Chat transcript - Cal edition

Click below for a transcript of the WeAreSC chat room held on Wednesday, October 7th.

CHASEinNYC:: wow, I'll tell you, this is the most nervous I can remember SC fans since the 2002 Wazzu game

toner 1:: Garry, I'm pumped but also very nervous. I think Cal is very good.

SC POOH BAH:: I feel pretty good about this game

GarryP:: I agree they are good and so are we.  I'm feeling pretty confident right now.

SC POOH BAH:: we're going to leave it ALL on the field Saturday

toner 1:: we need to get a lead early. None of this falling behind by 10 or so

GarryP:: This kind of game is what our program is all about these days.  It would really surprise me if we don't come out sharp.  The biggest thing I noticed at practice this week is how sharp we are. 


1crazytrojan1:: So is my man Chris Barrett going to finally make an impact..heard he has look good at practice

GarryP:: Barrett could be key.  He was fighting Frostee for the starting job before he got hurt in fall camp so he's shown us he can do a good job. 

chadsc95:: especially if Groots is hurt and Rivers has to play WB

GarryP:: chad - yes, it would be nice to have the extra body like Barrett and LaJuan Ramsey would be a nice bonus as well for the DL

1crazytrojan1:: Is Ramsey 100%

GarryP:: no, Ramsey isn't 100%. He wasn't 100% in the Colorado State game either but he still had a nice impact.

indio:: I would love to see Barret get a couple of sacks and turn around his injury prone career

SCtradition:: What kind of speed does Barrett have 40?

trojaneddy:: 4.6to 4.7

SCtradition:: thanks


toner 1:: so, is Bing completely out for this game?

GarryP:: I havent heard anything official on Bing but it doesn't look good.

toner 1:: that's a blow. I thought Darnell has really picked up his play

CHASEinNYC:: I agree on Bing

SC POOH BAH:: Bing wasn't much of a factor last a positive way, anyway

SC POOH BAH:: we'll be fine

Nighty:: Ware has to work on his concentration...  He seems to fall asleep at times.

1crazytrojan1:: I agree as well ..night and day his game against Stanford and Va Tech

CHASEinNYC:: I like getting Leach back to his normal position

CHASEinNYC:: that is the only net benefit I see

GarryP:: I do think Leach is a better SS than FS although I like him at both spots.

CHASEinNYC:: one guy I would love to still have on the team is DeShaun Hill

CHASEinNYC:: he really had a great senior year at FS

toner 1:: I think Leach has been underrated since he's been here. Very steady

CHASEinNYC:: we could really use that Saturday


Nighty:: How about Groots?

GarryP:: Groots didn't practice yesterday and I don't know yet if he will practice today.  He said it felt better than he thought it would so hopefully that's a good sign. 

Nighty:: For Groots, it's not the same high ankle sprain from last year is it?

GarryP:: no, it's a different spot with the ankle for Groots

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...I hear Groots was in real pain initially

GarryP:: It was obvious that there was something wrong with Groots right away

chadsc95:: is rivvers better off the end or better at fans we haven't got to see much at WB?

Nighty:: Rivers may be poised for a breakout game...

GarryP:: There's a battle on the coaching staff for where Rivers will play. 

chadsc95:: who is battling for what with Rivers

GarryP:: DL and LB coaches both want him


Nighty:: Who starts, Arbet or Easy E?

chadsc95:: I hope E...he has come a long way

GarryP:: I think Arbet starts, that's what we're seeing right now


Scott4USC:: Could it be a ploy with Bing, Schweiger, and Groots and then all 3 have huge games on Sat?

wstripes:: I was thinking the same thing scott

CHASEinNYC:: I think you guys are wishing

CHASEinNYC:: I hate to say

Scott4USC:: You know how it is... Someone has an injury or an illness, then they come in and have their game of the year


toner 1:: I was pretty impressed with Sanchez last weekend. Big arm. I can see why the SC staff didn't offer Bomoll. Big kid, but slow. Reminded me of Bowen.

wstripes:: Sanchez will be the number two qb next year imo

Scott4USC:: Stripes, no...  In 2 years

wstripes:: I bet you next year.

