Fall Camp Day 11

Hershel Dennis had two short rushing touchdowns and Andre Woodert added a third as the Trojans held a scrimmage today. The most dynamic performances running the ball came from Reggie Bush and Desmond Reed as they were both pretty exciting today. We saw a good effort from Matt Grootegoed as he was all over the place as part of an overall solid effort from the defense.

To begin the scrimmage today the first offense went against the first defense. The line-ups were as follows:

QB - Leinart, TB - Dennis, FB - Webb, WR - Smith, WR - Jarrett, TE - Vanderboom, LT - Baker, LG - Drake, C - Kalil, RG - Matua, RT - Lutui

CB - Wyatt, CB - Nunn, S - Leach, S - Farr, LB - Sartz, LB - Tatupu, LB - Grootegoed, DE - Rucker, DT - Patterson, DT - Wright, DE - Jackson

There were several players not taking part in the scrimmage including Bing, Arbet, Holmes, White, Barrett, Cody, Moala, Schweiger, Goodrum

Here's a recap of the series:

Dennis took a short handoff and was stopped with a hard tackle by Grootegoed. Greig Carlson got the ball and went for a nice gain of 12 yards with another stop by Groots and a first down for the offense. Leinart hit Jarrett with a pass and Eric Wright made the tackle. Frostee Rucker got pressure on Leinart forcing him to throw it late, he completed the pass to Steve Smith but Smith was ruled out of bounds. Leinart came right back to Smith for a 20 yard completion and a first down. Reggie Bush put a superb move on Lofa to lose him in the open field and Reggie went for a 20 yard gain. Leinart then threw a screen to Bush and Manuel Wright made a good hustle play to read the screen and he hit Reggie hard from behind to force a fumble which was recovered by Greg Farr.

Here are the 2nd offense and defense as they lined up today:

QB - Booty, TB - Reed, FB - Kirtman, WR - Buchanon, WR - Davis, TE - Thompson, RT - Williams, RG - Malu, C - Byers, LG - Rachal, LT - Radovich

CB - Wright, CB - Thomas, S - Pinkard, S - Ware, LB - Williams, LB - Lua, LB - Rivers, DE - Morrow, DT - Ellis, DT - Ramsey, DE - Tofi

Desmond Reed took his first carry and went for 11 yards before being dragged down by Keith Rivers. Reed had another short run and then John David Booty scrambled because of good coverage in the secondary but the play was called back due to penalty. Ellis had a sack. Booty scrambled again, he got extra time thanks to a good block from Reed, and he hit Buchanon for a nice gain but it was short of the first down.

Rocky Hinds came on at QB for the 3rd unit. He handed the ball to Andre Woodert for a short gain with a tackle by Alex Morrow. Morrow then had a sack and on the third play of the series he combined with Thomas Herring for another sack.

Leinart missed Lee Webb with a short pass. Leinart had all day to throw and missed Dwayne Jarrett on a deep ball.

Reed took a handoff and was slammed to the ground on a hard tackle from Ellis. Booty eluded Tofi in the backfield and hit Jimmy Miller who was wide open and he ran for a 17 yard pick-up before being driven out of bounds by Williams. Oscar Lua made a nice play on the next run from Reed when he shed a block from Kirtman and made the tackle at the line. The next play was a funky one as Booty tried to throw to Davis but the ball went through his hands, bounced off of Lua into the air and John Walker was able to move in for the pick. The defense was offsides though so the play didn't count. Terrell Thomas came on a blitz and easily sacked Booty. Booty dumped a pass to Reed with Byers out front and he ran for 15 yards before a Rivers tackle. Ramsey came in to knock the ball out of Booty's hands as he attempted another pass but Byers was able to fall on the ball. Booty completed a pass to Thompson with Ware coming up to make a solid hit. On 4th down Booty tried to go to Buchanon but Thomas made a good play to knock the ball away.

Bush carried the ball and did a good job just to get through a crowded line before Nunn tackled him after an 11 yard gain. Bush had his best run of the day when he put a move on Wyatt and one other defender to gain 12 yards before Rucker hustled over to make the tackle. Leinart overthrew Smith with good coverage from Thomas. Another incomplete pass was followed by an interception by Wyatt but the play was called back due to offsides on Rucker. Leinart threw a short screen to Bush and then Patterson had a sack. Leinart completed a pass to Jarrett along the sideline for what would've been a first down but the ref called him out (looked like he was in) and the offense had to settle for a 52 yard field goal attempt from Killeen which was no good.


