Recruit Update: DL Jake Kuresa

Blue Chip defensive tackle Jake Kuresa (6'3, 300lbs) from Hyrum, Utah, discusses his trip to USC this past weekend, the other schools he's considering, and how close he is to making a decision.

Wearesc : How was the trip to USC this past weekend?

Kuresa: "It was awesome. We went to this club called Good Bar. You know, just hung out, ate a lot, we went to eat at Universal Studios at this place called B.B. King's. My host was Troy Polamalu. Me and him hung out a lot. It was a good time, man."

Wearesc: Did you get to see the Coliseum?

Kuresa: "Yeah, we went to the Coliseum. It was cool. We went in the locker room where they had our jersey, with like our names or numbers and stuff. And they showed us the new uniforms they'll have next year. Yeah, they ARE fresh! Man, they look good. Then we walked into the Coliseum and it was dark and they announced our names over the intercom (laughing). They played the fight song and everything and we went up and ate in the press box. Then we went and ate at B.B. King's after that."

Wearesc: What did you think of the coaches?

Kuresa: "I know the coaches really well. I love coach Orgeron. I like Coach Carroll, Coach Uperesa, and Coach Chow. Those are the main one's I've been talking with. I like them all. Coach Uperesa took me out to eat with his family on Sunday to a Polynesian restaurant."

Wearesc: What position is the Trojan coaching staff recruiting you to play at?

Kuresa: "I think they want me to play D-line at the three position."

Wearesc: Did the trip improve USC's standing in your eyes?

Kuresa: "Yeah, it definitely did. I was kind of worried about the whole area of L.A. and being comfortable, but with Troy there and a couple of the other Polynesian guys like Lenny Vandermade, I think that I really fit in there well. I mean, L.A.'s a lot different than where I grew up, but it's not that big of a deal to me. I liked it still."

Wearsc: Did you commit?

Kuresa: "No."

Wearesc: What other schools are you looking at right now?

Kuresa: "Oregon and BYU."

Wearesc: What do you like about those schools?

Kuresa: "Oregon is more like Utah, but without snow. And obviously, they've got a really good program. Their coaches were really cool. Their players are cool too. BYU, I take my trip there this weekend. I like BYU because its close to home. All of my family and friends can come and watch me."

Wearesc: Any leaders out of those three schools?

Kuresa: "No, I think its pretty even."

Wearesc: Do you have any in-home visits coming up?

Kuresa: "Coach Chow stopped by on Monday. Tomorrow night Coach Crowton from BYU comes by and then on Thursday, Coach Bellotti comes over."

Wearesc: Any idea when you might announce your decision?

Kuresa: "I think I'm going to decide before Christmas. I told USC that if it's OK with the rules….., I have a basketball tournament in Las Vegas the 20th to the 23rd and they'll be practicing for the Vegas Bowl, I'll go down and watch them practice. If its legal….the Coaches have to get back to me. I'd probably tell them my decision there." Top Stories