Scott4USC:: nah

CHASEinNYC:: If Sanchez can beat out Rocky, then Rocky will be one hell of a WR

GarryP:: i don't disagree stripes

Scott4USC:: #2 with Booty #3??

toner 1:: and we need receivers

1crazytrojan1:: Rocky will not play Wr..he would leave and go QB somewhere else

CHASEinNYC:: yeah, how is Sanchez gonna beat out Booty?

SC POOH BAH:: that assuming Leinart leaves early

Scott4USC:: Or are you assuming Leinart's gone

wstripes:: Booty hasn't developed from what I've heard...needs to work harder

CHASEinNYC:: Booty looked pretty good at the Huddle to me


Nighty:: GP, are we looking at Lavelle Hawkins?

GarryP:: not right now on Hawkins


USC1MBA:: Garry any word on Brandon Hancock?

GarryP:: Brandon Hancock will redshirt unless something dramatic happens

toner 1:: Brandon should RS. I've been very impressed with Kirtman

Nighty:: Agree.  Krtman has been a pleasant surprise.


texan4SC:: you expect anyone to committ this weekend..??

GarryP:: I don't know if we'll see a commit but we should start to see some in the near future.  I'm going to post an updated recruiting list tomorrow.

wstripes:: I could see Ekom giving a shhhhhhhh


USC1MBA:: Thanks Garry - How are we doing with Marlon Lucky?

toner 1:: I like our chances with Wells

CHASEinNYC:: the better question is how Marlon Lucky is doing with grades

toner 1:: chase, agree on that

USC1MBA:: thanks chase didn't know it was an issue

1crazytrojan1:: grades in October..way to early

SC POOH BAH:: He was wondering the same about you, Chase

wstripes:: I want wells because he's qualified

CHASEinNYC:: my grades are terrible

CHASEinNYC:: that is well-known

GarryP:: I like the fact that our coaches took a second look at Jonathan Stewart.  Just because we passed on him in spring that didn't stop us from taking another look and now we'll be recruiting him.  If we offer, he will consider us.

toner 1:: me too, in regards to Wells. Stewart also looks intriguing

wstripes:: We need Rocky Seto to recruit Stewart

jacksonsf:: Garry, what is up with Stewart?  He is a religious guy, perfect guy for McNair to target.

GarryP:: Things have gone well in the last week with Stewart.

trojaneddy:: stewart is awesome.  i like him asa combo tb fb

jacksonsf:: in a normal year, there would be no way that Washington would let stewart go.

Scott4USC:: Also Garry, why have we not offered O'Neil (I think that's his name)... #1 CB in the country

wstripes:: going to OSU

Nighty:: Didn't he commit to OSU?


USC1MBA:: How are we doing with King?

GarryP:: King will visit later this month, still saying Michigan, Penn State and USC are his leaders

toner 1:: I think we have a good shot at King

USC1MBA:: how about Kevin Thomas?

GarryP:: I like our chances with him.  A solid showing this weekend and he is probably ours.

wstripes:: it would be nice if we could convince Harris and King to come and play opposite eachother....wishful thinking


wstripes:: Garry, have you heard anything new on Callahan Bright

toner 1:: I don't like our chances with Bright.

GarryP:: no on Bright.  One name that is popping up is Marques Slocum from PA.  We're starting to recruit him hard.  He can play either OL or DL.


Nighty:: GP, anything up with Ryan Reynolds?

toner 1:: he'll go to OU-Reynolds

GarryP:: no on Reynolds.  Our interest is picking up with Kaluka Maiava

Nighty:: He reminds me of Bosworth

wstripes:: How many Lb's are we looking to bring in?

toner 1:: Garry, I don't see SC taking more than 3 LB's. Four tops. I'm more worried about depth at WR

wstripes:: Rey, Luther, Eugene(hopefully)

toner 1:: those are the 3 LB's I see SC getting

GarryP:: those would be three pretty solid backers

trojaneddy:: what is maiava 40 speed and ht amd wt?

