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Click below for a transcript of the WeAreSC chat session held on September 1st

toner 1:: Really nice to see Alex back out there

mghinc:: Hello gary

GarryP:: It was great to see Alex out there.  I thought he looked great blocking.

mghinc:: Yes I cant wait to see him play in person

mghinc:: yes he can block but running is something else

GarryP:: You  would have been happy to see that Mike.  He was crushing guys.

mghinc:: Yes i heard but he paid for it

toner 1:: Good thing SC has a bye week.


George Young SC:: Garry, how much work can we look for from Fred Davis in coming games?

GarryP:: My guess is we will start to see a lot more.  That was a pretty tough environment for someone who had only played a new position for a week.  Fred has all the tools Norm wants in a tight end and he'll get a lot of work with the bye week right now.

mghinc:: yes keep in mind that game was 1 wk early

mghinc:: Alex told me Fred is going to be great

Scott4USC:: Hi Mr. Holmes, how are you?

mghinc:: Fine Thank u how r u

Scott4USC:: good thanks

SC2Win:: Hey mghinc! Was Alex the state Latin champion (or something to that effect) in high school.?

mghinc:: No he just placed in the top 1% 3 yrs in a row

SC2Win:: unbeleivable!


toner 1:: Garry, how close is Goodrum to being able to practice?

GarryP:: He practiced yesterday

toner 1:: That's good. Will he be able to play(Goodrum) against CSU if needed?

GarryP:: I don't know on Goodrum.  We'll probably have to wait and see how he does in the coming practices because he's been out a long time.

GarryP:: I was really impressed with Schweigers ability to rush the passer. His sack was pretty critical because we hadn't put a lot of pressure on Randall to that point.

toner 1:: Love Schweiger's speed


paulmcc:: Garry: this is Paul in Vegas. Thanks for coming on tonite. How many of our East Coast recruits made it to the game that you know of?

GarryP:: Paul - I havent been able to reach Derrick Williams yet to find out if he went or not.  I love the fact that we stayed at the closest hotel to his high school, our coaching staff never misses a beat in recruiting.  I havent heard of any other recruits who might have been there.  I did talk to Patrick Turner and he watched the whole game and was fired up about the SC offense.  He says he will definitely take a trip.

Scott4USC:: Garry, who's he?

GarryP:: Patrick Turner is a WR from Tennessee.  we like him a lot.

toner 1:: Glad to here Turner will visit. I think we need 2-3 WR's in this class, depending if we get Lewis and Jones back

MJDUSC:: garry: where in TN

MJDUSC:: is he the 6'4 kid from north of nashville

toner 1:: Yes, and isn't Turner about 6'3-6'4?

GarryP:: Madison (Goodpasture HS)

wstripes:: Turner is  the next TO

MJDUSC:: he'll be hard to get to CA

MJDUSC:: that is not far from here and UT will be hard to beat as will the SEC Schools

GarryP:: We've made him a priority and he seems pretty interested.  I talked to him about an hour ago and he was fired up about what he saw on Saturday.  He loved the way we play freshmen, he mentioned Jarrett several times. 

wstripes:: I think we have a great shot with Turner...He's our top O recruit

toner 1:: If he's willing to leave the state we have a chance

MJDUSC:: sounds good

Fort Worth Trojan:: Turner said "I like the dominance of their program and the coach is real cool"

Fanatic99:: Who does Turner remind people of ?

wstripes:: Terrel Owens

trojaneddy:: is turner the top wr in the nation?  or rouse, jackson, willliams etc?

GarryP:: Turner is in the elite group, it's hard to say anyone of them is better than the other.  Turner, D Williams, Desean Jackson and Rouse are all pretty good.


