Fall Camp Day 7

The Trojans held a scrimmage this afternoon in front of patron donors on Howard Jones Field. Here's a recap of the highlights from each series of plays:

Hershel Dennis took an early handoff and was upended by Lofa Tatupu with help from Frostee Rucker. Matt Leinart threw a fade to Dwayne Jarrett but Justin Wyatt did a good job to knock the ball away.

With John David Booty at QB, Reggie Bush had a short run with a nice lead block from Lee Webb. Booty completed a screen to David Kirtman that went for over 20 yards. John David hit Fred Davis on a crossing route for a nice gain and Booty had the offense moving at this point. Reggie had an impressive run where he changed directions inside the ten, he didn't score but his shake moves were enough to get him close to the goal line and he punched it in from there on a reception from Booty.

Rocky Hinds threw high on a slant with pressure from Jeff Schweiger and Derrick Jones reached up to make a real nice catch. Rocky then scrambled to his left away from the pressure and threw across the field to Jones who made the catch while going to the ground. It was a good example of what can happen when Rocky is flushed out of the pocket. Schweiger came quickly on a rush and got his hands up to knock the pass down.

Hershel scooted through the line for a nice gain before being dragged down by Keith Rivers. With Sartz sitting out Rivers got the start at WLB. Bush took the ball from Booty and started right, he found no hole so he changed direction to the left and turned on the speed for a nice gain down the sidelines. He's fun to watch. Booty hit Steve Smith with a slant and the play worked so well that John David came right back to Steve on the next play for a touchdown.

Matt Leinart hit Jarrett and Ronald Nunn made a solid tackle to bring Dwayne down right away.

Matt Cassel tried to throw to Chris McFoy but Collin Ashton did a good job to knock the ball away. Cassel hit Jarrett on a pass with coverage from Eric Wright.

We talked yesterday in the practice reports about how Jarrett was making a special play each day and today it came on a deep sideline pass from Leinart. One observer commented that it would be ironic if Mike Williams is reinstated only to find himself as a back-up to Jarrett. The comment was made in jest but it shows how much respect Dwayne has earned in his brief Trojan career. Hershel had a five yard gain where he broke tackle attempts at the line from Sedrick Ellis and Jeff Schweiger. At this point the ball was inside the ten yard line and it set the stage for a goal line stand by the defense. A run by Webb was stuffed at the three and a run by Kirtman was stopped at the one. It was now fourth down and the offense had a right side of the line with John Drake at G and Deuce Lutui at T so there was a lot of beef on that side. Webb went behind a block from Kalil and Drake and barely made it in the end zone while taking a big shot from Ryan Powdrell at the goal line.

The Trojans practiced onside kicks.

Brandon Hance got some action and he hooked up on a real nice play where he hit Eugene Germany on the run and Eugene rambled in the open field for a big gain. A Kirtman run picked up good yardage and then Hance hit Jones in the end zone for a touchdown. It was a nice drive led by Hance.

Travis Tofi had a sack. Leinart hit Vanderboom and Kirtman with short passes and then he tried to hit Jarrett deep but the ball was dropped and Dwayne took a good shot from Greg Farr as well. The final play of the day featured one of the biggest hits as Rivers drove Vanderboom out of bounds along the players sidelines and everyone erupted in cheers. Ryan Killeen hit a 42 yard field goal and the scrimmage was done.

Some of the players who didn't participate were LenDale White, Dallas Sartz, Kevin Arbet and Alex Holmes. Charles Brown (TE recruit from Diamond Ranch) was in attendance.

Leinart 7-13, 81 yards
Booty 7-9, 109 yards, 2 TD's
Tatupu 5 tackles
Nunn 5 tackles
Tofi 2 sacks

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