GarryP:: 6-0, 215, 4.6 40 on Kaluka


troy76:: Garry: any sense from the coaching staff on theirconfidence level as to our chances for this game?

toner 1:: Is anyone as impressed with Rodgers as I?

Scott4USC:: So anyone here legitimately concerned about Saturday?

Scott4USC:: Cal concerns me, especially because they haven't really played anyone of real consequence

chadsc95:: have to be concerend about this game..I think Cal is for real...I am very anxious to see the first half and what kind of a plan PC and the boys have come up with

Nighty:: We will jump on them early

chadsc95:: I think great idea to come out firing but has not been this teams personality

Nighty:: The D is going to make a statement

SC POOH BAH:: Pressure on Rogers is critical

SC POOH BAH:: can't give that guy time

toner 1:: containment too-Rodgers

Nighty:: PC is going to out him on his back, just like with Anderson  (OSU) in '02

chadsc95:: are we seeing any more confidence out of the receivers?  I think they came a long way in the 2nd half at Stanford

chadsc95:: addition to our coverage...i think we will be blitzing all ove rthe place in the first half

Scott4USC:: Rodgers is a great QB...  Need to contain him and make him throw mistakes

toner 1:: we also can't let Arrington or Lynch have big runs

SC POOH BAH:: toner...I don't recall Rogers being a scrambler...can he run

Scott4USC:: What year is Arrington?

SC POOH BAH:: senior

chadsc95:: Arr a JR I think

chadsc95:: my bad

Nighty:: I worry about the kickoff coverage team...  Seems like we are missing Pola here...

toner 1:: yes, Rodgers can run a little bit. He's light years ahead of Anderson in mobility. Anderson is a wooden statue

Scott4USC:: We need to control Lyman at WR....

Scott4USC:: Garry, what do you think about our chances against Cal?

GarryP:: I like our chances a lot.  With all due respect to Cal I think this is a game that our players and coaches simply won't lose.

USC1MBA:: YES! Garry!

toner 1:: Nighty, that's a good point. Don't kickoff to Lynch

CHASEinNYC:: Is Lynch that good of a return guy?

USC1MBA:: From the last game - Kal went deep a couple of times - OSU couldn't tackle

SC POOH BAH:: not giving Rogers time will help contain Lyman, etc...

Nighty:: No way.

chadsc95:: I think biggest thing is that SC comes out with a goal in mind...last few games seems like the goal has been to get to halftime so adjustments can be made...would like to see much more aggression

Nighty:: Kileen needs to put them in the endzone

USC1MBA:: Lyman did not burn anyone

CHASEinNYC:: I hate to say it, but when Kileen is kicking the ball, bad things happed to SC....

trojaneddy:: rodgers can scramble wll and has like 4.5 to 4.6 speed.  he is elesive when he needs to be

CHASEinNYC:: either missed FGs or big returns off kickoffs

toner 1:: Lyman did a pretty good job against the OSU corners

Scott4USC:: Chase, I wouldn't say this team succeeds and fails with Killeen

Nighty:: I'm calling 'SC, 34 -21

troy76:: i like to hear that

SanJoTrojan:: this is IMO the first big time test for our corners

SC POOH BAH:: Lynch has been pretty good returning the ball so far

Scott4USC:: 45-31 USC

toner 1:: big test

SC POOH BAH:: hasn't been tested really

chadsc95:: BIG Test

GarryP:: This is a big time test for everybody and our guys are ready for it. 

