King sets visit to USC

As Gateway (PA) high school cornerback Justin King (6-0, 180, 4.4) can attest recruiting is crazy at times.

"Its been hectic as soon as they could call I had like 5-7 schools call me. By the end of the first week that they could call I would say I had calls from at least 25 schools. USC was at my game Saturday," said King.

King and his teammates took part in the 1st Annual Kick-Off Classic Saturday at Gateway high school; the Gators played Woodland Hills in the third and final contest of the day. King ran for 176 yards and scored 3 touchdowns as Gateway crushed the Wolverines 47-6. The USC representative was defensive backs coach Greg Burns.

According to Kings step dad and coach Terry Smith, Justin has set 3 of his official visits Florida (10/2), USC (10/16), and Penn State (11/6).

Those 3 are for sure; he will visit Michigan we just haven't set a date yet. If he takes five Ohio State would get the last one," said Smith.

This Saturday Smith and King are planning on taking an unofficial trip to Pittsburgh as the Panthers open the season against Ohio University at Heinz Field. Top Stories