Chris Anderson recruiting update

Chris Anderson, 6'3, 270 pound defensive lineman from Jacksonville Mandarin High School (FLA) took an official visit to USC this past weekend and had a great time, but was it enough to put the Trojans in the lead?

"It was great" exclaimed the athletic lineman. "We went to Keyshawn Johnson's restaurant, we went to B.B. King's restaurant, watched practice, and had a tour of the campus. It was tight." This was Anderson's first time out to Los Angeles and he was hosted by tight end Alex Holmes. He also noted that he hung out a lot with receiver Keary Colbert and defensive lineman Shaun Cody and had a great time with all of the players. Anderson was also impressed with the Trojan coaching staff, "Yeah, I talked to all of the coaches. They're good coaches."

The Florida star seemed to be particularly impressed with a visit the recruits took to the Los Angeles Coliseum and he discussed the trip in depth, "We walked in the locker room and they had our names on the locker and our number and stuff like that. Then, they took us down on the field and they turned on all of the lights and introduced us on the big T.V. screen. It was cool."

Although Anderson had a great time on the trip, he still claims no leader among USC, Florida State, Michigan State, South Carolina, and Miami. He has trips set to all of those schools including one this weekend to Florida State. On the topic of in-home visits, Anderson noted that the Trojans were the first to visit, "Yeah, they came the first day they could, and South Carolina and Florida State just left tonight." He also explained that USC and defensive line Coach Ed Orgeron are recruiting him as a defensive end and defensive tackle.

Anderson also discussed some of the factors that will influence his decision, "Early playing time and if I feel comfortable around the players and coaches and stuff like that." He also seemed to be specifically talking about the Trojans when the topic of distance from home came up, "That's kind of far but anywhere you go you're going to be away from home, you know." Anderson also noted that he plans on taking all five of his visits before he makes a decision.

Jacksonville Mandarin finished the season at 8-3 and Anderson starred at defensive end, defensive tackle, and fullback. He's known for his tremendous athleticism and pass rushing skills. He had 23 sacks on the year. Top Stories