SanJoTrojan:: our coverage vs. stanford left a lot to be desired too

CHASEinNYC:: Scott, I would say that 40% of bad things have Kileen involved in some capacity, even if he is not the culprit

USC1MBA:: Kal was good last week, but OSU just played horrible

trojaneddy:: lyman is good , but their overall passing scheme is what we have to concentrate on

Scott4USC:: True, but I don't think it trickles down to the rest of the team

Scott4USC:: And don't forget Mcrthur

SC POOH BAH:: Garry...I wish our health was a little better coming into this game

Nighty:: Special teams play will be huge

toner 1:: how great would it be if Killeen kicked the game winning FG. He's taken a lot of criticism

Nighty:: Key to the game...

SC POOH BAH:: I'm sure we're ready mentallly...but physicallly???

GarryP:: Pooh - Groots is the one I need to see out there on Saturday.  I 'm really hoping he's able to play

toner 1:: I think it's a lot to ask Dom to perform like he hasn't missed a beat.

Nighty:: Byrd has been practicing at full speed

GarryP:: Yes, Byrd is moving with good speed.  I think his play this week has been a very pleasant sight.

USC1MBA:: SC needs to prepare for Kal's 4 receiver set - they only ran it in the Red zone against OSU

Nighty:: But your are right Toner, game speed is different

GarryP:: The great thing with Dom is that he kept himself in good condition throughout his rehab so now that the kneecap is healed he's in pretty good conditioning shape.

toner 1:: we need to get Bush in one-on-one situations

USC1MBA:: SC will score this weekend with O, D and Special teams

toner 1:: that would be nice


trojaneddy:: is our oline starting to gel? anyone seen improvements?

toner 1:: I think our OL is improving all the time

GarryP:: I agree toner.  Think about what this line will look like next year

toner 1:: yes, all we really lose is Drake(Watkins too)

trojaneddy:: toner, our o will be sick next yr.  Our d will be good too

toner 1:: Lofa has been playing like a all conference LB

jeffsftrojan:: Toner Lofa has been great - especially reports of his halftime speech.

indio:: I am looking forward to seeing if our D can pick up where they left off in the second half against stanford. If they do , game over


trojaneddy:: will Dennis get some carries this game?

GarryP:: Dennis has looked great in practice and I think it will depend on the flow of the game. 

wstripes:: does dennis have good hands?

GarryP:: Yes, very good hands

murraysmocha:: HD looked great at Stanford.  It was a welcome sight.  Will it ever be 3 in the rotation again?

trojaneddy:: dennis has good hands

murraysmocha:: A lot of ways Patch could be used.  It would be nice to make up for that goal line fumble last year at Cal.


Scott4USC:: Garry do you have any concerns about Cal?

GarryP:: yes, they are a damn good team.  With that being said I think our team, coaches and players alike, are as focused and ready for this game as any.  This game goes right to the pride of everyone in our program.

SanJoTrojan:: Garry, i'm lovin what you're sayin. Gives me even more reason to feel confident!


Scott4USC:: Predictions fellas...  Score and team you think will win...

Scott4USC:: 45-31 USC

jeffsftrojan:: 35-21 USC

trojaneddy:: 45-24 USC

USC1MBA:: SC 42-28 Kommies (already posted)

SanJoTrojan:: Care to give a score prediction Garry??

toner 1:: 28-24 SC

GarryP:: I don't know about the score but I'm definitely seeing a Trojan win.

jacksonsf:: I think that this is the biggest game in the last 50 years for Cal.

murraysmocha:: It sure would be nice to win big and shock the world.


jacksonsf:: Garry, , any chance of seeing Schweiger?  He is guickly turning into my favorite player.

GarryP:: Schweiger says he will try to stretch and so some running today so there's a chance he may play.  It didn't sound too encouraging.


USC1MBA:: Garry any word on when the parking opens?

GarryP:: no, I'll try to check on parking when I go to practice today


trojaneddy:: who starts on the dline this week?

GarryP:: probably Jackson, Cody, Patterson, Rucker


trojaneddy:: garry, are there any injuries which you think will really hurt sc?  Like groots or bing?

GarryP:: Groots is the one that would worry me.  I just feel a lot more comfortable with him on the field Top Stories