Interview with Dallas Sartz from CA vs FL caught up with Granite Bay safety Dallas Sartz as he prepares to play for the California team in the CaliFlorida Bowl this coming Wednesday at 2:30 pm on Fox Sports Net 2 caught up with Granite Bay safety Dallas Sartz as he prepares to play for the California team in the CaliFlorida Bowl this coming Wednesday at 2:30 pm on Fox Sports Net 2.

"When did you start playing football?"

"I played flag football in the 8th grade and then started in high school the next year.  My mom wouldn't let me play Pop Warner or anything because she thought I was going to get hurt. I played some soccer, basketball, baseball and right now I'm doing football and track in high school in addition to playing basketball this year.  In track I do the 100M, the 110 hurdles, the high jump and the long jump."

"Is there an athletic background in your family?"

"My dad played safety at Oregon State and my mom ran track in high school.  My grandpa played a little football and he was a boxer too but the only boxing I do is in someones garage."

"Who were your sports role models as a kid?"

"My dad.  He always wanted me to play football when I was growing up even though my mom didn't and he was always helping me out, telling me what I was doing right and doing wrong.  He played safety so he knows what he's doing out there."

"Did you grow up in Sacramento?"

"I wa born in Spokane but moved to this area when I was 2 and we moved to Granite Bay when I was in 7th grade."

"Who were your favorite teams growing up and how did you get interested in USC?"

"Oregon State because my dad went there.  My mom went to Washington State so I kind of liked them too.  Last spring I took a trip to all the Pac 10 schools, except for the Arizona schools, and when I went to the USC junior day I just fell in love from there.  I knew I wanted to stay in the Pac 10, be close by where my family and friends could see me play."

"What attracted you to USC?"

"I love the coaches.  Carroll's a great coach and everything is backed up by the best.  Coach Holt is an awesome linebacker coach, DeWayne Walker, it doesn't get much better than him and plus it's an awesome school.  How can you beat SC? Everyone wants to go to USC because once you graduate you're gonna be set for life with all the alumni and everything.  It just has a great tradition."

"What do you think of Carroll and his work with the defense?"

"Oh geez, they probably had one person blitzing on every single play, the offense has no clue what's going on with that defensive scheme.  It's just an awesome defense to be in, look at Troy Polamalu, that guy's a stud.  They're all over the place, playing smash mouth football and that's the kind of game that I like.  That's what I consider myself doing because as a player you're always gonna have fun blitzing all the time.  Some other schools run straight man or 2 deep and that's no fun to play, Carroll always has guys moving and that's exciting football.  I was talking with Fred Matua about what a straight up and honest guy Carroll is and that's the type of coach you want to play for."

"Have you started to get a sense of the Trojan Family?"

"Actually I have. People have been coming to my games this year like when USC played Cal up here and they were in the stands supporting me.  There's always someone around who went to SC or knows someone who went there."

"When someone asks to describe Dallas Sartz as a football player what would you say?"

"A hustler.  Balls to the wall.  Some people come out to practice and go through the motions but every day I'm always going full speed and trying to get better every single day."

"What do you think is your ideal spot on defense?"

"I like playing safety because that's what I played in high school and that's what I'm used to but it's fun playing linebacker in this game (Dallas will start at OLB in the CaliFlorida game).  At free safety you're back and not involved in every play but at linebacker you're always in the mix banging on every play and I like that."

"What can Trojan fans expect to see from Dallas Sartz in the next few years?"

"I don't know, some excitement and some big hits I hope.  Fight On."


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