Booty zipped a pass to Carlson who was tackled for no gain by Thomas and Williams. Reed ran for three yards and then Booty tried to hit Reed with a pass but the ball was dropped.

Michael McDonald came on at QB. Morrow had a sack and then McDonald was picked off by Jimmy Abbott.

Leinart came in with great field position inside the 20 thanks to the Abbott interception. The offense quickly had an offsides and the ball was moved outside the 20. Leinart immediately went to Smith for a completion inside the two and Hershel followed that up with a short run untouched into the end zone for the opening score. Lutui had an excellent block on Wright on the TD run. The extra point was missed.

With Matt Cassel at QB he handed the ball to Reed who lost two yards when Collin Ashton came in quickly for the tackle in the backfield but Desmond came right back with a 15 yard run for a first down. Desmond has a lot of moves as a running back. Reed ran for three more yards before an Ashton tackle.

Leinart had an incompletion to Jarrett, a pass knocked down at the line by Wright and then a short completion to Carlson who was tackled by Nunn.

Hinds came in and led a real nice, quick drive for a touchdown. His first completion went to Eugene Germany who promptly ran over one tackler before being stopped by Chris Bocage after a 16 yard gain. Rocky then threw a beautiful pass to Buchanon who was wide open and he went inside the five where Woodert ran it in from there on the next play for a touchdown. The extra point was good.

Leinart hit Carlson for a six yard gain with a tackle from Tatupu. A short completion to Smith was followed by another throw to Smith but Wyatt was called for PI. A completion to Jarrett for 11 yards was called back due to penalty (Dwayne was driven out of bounds on another solid hit from Ware). Dennis took a handoff and went nowhere as Groots came in for his usual form tackle. Leinart hit McFoy for nine yards with a stop from Wyatt. On 3rd down Dennis followed a nice block from Kirtman for 7 yards and a first down. Leinart threw to Kirtman on a real nice completion inside the two and Hershel quickly punched it in on the next play. The two point conversion was no good.

Brandon Hance came in at QB. His first throw was to Reed for a 15 yard gain and then Reed went for six more on a run. The next center exchange was fumbled (the first one of the day) and Ryan Ting recovered.

Leinart completed a pass to Kirtman with Groots driving him out of bounds. A Dennis run went nowhere thanks to a good play from Patterson. Reed had his best run of the day when he broke a tackle attempt from Groots (how many times does that happen?) before gaining 12 yards. Hance came in and hit Kirtman who gained extra yardage thanks to nice block from Davis. Brandon hit Jarrett in the end zone for a touchdown but there was an offsides call against the offense and the play was brought back. Hance tried to hit Jarrett again in the end zone but Abbott knocked the ball away.

KO coverage team - Nunn, Wyatt, Wright, Ware, Tatupu, Rivers, R Ting, B Ting, Powdrell, Walker

KO return team - Leach, Rivers, Farr, McFoy, Ware, Lua, Thompson, Grootegoed, Dennis, Carlson, Bush

Stat recap from usctrojans.com

Tailback Hershel Dennis ran for a pair of short touchdowns, but the Trojan defense dominated USC's second intrasquad scrimmage of fall camp on Saturday (Aug. 14) at Howard Jones Field.

The defense allowed just 216 passing yards and 75 rushing yards in the 76-play scrimmage.

Dennis scored on 3- and 1-yard runs. USC's only other score was a 4-yard run by walkon tailback Andre Woodert.

Quarterback Matt Leinart completed 12-of-19 passes for 81 yards, while John David Booty was 5-of-7 for 51 yards, Rocky Hinds was 2-of-2 for 51 yards and Brandon Hance was 3-of-5 for 33 yards.

Tailback Desmond Reed was the leading rusher, getting 54 yards on 11 carries. Wide receiver Steve Smith had 4 catches for 38 yards, while fullback David Kirtman added 3 grabs for 30 yards.

Five defenders posted 4 tackles each: linebackers Matt Grootegoed, Lofa Tatupu and Thomas Williams, cornerback Eric Wright and safety Scott Ware. The defense had 7 sacks and came up with 3 turnovers.

There were 11 penalties, including 6 on the offense.

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