Q&A with Kyle Moore

One of the top targets on the Trojans' wish list for the class of 2005 is Kyle Moore, a 6'6, 249 pound defensive end prospect from Warner Robins, Georgia (Houston County H.S.). WeAreSC caught up with the Peach State standout and he talks about the recent official visit that he took out to USC this past weekend and where the Trojans stand on his list of favorites as a result.

WeAreSC- If you can, go through the weekend from the time you arrived and talk about what you did on your visit to USC.

Moore- "It was very nice. I arrived on Saturday morning and we went straight to the game because kickoff was at 12:30. Our flight was delayed and we all got in at about 11:45. Victor Harris, he got there on time but we didn't. Then when we got out we had to wait on my mom's bags because we couldn't find them. So after we left the airport we had about 10 minutes before game time, but luckily their warm-ups started a little late so we got there right at kickoff time. We watched the game and then after that they had a barbecue for us. It was me, Victor…and my uncle (lives locally in Inglewood) and my nanna came too. So I ate with Coach Carroll, Coach Orgeron, Coach McNair, and I met Coach Carroll's wife and a couple other people too. After that we went to the hotel and checked in. The hotel was really nice. After that I went to Lawrence {Jackson}'s (host) house and played dominos and all kinds of stuff, it was fun. The next morning we went to Manhattan Beach and ate at Beaches. Later that day we took a campus tour, and I went up to Coach O's office and we watched some defensive film and they showed us the highlight tapes of this year and last year. Coach O showed me some defensive end film on NFL players and his players. Then that night, Sunday night, we went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. That was good. And on Monday morning we ate at the hotel and I talked to some people at the business school. Then I talked to Coach Carroll, Coach T-Mac, and Coach O before I left and got on the plane and came back home."

WeAreSC- What did you think about the game and the performance USC put on?

Moore-"The game was nice. They dominated in the first half. They've started off slow against some other teams, but Arizona State looked weak. They couldn't put up much of a fight at all."

WeAreSC- Did you get a chance to talk to the coaches about what kind of plans they have for you there?

Moore- "They told me that I can come out there, and a lot of freshmen start there. If you can ball, you can come play. They told me that with my height and weight, and my speed too, that I can be a first round projected draft choice for the NFL. Then they talked to me about the position I would play and they told me defensive end, so that was a relief."

WeAreSC- Did you commit on the trip?

Moore- "No sir."

WeAreSC- Did the visit make any kind of impact on your thoughts on USC?

Moore- "Oh, USC is leading the pack, period."

WeAreSC- What other schools are you looking at?

Moore- "Right now, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, Miami, and Maryland."

WeAreSC- So what is it about USC and the visit from this past weekend that has them out in front?

Moore- "I can see myself getting along with the coaches, with my defensive coach and Coach Carroll. And I already know T-Mac, we talk on the phone. I can relate to those coaches."

WeAreSC- What are some of the factors that will play into your final decision? Is distance from home a factor?

Moore- "Nah. Well my dad wants me to go to Georgia…but nah. He wants me to go to Georgia but my mom doesn't care."

WeAreSC- Any other factors?

Moore- "Yeah, the business school and the players that are there. I met most of the players at USC and they're a bunch of nice guys. And the campus is in L.A. so the surroundings around the campus are pretty nice. The Staples Center is only like ten minutes away."

WeAreSC- How's your season coming along?

Moore- "Our season is coming along really good. We're 5-2-1."

WeAreSC- Do you have any of your defensive stats?

Moore- "I have 54 solo tackles, 28 assists, and 12 sacks."

WeAreSC- Have you scheduled any more official visits?

Moore- "Yeah, I'm going to Oklahoma this weekend and I know I'm taking one to Michigan sometime in either November or December."

WeAreSC- Do you have any idea about when you want to make your decision?

Moore- "Probably signing day."

Additional Note: Moore has been offered by USC.

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