Fall Camp chat transcript

Chat transcript from WeAreSC premium chat on Sunday, August 8th

trojaneddy:: Garry, are we really a step ahead of last yr and the yr before?
GarryP:: I think we got to a high level quicker in camp this year than we have the past two years. The intensity has been there since the first day of camp.

USCinPA:: Gary,in your opinion will Williams be back
GarryP:: I'm remaining hopeful on Williams.

trojaneddy:: garry, will the oline be ok by v tech?
GarryP:: I think the OL will be fine but we should know a lot more in the next week or so. There will be a scrimmage this week so that will tell us a lot to see how they do against our defense in a live scrimmage.

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...two a day practices start tomorrow?
GarryP:: yes, two a days start tomorrow

uscmike:: garry, what the word on TT's shoulder
GarryP:: His shoulder hurts but he is going to play with it right now. He said there's no way he's not playing.

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...anything regarding Guenther's return mentioned today?
GarryP:: I didnt hear anything on Guenther today

terrytrojan32:: Garry.....what do Smith, McNair and Norton bring to the coaching staff?
GarryP:: Leinart has said that Smith brings a different voice, one that has a lot of experience, while Sarkisian basically spoke the same language as Chow when it came to offense. Leinart seems to genuinely like Smith so far. I think McNair could end up being a real good coach for us. He's had a big impact in recruiting so far and he has the respect of the players due to his NFL playing days. From what we've seen so far in camp the running backs have looked great so the transition from Pola has been smooth. All the players and coaches seem to like Norton and his intense personality fits right in with Seto in coaching the linebackers.

72Trojan:: Hi Garry, what's the word regarding the NCAA's ruling on BMW?
GarryP:: We're hoping to hear this week on a Williams decision
72Trojan:: Thanks, Garry. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

usc1972:: Garry--Is Oscar Lua ahead of Ryan Powdrell right now, and does he look completely recovered from his injuries?
GarryP:: Powdrell has been the 2nd string MLB so far. Oscar looks recovered from his injuries though so it could be a good competition in the coming weeks.

BleedSCRed:: Is byrd most likely out for the season?
GarryP:: We won't know on Byrd until he has an MRI
MJDUSC:: This should be a redshirt year for Byrd

uscmike:: Garry, with the depth of our d-line, do you see coach O using some sort of rotation
GarryP:: Definitely. Coach Orgeron is going to rotate a lot of guys and one of the biggest advantages of that will be fresher bodies in the 4th quarter of games. There might not be a better unit from top to bottom in the country than the USC d-line.
SC POOH BAH:: Garry...the same might be said about our LB's before the year is over
GarryP:: You might be right

trojaneddy:: Garry, do you both Luti and Drake will start?
GarryP:: IF drake is healthy enough to go he will start somewhere. Lutui has looked pretty good so far but it's too early to tell if he can take the job away from Kyle Williams.

MJDUSC:: Garry P: Who does it look like will be the starters at tackle
GarryP:: MJD - Baker will be the starter at LT. It will likely be either Williams or Lutui at RT. Right now Kyle is the starter but Deuce has been impressive so far.
trojaneddy:: It sounds like Kyle williams has really developed
jpn609:: Deuce looked like a house today in PADS

MJDUSC:: Does it look like Chris Barrett has taken a step up at DE
SC POOH BAH:: MJD...Jackson has
GarryP:: yes, it does look like Chris Barrett has taken a step up this year. He and Lawrence Jackson are getting a lot of reps with the first team and are holding their own. Jackson is one of the most improved players in camp.

USCinPA:: Garry,any word on Ashton White
GarryP:: no word on Ashton White. It's still a possibility but so far he hasn't shown up.

TrojanLee21:: I wonder what the wrinkles Chow got from Martz will look like
PARISofTROY:: The Domers on ND Nation were freaked by the article on Chow visiting the Rams coaches.
uscmike:: Bush is the closest thing football has seen to a legitamit running back-wide receiver since Lenny Mooree
PARISofTROY:: Bush = Rocket
SC1inOh:: Are Bush and Dennis both a legitimate 200lbs
jpn609:: Dennis looked really good today!
bayareatrojan:: Bush running, returning kicks and catching passes will be awesome to watch. 20 days
PARISofTROY:: I can't wait to watch Bush on "Anthony Davis Day"!!!

uscmike:: GarryP- Baker seems to getting alot of love in most practice reports so far
trojaneddy:: Garry, Baker is pretty young. Has he really come that far? He seems to be blocking like a senior.
GarryP:: Baker has been pretty solid. The coaches are really happy with him so far.

