Alex Holmes questionnaire

Trojan senior tight end Alex Holmes answers the WeAreSC questionnaire

What is your favorite movie?
AH: Scarface

If you could have dinner with one person (alive or dead) who would it be?
AH: Alexander the Great because he was such a heroic leader and accomplished so much at a young age.

Favorite Trojan athlete, past or present?
AH: Marlin McKeever

Favorite band
AH: Trojan marching band

Favorite practice drill
AH: Breaking after practice

Least favorite practice drill
AH: Warm-ups

Funniest guy on team
AH: Lee Webb

Best athlete on team
AH: Reggie Bush

Something interesting Trojan fans don't know about you
AH: I don't go out a lot

Favorite off campus eating spot
AH: Koi

Favorite TV show
AH: I don't watch TV

What will you miss about college life when you leave USC?
AH: Everything

Dream job outside of football
AH: Advertising, working for Brian Kennedy

Best looking girl on planet
AH: My mother

What moment stands out for you at USC on the field (something you saw or did)?
AH: For me playing it was the Orange Bowl, to watch it was the national title Top Stories