MJDUSC:: amazing how the ncaa keeps the most needy students out of class, what a crock of bull

toner 1:: MJD, totally agree

MJDUSC:: either say yes or no, but do something other than make kids miss class

MJDUSC:: these guys need to get their collective asses kicked

Scott4USC:: MJD, I agree

methomps:: MJD, do that and you'll break your foot on their wallet

toner 1:: what can be the holdup? They have already missed a week and a half of classes. That wouldn't have helped me

MJDUSC:: I broke it once already, one more time could not be that bad

mghinc:: The NCAA should go the way of Welfare


MJDUSC:: so , any guesses as to whether SC opens up the offense in the next week

GarryP:: Michael - I do think we will start to see the offense open up more.  We saw how much things improved in the 2nd half when we threw the ball downfield more.  We didn't do that much in the first half partly due to the young receivers.  JJ pointed out some poor splits a couple times and the plays resulted in Leinart incompletions because the timing was thrown off.  These things will get better as we go along

MJDUSC:: Garry: I agree


MJDUSC:: anyone else think that Travis Watkins looked pretty darn good at left guard

MJDUSC:: that guy can move his legs pretty well

mghinc:: I think Travis is our most motivated lineman and will do all in his power to play well


Scott4USC:: I think the guy who screwed us the most this season was Justice...

MJDUSC:: scott, I also agree that we really missed him

Scott4USC:: thanks


mghinc:: Any talk on why coach called a play to a freshman on a key first down?

GarryP:: Bush looked pretty open on his route.  We came right back to it and scored the next TD to Reggie with a similar play

toner 1:: Bush has such great vision in the open field and breath taking jets. He just has the extra gear

mghinc:: I think that if Bush plays all around like he did against VT he will win the Heisman

toner 1:: Mike, I could see that happening if the team does well. He can score on offense, kicks or punts. Really dynamic


Scott4USC:: Garry do you have a freshmen eligibility update?

GarryP:: I didn't hear any more today.  The latest I've heard is Rachal in, Jones out, Germany and Herring we don't know yet.

Scott4USC:: ridiculous they haven't given them an answer...

toner 1:: It's more than ridiculous, it's unbelievable


wstripes:: Garry, Have you spoken to D williams

GarryP:: I tried calling Williams again tonight but still havent reached him yet.


USCinPA:: When will Hershel be back?

GarryP:: nobody knows yet on HD.  Carroll says he has a timetable in mind but he hasnt said when it is


MJDUSC:: I have concerns about drake

Fanatic99:: Any thoughts on the starting Oline for CSU game?  i.e. RT?

GarryP:: There was one point when Davis came about ten yards onto the field trying to get John to move quicker off the field.  Drake was just dragging and Davis finally stopped yelling because he realized John was so worn out.

MJDUSC:: his ankle does not allow him to practice regularly and without practice  his endurance won't go up but his weight will

GarryP:: I think at the very least Kyle Williams kept the competition open at right tackle. 

Fanatic99:: I agree GarryP.......good depth there

MJDUSC:: who backs up baker at left tackle

TR0JANFAN6:: Spanos, I think

GarryP:: Right now it would be Radovich

toner 1:: problaby Drew

MJDUSC:: thanks garry

TR0JANFAN6:: Spanos at G or T now?

GarryP:: He's still at LT primarily but lately he's been behind Drew in the rotation

Fanatic99:: How did Kalil and Matua grade out?

MJDUSC:: I am not sure byers will ever beat out kalil so long as kalil is healthy

toner 1:: Spanos has a wide frame. I bet he could hold a good 300, maybe more


jacksonsf:: camera just showed Lynn Swann at RNC.


wstripes:: Garry, could you see us getting both Wells and Lucky

GarryP:: I sure hope so stripes.   Those are the two we want.

wstripes:: I heard the reason no one is going after Jonathan Stewart is because he's to nice of a kid. Some question how much he likes football.

RLott42:: I think we have a real good chance of landing wells


fanswithclass:: garry, PC said in the paper that some freshmen may get long looks during the bye, any chance of the starting line-up changing for CSU?

GarryP:: I don't think so. The freshmen I could see getting long looks would be guys like Jarrett, Rivers, Schweiger, Byers,  Davis, Pinkard and the only one who could maybe push past a current starter is Jarrett.  My guess is McFoy did a solid enough job to hold him off for now. 