terrytrojan32:: Has Buchanan finally found his niche at USC??
GarryP:: I think Buchanon is ready to take that step up. He started showing more consistency this spring and he's continued that improvement so far in fall camp. He seems to be playing with more confidence too.
SC POOH BAH:: Garry...Do you think McFoy is ahead of Buch?
GarryP:: I would say Buchanon is ahead of McFoy but it's not by much. Both of them are still very much competing.
MJDUSC:: is it true that Buchannan is one of the fastest Trojans for 40 yards
GarryP:: Yes

jpn609:: Garry: who is #14 and #25 on D?
GarryP:: DeSean Cunningham is 14 and Eric Wright is 25.
jpn609:: BMW welcomed Cunningham to big time football today...As he just smashed him off the LOS on a quick slant route...Poor Desean went 5 yards backwards!!
GarryP:: Desean got a pretty good pop from LenDale yesterday.

terrytrojan32:: I still think Carlson is our #1 option for punt returns. Very reliable!!!
jpn609:: Garry: Saw Fred Davis and Darnell Bing back returning punt flies from the machine...Are they in the mix for returners?
GarryP:: Not really. They field punts every day along with Hershel, Jason Mitchell and Justin Wyatt but when it comes time for punt return drills it is always Bush, Carlson and Arbet as the return men.
TrojanLee21:: Yeah, I'd like to have an opposing punter worry about placement because of Bush and shank a few.
MJDUSC:: terrytrojan32: Nobody will argue that Carlson is not reliable. However, it appears that Carroll is determined to have a guy back there that he feels is not only reliable, but also likely to break one every so often
terrytrojan32:: MJD: I know what you are saying.....it is a risk/reward evaluation.
wstripes:: I hope they leave Arbet out....don't want him hurt
TrojanLee21:: Arbet was always a very efficient returner.
wstripes:: as long as Kareem Kelly isn't returning punts; I'll be satisfied\
TROJANTD:: lol stripes
MJDUSC:: ya mean kareem made you nervous
trojaneddy:: kelly was a bad punt returner, but he did have a great sen. yr. he became more humble
bayareatrojan:: Punt returns is the one area where we have not progressed substantially in the last three or four years
chowders:: didn't carlson avg pretty good yardage?

TrojanLee21:: Bears -- Call starts practice this week right?
BearsWiin:: From what I hear.

trojaneddy:: i like waytt at cb. he really sticks to his man. Also 10.4 in the 100 is flying
PARISofTROY:: Wyatt is also a football player, not just a track star.
BleedSCRed:: And Wyatt is also tremendous on special teams punt coverage!
trojaneddy:: bleed, wyatt always beats his man downfield
GarryP:: Wyatt has been pretty aggressive so far this fall.
MJDUSC:: would love to see wyatt and reggie race while in full football gear
MJDUSC:: not sure anyone on the team is faster in uniform that wyatt
MJDUSC:: he is a jet
trojaneddy:: Believe ot or not I think wyatt would beat reggie in the 40 and tie him in the 100
MJDUSC:: i believe it just fine

zookm1:: Garry: Is LenDale really that much faster this year?
GarryP:: yes on LenDale

USCinPA:: How has Groots looked
GarryP:: Groots has looked great. The whole linebacker group is terrific.

MJDUSC:: anyone else have a spouse asking if "that is starting again already?"
USCinPA:: i do
trojaneddy:: mjd, i lock her in the closet during football season
MJDUSC:: sounds reasonable to me
cbromusc:: mjd, yep I got the look a few minutes ago
zookm1:: just during football season?
PARISofTROY:: I deflate mine during football season.
TrojanLee21:: MJD - I've converted my wife. She's now asking that I make transportation and tailgating reservation in DC like the one's we had at ND. She's come a long, long way.
terrytrojan32:: I'm Lucky.......my wife just leaves me alone on gamedays......

jpn609:: Scott Ware has no fear...Garry dont you think we need to get him on the field somehow?
GarryP:: Ware will be on the field a lot as the 3rd safety in a rotation and on special teams. In kickoff coverage drills today he was the first one down the field.
trojaneddy:: Garry, will Ware back up fs and ss? He seems like one of the best tacklers we have on the team.
GarryP:: eddy - My guess is that's what will happen. Ware will be the primary reserve at safety and he can play both spots (so can both Leach and Bing).
trojaneddy:: Leach also performed well when he backed up Hill and Troy p

72Trojan:: Garry, I haven't heard much of Pinkard. Is he headed for a RS year?
GarryP:: Hard to say on Pinkard in terms of a redshirt year. I think it would be great to redshirt him and we have the luxury of three guys ahead of him.

