Mike Williams interview

Mike Williams, 6'5 205 lbs, of Tampa Plant (Fla) is one of the top Wide receivers on the Trojans wish list. Florida has been at, or near the top of his list for awhile. He discusses the impact of Coach Steve Spurrier's resignation, as well as where the Trojans stand and his current basketball season.

Wearesc- What kind of impact does Steve Spurrier leaving Florida have on your decision right now?

Williams- "It doesn't have much of an impact really. It doesn't bother me at all because, I mean, its not like I've already played for him. It's not like I'm attached to him or anything. You know, I talked to him once for five minutes. So, if anything, all it does really…..you know, whoever comes in new, starts everything from the ground up. The coaching staff isn't going to have any favorites. They'll bring in a new system. I'll learn it just like everybody will learn it. No one will have a step ahead of me or anything like that which would probably better my chances for playing time."

Wearesc- Before the coaching change at Florida, it was reported that they were your favorite. Is that still the case?

Williams- "Actually, they're real high, but USC, I'd say they're equal. Florida and Southern Cal, they're about equal."

Wearesc- What are some of the other things that you like about Florida?

Williams- "They throw the ball a lot. Its real close. Going away isn't going to bother me, but there's good football in-state."

Wearesc- What coach is recruiting you from Florida and have you been able to talk to him since Steve Spurrier's resignation?

Williams- "Coach Stephens. I haven't talked to him since. I was at basketball practice and missed when he called."

Wearesc- There's been some high profile coaches mentioned for the Florida job. Any preference on who they hire?

Williams- "No, I don't know. First, I heard it was going to be Stoops, then they said it would be Shannahan. Both of them are out, so I'm like ‘Hey'."

Wearesc- What other schools are you looking at besides USC and Florida?

Williams- "Purdue and probably North Carolina."

Wearesc- What schools have you already visited?

Williams- "USC, Purdue, and Virginia."

Wearesc- What visits do you have coming up?

Williams- "I'm going up to Florida the weekend of the Martin Luther King holiday."

Wearesc- How did the in-home visit with Coach Carroll go in December and what did he talk to you about?

Williams- "That was fun. He was awesome. He actually didn't talk football. He didn't talk as much, you know, X's and O's. He talked more about their program and what they do as far as players as people instead of just football players. You know, the housing, what surrounds the campus. Like the Staples Center where the Lakers play is like 5, 10 minutes away and these players, they get to go and watch the games and stuff like that. He just talked more about the area. It was pretty cool."

Wearesc- Does any school seem to be recruiting you harder than the others?

Williams- "USC's been real hard. I'd say USC's been the hardest when it comes to recruiting, but Florida and Purdue are right there."

Wearesc- I know you're also a standout basketball player. How is your season going right now?

Williams- "We're fine. We're good. We're like second or third in state. We're 12-2"

Wearesc- Do you have any of your stats from this year?

Williams- "Like 18 points, like 9 boards, and like 4 assists probably. Just off the top of my head."

Wearesc- Do you have any plans to play basketball at the next level?

Williams- "No, not right now."

Wearesc- Any idea when you might make a decision?

Williams- "I'm going to wait at least until after the Florida trip."

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