MJDUSC:: i have a feeling that SC will have trouble getting some borderline type students into school this time around

Scott4USC:: MJD, they're not getting them in NOW!!  (Herring & Germany)

MJDUSC:: Scott: nope I mean much harder to get in

MJDUSC:: those guys have clearinghouse issues

MJDUSC:: I am worried that some NCAA eligible types might not get into sc in future classes


MJDUSC:: i still think the best tailback on the team is named LenDale White

fanswithclass:: MJD, the best RB on the team is named Dennis

MJDUSC:: fans: I will respectively disagree on that one

Fanatic99:: I think we will see many sets with Lendale and Bush in the backfield at the same time

mghinc:: Got to have White and Bush on the field at the same time

GarryP:: I agree Mike.  More LenDale is fine with me.

MJDUSC:: I think lendale is heisman material in his own right on the right team that featured him

Fanatic99:: motion Bush and give to Lendale between the tackles

fanswithclass:: I think Dennis has the top speed of Bush (not the acceleration) hits the hole like Fargas, and catches and blocks better than LD

mghinc:: Dont know why that went away from While early when he was getting 8 yds a crack

GarryP:: I think we might start seeing more of David Kirtman too

USCinPA:: how about Lendale and Hershel in the backfield and Reggie in the slot

toner 1:: It's great to have both(RB and LW). They do different things. Both are great. White is the better pounder and Bush is the kind of guys keeping opposing DC's sleepless nights

MJDUSC:: is there a more underated guy on the team than kirtman

RLott42:: the way we are talking about dennis is he back?

Creamy Filling:: I don't think Hershels top speed is anywhere close to Reggie's.

MJDUSC:: all he ever does is produce

fanswithclass:: reggie may see more of the slot if the WRs don't step up and Reggie keeps dancing behind the LOS

Fanatic99:: Kirtman looks very good at Fullback......closer to Hancock than people think

toner 1:: I think some folks are giving up on Bush way too quickly as a rusher. Just wait, he'll break one. And then another, and another...

fanswithclass:: toner, it took Sultan 4 years to stop dancing, I hope Reggie catches on a little quicker

MattyB:: the thing w/ Reggie is its feast or famine when he's running the ball - he trys too hard for the "home run" play sometimes...

MattyB:: Lendale is always going forward - gotta like that

toner 1:: fans, there is NO comparison between Sultan and Reggie. Bush is already far superior. The only similarity is speed. Bush has a lot more balance and grace.

fanswithclass:: toner, I'm not saying they are the same, I'm saying they have the same problem w/ dancing in the backfield

toner 1:: Bush will always be a jitterbug type. That's just what you get from a guy like him. Sayers did some dancing. So did Payton

cbromusc:: bush has many more moves and is much quicker than Sultan...... a huge difference.


blemblam:: Garry  I live in Athens Ga found this web site about 2 months ago. It is great to be able to feel involved with other Trojans.

GarryP:: welcome blemblam. 


mghinc:: I think VT will be better this yr than anybody thought

jefftrojantheft:: I thought USC played great in the atmosphere they were in.  If you were at the game you would understand that they could have folded. But they fought to the end and came out with a victory against a tough opening opponent.

trojaneddy:: the crowds was really hostile and it was really hot.  chow was too conservative


Fanatic99:: Is Sed Ellis close to being our next Patterson?

GarryP:: Patterson was awesome in this game

Fanatic99:: Patterson is the man........we will miss him next year.....need to find his replacement

GarryP:: Sed Ellis will be ready to go when it's his time


MJDUSC:: garry: do you think barrett is gonna make it back or do you think his shoulders are just toast

GarryP:: I'm worried right now about Chris.

MJDUSC:: me too

MJDUSC:: does not sound encouraging


jacksonsf:: who is better at this stage of their career, Jarrett or BMW?

Fanatic99:: Jarrett and BMW are different I think

Fanatic99:: Jarrett seems faster and a better leaper.........but not as big, strong or physical

sportsczy1972:: Give Jarrett time... he's just raw

MJDUSC:: jarrett reminds me physically of randy moffett

RLott42:: One is a true reciver(Jarrett) BMW just overpowering

sportsczy1972:: BMW was not that great when he started either

GarryP:: It was glaring how much we missed Mike in that game. He was such a difference maker.

jacksonsf:: Any news on Buchanon?  I would really love for him to fill the Kareem Kelly speed role and have Jarrett as the third option.