usc1972:: Garry--Is Oscar Lua our #2 MLB right now, and does he look fully recovered from his injuries? Also, has the talk of him playing fullback been put to rest?
GarryP:: Powdrell is the #2 MLB right now. Oscar is looking good and he's working himself back into playing shape after missing last season. There hasnt been talk lately of moving him to fullback

MJDUSC:: Garry: do you think matt C is throwing well enough to take over should Booty redshirt and Matt L get hurt
GarryP:: Yes, I do think Matt Cassell is playing well enough to be the #2 guy if Booty redshirts and Leinart were to go down. Matt has been playing well and we just havent seen that much from Brandon Hance in his limited time since missing the first couple days of camp.

jpn609:: Garry: are our receivers that Good? Or our DBs not up to par? Because it seems like our receivers were open all day with a few exceptions....Anyhow our offense is GOODDD!!!!!!!
GarryP:: I think our receivers are that good.

MJDUSC:: Garry: Does Herring look to move inside on D or to the Oline
trojaneddy:: Herring=huge upside
trojaneddy:: Herring has a huge frame with great speed
GarryP:: Right now Herring is playing at DT behind Cody and Wright
MJDUSC:: garry; that make sense
trojaneddy:: I like Hering at Dt or Ot. He is so big. He does have the speed for the occasional fumbleruski play

usc1972:: How does everyone like Germany being tried at TE?
MJDUSC:: I think moving Germany to TE is a bigtime move
MJDUSC:: he can use his size and speed for everyone's benefit, including his own
usc1972:: MJD--The Germany move could have something to do with Norm wanting another blocking TE, especially with our OL being new
MJDUSC:: though Thompson might be able to do both very well
CHASEinNYC:: Germany being 280 really disappoints me
cbromusc:: plus Germany outgrew linebacker and would have been in deep competing on the dline
wstripes:: we knew he was going to play DL
CHASEinNYC:: I was really hoping Germany would come in below 250
wstripes:: If we thought that Germany was going to play LB, I highly doubt we would have offered him
usc1972:: MJD--Even before Byrd got hurt recently, I thought it might make sense to redshirt him, get Thompson some time this year without much pressure, and have Dom back next year with Thompson and some others.

TROJANTD:: I do like hearing Cody is at tackle again
SC1inOh:: How's Cody looked at end
TrojanLee21:: Garry - So was Cody's move back to DT permanent?
GarryP:: It's not permament, it's just one of the moves Orgeron is looking at right now. I think Shaun could easily end up staying there but it's too soon to know for sure.
23blast:: Manuel Wright will decide if Cody stays at DE
cbromusc:: Well by moving Cody back to tackle for now, it does give Coach O a chance to observe more of the defensive ends..
trojaneddy:: Garry, is manny wright hurting? I thought he would start at dt?
TROJANTD:: DT is Cody's natural position would like him to stay
GarryP:: It's basically a choice of who is better in the line-up, Wright at DT or Jackson at DE.
GarryP:: no, Wright sat out one morning practice due to a virus but he's fine now
trojaneddy:: Is cody having trouble at de?
GarryP:: not at all eddy. Cody will star at either spot, Orgeron just needs to decide if the line is better with Wright at tackle or Jackson at end. Once that decision is made you can move Cody around as needed. How those guys play with Shaun with go a long way in making that choice.
TrojanLee21:: The good thing is that Cody is experienced enough to flop positions in a game depending on the matchups involved.

terrytrojan32:: Do Carlson, Mitchell or McFoy have a chance to be a regular part of the WR rotation??
GarryP:: McFoy has the best shot and then Carlson
trojaneddy:: Garry, Jason Mitchell is so fast, I wonder why he hasn't developed?
GarryP:: i dont know on Mitchell. He's not much of a factor in the rotation right now.

72Trojan:: Garry, is Goodrum going to crack the 2-deep, and possibly be a starter?
jpn609:: no way goodrum starts
GarryP:: no on Goodrum being a starter

jpn609:: Garry: how can we get DEsmond reed on the field...He has reggie like moves and jukes
GarryP:: I hope that happens with Reed. I don't know how they're going to find touches for him but Chow will do something to at least get him some looks. He's been one of the most improved players in camp.
MJDUSC:: garry: it makes sense to have desmond and reggie in at the same time once in a while
MJDUSC:: that will produce ND like mismatches, like we saw with a linebacker on reggie
GarryP:: I wouldn't put that past Chow at all. Desmond is earning the right to see the field.
TrojanLee21:: Carroll said at the spring game that there was no drop off from Bush to Reed

SanClemente:: do we have a backup punter?, just thinking about depth.
GarryP:: Taylor Odegard is the back-up punter, a walk-on from Washington.

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