Salute to Troy highlights

The annual Salute to Troy event was held tonight on the USC campus with over 3,000 Trojan fans in attendance to help kickoff the season. The event introduced the 2004 team and also honored the 1954 and 1979 teams. Click below for highlights and a photo gallery of the event:

* The speaker for the 1954 team was RHB Lindon Crowe while QB Paul McDonald took the microphone to represent the 1979 team. McDonald challenged Pete Carroll to be back-to-back national champions. It was great to see so many guys from the past teams, among the 79 team in attendance were Roy Foster, Jeff Simmons and Hoby Brenner.

* Special teams coach Dennis Slutak said he notified the Pentagon that there might be some blips on their radar next Saturday, some unidentified flying objects, but they shouldn't be alarmed because it's only Tom Malone.

* As could be expected Ed Orgeron and Tim Davis were among the more dynamic coaches while introducing their players. Orgeron said the team is ready to open a can of whup-ass.

* Pete Carroll made sure to mention John Robinson and he got a nice round of applause. Pete talked to JR earlier in the day but Robinson was unable to attend with his 1979 team because of a scrimmage with his current UNLV team.

* As Norm Chow got ready to introduce his quarterbacks he came to John David Booty but Carroll interrupted "It's not Booty time yet". Carroll was in a good mood and the crowd loved it.

* There was a fireworks show and the Trojan Marching Band in attendance.

* The team captains were announced; Matt Leinart, Shaun Cody, Matt Grootegoed.

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