RLott42:: Remenber KS he dropped 8 balls i think

toner 1:: He got good pretty quickly, though. Caught 80 passes his 1st year

GarryP:: Yes but from the KSU game on he was as good as they come.

sportsczy1972:: We had CP and a veteran o-line when BMW was a freshman

MattyB:: yeahn that early 3rd down to Jarrett was frustrating - BMW's play, that our offense needs to make

sportsczy1972:: Not to mention Colbert to teach him


Fort Worth Trojan:: Garry, what role do you see Powdrell playing this year?

GarryP:: It depends on how quickly Ryan learns the defense.  At this point Lua is ahead of him and that's why we saw Oscar in the game when Lofa needed a break.

toner 1:: Powdrell has a RS year, yes?

GarryP:: yes, Ryan does have one available

cbromusc:: Garry, who has more potential...Lua or Powdrell?

MJDUSC:: Garry: are you sure on powdrell, didn't he play with Billy Hart

GarryP:: yes, he played as a senior when Jordan Palmer was QB

MJDUSC:: thanks


mghinc:: Bing what is up with him?

SC POOH BAH:: I thought Bing did a decent job

fanswithclass:: pooh, I thought that Bing did fairly well, Leach was bad

Scott4USC:: Honestly, there was so much hype with Bing, I don't know how he can or could ever live up to it

SC POOH BAH:: Leach didn't have his best game...overall  they must have done something right to hold VT to 13

fanswithclass:: pooh, one of the things we did right was that Randall was spotty, i don't know how much credit we get for that

SouthOC4SC:: I loved the second half pressure - Randall looked confused

cbromusc:: The pressure in the 4th quarter was much better and Randall rushed his passes

toner 1:: The thing I notice about Bing is he looks more comfortable. He might have missed a play here and there but he's also around the ball. He'll make something happen

fanswithclass:: safety is the toughest position to play as a freshman next to QB

fanswithclass:: people need to give Bing a game or two


sportsczy1972:: Sartz needs to cover the TEs

RLott42:: We need to knock the TE off thier outes and on thier ass.....

Fanatic99:: I think VT's TE's were open because our backers were keeping one eye on Randall

SouthOC4SC:: In defense of our LB's two of those catches were all-world.  Those guys won;t make another catch that sensational for the rest of the year...

cbromusc:: I agree RLOtt....we do not block the tight ends...

GarryP:: The VTech TE's were pretty good

jefftrojantheft:: The middle of the field is always open against our defense, WHY?

fanswithclass:: theft, poor speed at LB, and a scheme that keeps things in front

cbromusc:: Point is the tight ends were open all of the time....

Fanatic99:: that and they still had to make diving catches

RLott42:: Our LB were over pursuing a lot and that put them out of position.

toner 1:: you got to remember, two of those catches by their TE's were not your garden variety. Those were great catches. That happens

SouthOC4SC:: Diving outstretched perfect catches

GarryP:: SArtz had some pretty good coverage on one of those nice catches

toner 1:: VT played two TE's

fanswithclass:: yes, diving catches against Sartz and Bing, not easy ones

SouthOC4SC:: He did and the dude just caught it in the only place he could

Fanatic99:: and when Randall didn't throw it perfectly..........Lofa picked it off

cbromusc:: Toner, I agree but our linebackers were not in good position from my perspective

RLott42:: If we threw those balls to our TE we would be saying great throws and great catches and thats what they were


hollando:: Garry You hardly  heard Cody name mentioned In The Game was he doubled a lot

GarryP:: yes but Cody was working those guys and it showed in the 2nd half.   He was also on punt coverage team and was one of the first ones down on coverage when we had three punts in a row late in the game, what a great effort.

trojaneddy:: holland, cody was doubled a lot and they held him a lot too

RLott42:: are blocking schemes changed and schweigert was a stud

jefftrojantheft:: I notice that Garry, Cody got fell on by a fat ass linemen  from VTech.

cbromusc:: Vtech did have a pretty big oline


Fanatic99:: So why do I think that Wyatt and Wright our our best corners?

toner 1:: 99, that's more like the general consensus

fanswithclass:: fanatic you're right!

