Fall Camp Day 5

With today being the first day in full pads we've gotten a pretty good sense of where this team is at so far in fall camp and for Trojan fans the news couldn't be much better. Paul McDonald talked about his 1979 team and how one bad half of football prevented them from getting back to back titles, he said this team has an opportunity to do what his team couldn't do if they can stay healthy and avoid a stumble.

The tone was set on the first play of a drill on Brian Kennedy Field when Kyle Williams lost his helmet while making a block for Hershel Dennis. The drill also featured back to back touchdowns for the offense with Dennis and Bush. Hershel scored when he went behind a block from Sam Baker and then Reggie followed the same course only it was Drew Radovich at tackle and he did a good job on Chris Barrett to open the hole.

John David Booty had a good day. In the drill on Kennedy Field he completed a long touchdown to Dwayne Jarrett by throwing the ball high against coverage from John Walker. It was one of several high grabs that Jarrett made today as the former prep basketball star is quickly gaining a reputuation as a guy who can go up and get the ball. It doesn't hurt that he's 6-4 with long arms and he knows how to position his body well. After the teams moved to Howard Jones Field Booty completed one of his first passes to Mike Williams on a 65 yard touchdown where Mike outsprinted Terrell Thomas to the end zone. It was great to see Mike dashing down the sidelines again.

Manuel Wright is working as the #2 defensive tackle right now with Shaun Cody moving from end to tackle and Jackson and Rucker currently the starters at end. For all of his size there aren't too many players quicker at getting into the backfield than Manuel. He stopped Hershel in the backfield in one early drill and then late in the day he beat Chilo Rachal and got to Booty before John David had a chance to pitch the ball to the running back.

Travis Tofi blocked a pair of field goal attempts from Mario Danelo. Ryan Killeen made a 40 yard FG.

LenDale White had a real nice touchdown run where he went into the middle of the line and then reversed field to the right and used his improved speed to get to the end zone. There's no doubt LenDale is quicker than last year, a sad thought for opposing defenses.

Greig Carlson put a nice move on a defender after catching a pass from Brandon Hance and went into the end zone for a score. It was good to see that combination again, Hance and Carlson hooked up many times at Taft HS when Hance was a senior and Greig was a junior.

Will Buchanon made a good play to take the ball away from John Walker after John thought he had an interception. Groots had come in for a sack on Cassel but Matt kept on playing and threw for the sideline with Walker stepping in front of Will but Buchanon fought for the ball and was able to wrestle it away.

John Drake practiced at RG. Reggie Bush basically ran over Scott Ware on a run play early in the day. Fred Davis caught a lot of grief from his teammates when he caught a pass in the open field but tripped over his own feet as he tried to run with the ball. Lawrence Jackson had a pair of sacks. Nick Vanderboom caught a deep pass over the middle. Keith Rivers did a good job to stop Reed in the open field.

The final play of the practice was a strange one as Desmond Reed carried the ball and fumbled after a few yards, Scott Ware picked the ball up and began returning it the other way but then he was stripped and the ball bounced towards Reggie Bush. The only problem was that Reggie wasn't in the play, he was standing on the sidelines with his helmet off but that didn't stop him from scooping up the ball and running the other way for a score. It was a great way to end the practice.

note - we talked yesterday about the long punt from Tom Malone that was estimated at 80 yards. When they looked at the punt on film last night the ball was on the 15 and landed one yard deep in the opposite end zone (86 yards). One observer joked that if he can do that once he should be able to do it every time.

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