at home. I wouldn't have to go far at all. I grew up watching USC. They're a great team with a national championship under their belt.

"There's just a lot of greatness on that team (USC). Pete Carroll is one of the greatest coaches because he has a lot of experience in the NFL. They'll be a great team for years.

"What I'm really looking for in a school is a great football program, they have to have my major (communications), good academics and a good graduation rate for football players."

However, football isn't the only thing on this star receiver's mind. Professional baseball teams are also interested.

"If I get drafted by a pro baseball team I will have them pay for me to go to school and then I will play football for that school.

"If I don't get drafted by the pros I'll sign with a football team and play baseball in college. I plan to sign with a football team in Feb, then if I do get drafted by a pro team for baseball and they offer me a lot of money, I'll pull out (decommit), but I'll still play football for whatever team I originally signed with--just without a contract. All of the coaches are okay with that. I've got all that straightened out with everyone. I'm a good athlete so I guess they're willing to do whatever it takes to get me."

3.0--summer school/1280 SAT

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