USCinPA:: Arbet did not look 100%

Fanatic99:: I think Arbet is a better spy.........nickel or dime

cbromusc:: Arbet is more than one step slower

SouthOC4SC:: agree!  Though I still say Nunn has some plays left in him

RLott42:: i think arbets hammy is still bothering him

jacksonsf:: Arbet hasn't played in TWO years.  I do agree that he is best at nickel.

Fanatic99:: Nunn.....good tackler....but not physical enough

toner 1:: In Arbet's defense, he does have a hammy problem. That can't help

cbromusc:: ok was not aware of his hammy

methomps:: I dont think we should start a CB who rides one of those foot scooters to class, So Nunn is out

fanswithclass:: Nunn looks better in zone

fanswithclass:: wright and wyatt actually look quick enough for man-to-man

toner 1:: still like Wyatt and Wright. Gives us a lot of atleticism back there

fanswithclass:: exactly toner

fanswithclass:: use nunn and arbet in nickel and dime

fanswithclass:: i think terrel thomas may push to get in there too

GarryP:: PC just seems to like the way Wright plays

fanswithclass:: garry, it looked like Wright started the last 4 series of the game, is the new starter yet?

GarryP:: Eric made a good impression, that's for sure.  He's not the starter though. 

trojaneddy:: is t thomas healthy?

toner 1:: no, shoulder


mghinc:: I did not see the game only heard it on the net was Bing's penalty just plain stupid or what?

RLott42:: Bing penalty was stupid

jacksonsf:: could the problems that Startz and Bing had be attributed to the option offense and mobile QB of VT?  I bet that Startz and Bing come around very soon.

RLott42:: I am surprised PC did not pull him

SouthOC4SC:: It was stupid, but I like his aggressive behavior.  Ronnie Lott was like that you know...

RLott42:: but a play like that can cost you a game. Lott never cost a game

SouthOC4SC:: Not true.  I've seen Lott get an overaggressive penalty in the pros...

SouthOC4SC:: Point taken though RLott

mghinc:: over aggressive is one thing stupid is something else that penatly could have cost us the game


Fort Worth Trojan:: Garry, with Katnik having lots of concussions, do you think he will be a 'medical'

GarryP:: Fort Worth - I think it's possible if things don't change


toner 1:: cbro, read much about CSU's fall camp?

cbromusc:: Lubbick is high on the Rams....They have a good looking offense..although the QB is still somewhat inexperienced..He is a drop back passer..The defense is suspect at linebacker and dback but Lubbick says this is his fastest defense ever...

cbromusc:: The CSU dline should be decent...and their oline is pretty big...They want to establish power running game.

SouthOC4SC:: Drop back passer + just what the doctor ordered!

fanswithclass:: cbro, we'll see this week vs. CU, right?

toner 1:: yes, I know a little about their QB. How's Houston done in practice. Still have his great speed?

toner 1:: South, the guy never runs. Backup does although he's new

cbromusc:: Yes I will be at the game...and will take notes on CSU

cbromusc:: Houston will start on saturday..because the number one back is hurt...He is as healthy as he has ever been...The guy just has never lived up to the hype or his potential..I do think he still has good speed

toner 1:: I sure liked him when he played against us when he was at CU. Injuries have taken a toll.


fanswithclass:: Davis will play a lot at TE

cbromusc:: He will play on sundays

sportsczy1972:: He's fast enough and tall enough

fanswithclass:: Davis was wide open on the flag route b4 the half

hollando:: Gary   Is Davis a good enough run blocker to play TE on a regular basis!

RLott42:: Davis will be an awesome TE

GarryP:: hollando - he will be in a very short period of time.  Fred will be a great one at TE. Top Stories