Newcomer recap

As we wrap up the first week of fall camp let's take a look at the performances so far from the newcomers on the Trojan roster:

WR Dwayne Jarrett – Dwayne has been the biggest bright spot of the new arrivals. He's made big plays on a consistent basis with a real ability to go up and get the football. He could end up being a starter if Mike Williams isn't reinstated.

LB Keith Rivers – Keith has been the most impressive newcomer on defense. He's the current #2 WLB behind Groots although he's been getting time with the first team the last couple days with Dallas Sartz sitting out. Rivers is the fastest linebacker we've had in years.

DB Scott Ware – Scott had the best hit of fall camp and he's shown a lot of aggressiveness so far. He's usually the first one down the field on kickoff coverage and he should be a good special teams player this year in addition to being the top reserve at safety.

OL Deuce Lutui – Deuce has a chance to win the starting job at right tackle. He's a big man and his physical strength is impressive. Conditioning could be a factor in terms of how many reps he can get as he plays his way into shape during camp.

OL Jeff Byers – Jeff has had plenty of good moments in camp and it's obvious the potential is there. He's had a problem so far with fumbling the center exchange but once that adjustment is made it will be a real battle with Kalil for the starting spot.

DL Jeff Schweiger – Jeff has shown a lot of quickness coming off the end. There isn't a lot of opportunity right now with so much veteran talent ahead of him on the line but there's no doubt he'll be an impact player before too long.

WR Derrick Jones – It would be ideal if Derrick could redshirt to hit the weight room with Carlisle for a year and then he'll be a real weapon. He's definitely got speed and he made some nice catches in the scrimmage including a 19 yard touchdown.

DB Josh Pinkard - Josh is a big, physical player but it's hard to imagine there will be much of a role for him if the three safeties (Leach, Bing, Ware) stay healthy. If he is able to redshirt it would be a nice luxury for the Trojans.

LB Ryan Powdrell - Ryan is currently competing with Oscar Lua for the #2 spot at MLB. Ryan has been pretty solid so far and would appear to have the early edge over Lua at this point.

DL Thomas Herring - Thomas is lining up at both defensive tackle and end. He came to came pretty big and will likely redshirt to spent a lot of time at Camp Carlisle.

QB Rocky Hinds - Rocky has struggled with his accuracy at times but that's to be expected after missing so much time due to his injury. He's also shown a stronger than expected arm and an ability to move around in the pocket and throw on the run.

DL Lawrence Miles - Lawrence has really grown since last fall and he's starting to develop a monster frame. He just turned 18 this week so he'll redshirt and be ready to go next year.

TE Jimmy Miller - Jimmy has been at tight end after the coaches debated where to put him at the beginning of his USC career. He's got good size and will be one of several tight ends getting an extended look over the next week with Holmes and Byrd sidelined due to injury.

OL Chilo Rachal - Chilo is a big man (huge upper body) who will redshirt and become an even stronger man while working with Carlisle. He's been lining up at both guard spots.

TE Dale Thompson - Dale is another one of the young tight ends in the mix right now. He looks pretty athletic so far.

LB Michael Stuart - Michael spent the first day of camp at tight end and then quickly was moved to linebacker. His HS coach thinks defensive end would be his best position at the college level due to his ability to rush the passer.

DL Fili Moala - Fili is playing defensive tackle behind Cody and Wright and he's a wide load in the middle of the line. He'll likely redshirt with a nice future as he continues to develop.

TE Eugene Germany - Eugene came in as a linebacker amid speculation that he would eventually grow into a defensive lineman. He was switched after the first practice but it was to tight end, not defensive end. He made a nice downfield catch in the scrimmage as he adjusts to a new position. Top Stories