Recruits at USC vs ASU game

Here's a list of recruits who were spotted at the game:

QB Mark Sanchez - Mission Viejo
OL Nick Howell - Bullard
CB Victor Harris - Highland Springs (VA) *
DL Kyle Moore - Houston County (GA) *
TE Charles Brown - Diamond Ranch
WR Desean Jackson - LB Poly
WR/FS Larry Gordon - Montclair
WR David Gettis - Dorsey
RB Davon Brown - South Torrance (junior)
TE Lance Bordeleau - Royal
WR/DB Travis Smith - Jefferson

* official visit

Victor Harris - "The atmosphere was great and the Trojan team played well as a family. I had read about SC but seeing them with your own eyes is different. I like the way they play aggressive, I feel if I were to come here that I could really fill some shoes."

Kyle Moore - "USC is nice. The defense was rushing real well and the offense executed great. Everybody played together well against a good team. The SC defense is just awesome. This trip has been a very positive experience and I don't see it getting negative either."

Nick Howell - "I thought the o-line played really well. I was watching their pass protection and taking notes on what they do. It's a different style. It was just such an exciting game the whole way through. It was special to walk down the tunnel, see the crowd, I can't even say how great it was."

note - Howell gave a verbal commitment to the Trojans prior to the game Top Stories