The Trojans are heading North to fell some Trees. By the time SC's work is done there should be a clearing for as far the eye can see. You can bet the farm on it.

The Trojans are heading North to fell some Trees.  By the time SC's work is done there should be a clearing for as far the eye can see.  You can bet the farm on it.


The poor tree.  It's been chopped down so much as of late, it barely holds up to a Charlie Brown Christmas.  It's pretty pathetic.  Stanford's way of saying "We don't take this whole football thing very seriously. I mean look at our band, for heaven's sake."  Please, as high as the alumni lift their noses in the air, nothing hurts more than a punch in the gut by the "other private school" in California.  That's USC and they hate us for it.


 Guess what, we hate them too.  Northern Cal vs. Southern Cal, Political Appointments and rubbing elbows with who knows who vs. SC's Money Making Power Machine… Whatever, put the teams of these two private institutions with their Fortune 500 elite on the gridiron and wine will spill before the game and blood after it.


Being a California native, I've never understood the whole Northern California vs. Southern California thing.  Aren't we, together, like the 18th wealthiest country in the world?  Why do Northerners have to draw that demarcation point – there own Mason/Dixon line?  People from other parts of the United States don't believe it, but there seems to be as much North/South hatred out in Sunny California as there is in any Civil War battle.  "That's our water you're drinking. Oh, and our wine, too." "Yeah, well those are our oranges and avocados you've turned into some politically correct salad and that's my wave – go home!" 


You get my point.  As refined as we all have become, with our BMW sport wagons and Burberry picnic cloths, there is nothing more satisfying then beating the crud out of our brethren to the North.  And beat them we shall, to a pulp so fine the makers of Charmin would be proud.


Go deep, young man.  Go deep.  This will be the early mark for Heisman candidate and Trojan quarter back, Matt Leinart.  SC can beat the Cardinal on the ground – of that there is no question.  What they need to do with this scrimmage, ah game, is develop their passing game – of the long variety.  Willie Buchannon, Fred Davis and Reggie Bush will be called upon to stretch the field.  SC's offensive genius, Norm Chow, will put the pedal to the metal early, just to see what works and just to show the Cardinal, along with all USC's future opponents that the deep ball is part of the Trojan arsenal. Chow needs to bury Stanford by a ton of points, like a shock and awe campaign aimed at the rest of the Pac Then.  He will do it with every weapon he has access to.


Stanford enters into this contest as, not the best team USC has faced this season, but arguably better then the last – at least that is what the scoreboard tells us.  A 2-0 club, that beat a common foe nearly as well as the Trojans had against a team that might be looking past this contest to the grudge match with Cal  It's happened before, but it is highly unlikely to happen again, at least this early in Pac Ten competition.  What is going to make the Cardinal tough is its receivers going against a work in progress Trojan secondary.  Mark Bradford and Evan "Mike Williams-like" Moore were both sought after by Coach Carroll and Company.  Moore is 6'5 plus, has been averaging 16 ypc and seems to have the immeasurables that make for big time receivers.  Bradford is plain solid - smart kid who runs clean routes at high speed.  Put these two, along with an outstanding tight end in Alex Smith, who some are saying is the best tight end, ever at Stanford, against our secondary and you could have a potential recipe for disaster. 


Okay, disaster is a bit dramatic.  Matt Grootegoed will continue his streak of interceptions per game while also doing a little head-hunting for Mr. Cheap Shot and by the end of the day, the Stanford Wideouts will be left out – afraid to go over the middle for fear of being belted senseless. No, disaster is absurd. Probably better said – Stanford could score some points in the early goings and maybe some junk at garbage time.


  They've averaged 40 per game; two points more than their Trojan counterparts and Buddy Ball had a reputation as being productive offensively.  I say "had" only because Buddy seems to have forgotten his ball when he joined the Cardinal.  Being 2-0, Buddy might be thinking this wouldn't be a bad time to end the season.  Unfortunately, he has just a few more games ahead of him before he can call an end to the season.  The losing side of that equation begins Saturday against the Trojans. 


Virginia Tech will hold out as the Trojans' best opponent to date, but the Cardinal might prove to be a close second.  Beamer Ball vs. Buddy Ball (no, they are not brothers), with Stanford having a better compliment of pass catchers, a possibly smarter quarterback (just getting the nod because of the school Edwards attends vs. VaTech) but then that same qb not being as mobile as the Hokies' signal caller.  That lack of mobility for Edwards against an improved front seven for the Trojans will be the complete difference.  Edwards will spend more time on his back than the Chicken Ranch's employee of the month.


I mentioned Mr. Cheap Shot a moment ago – Trojan fans should be as aware as the Trojan players are, that there were enough cheap shots from that side of the field to prompt Pete Carroll into conversations with Stanford's Athletic Director following the last game.  Say what they will, certain Trojan players are going to hit the field with a little more on their minds.


We started off talking about the differences between Northern versus Southern Californians.  It should be noted that Trojans' head man, Pete Carroll is a native of that "other" part of our beautiful state.  One feels bad for the man, having to go home and tear the house down, but that is Pete's charge.  He's got to keep burning down houses and chopping down trees, hunting bears and even facing the devil himself, until the path is cleared that reaches across country to Miami.  For Saturday, a goofy mascot and a dog-housed band will have to do as entertainment until the Trojans get to the promised land.  SC is the best team in the nation and they aren't even as good as they can get, yet.


USC 52  on five offensive touchdowns, two defensive and a field goal.

Stan 17  on two touchdowns and a field goal.

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