Miles recap of USC visit

Edmond Miles, 6'1, 195 pound linebacker of Tallahassee Godby talks about his visit to USC this past weekend.

Wearesc- How was the visit to USC this past weekend?

Miles- "It was tight. It was cool."

Wearesc- What are some of the things you did on the trip?

Miles- "We went to Beverly hills to Keyshawn's restaurant, Reign. We went there and saw Method Man. After that, the boys took me out. We had a good time. We went out on the town. Saturday, we just chilled at the school. I heard a lot of positive things about the Trojan family and how you can always come back after you graduate from USC and they'll take care of you. Saturday night, we went to a Greek place....Papadakis'. That was very interesting [laughing]."

Wearesc- Did you get a chance to see the Coliseum?

Miles- "Yeah, we went to the Coliseum and they called our name out over the intercom."

Wearesc- Did you see the new uniforms?

Miles- "Yeah, they've got some nice uniforms they're wearing next year."

Wearesc- did you commit?

Miles- "No, I didn't commit."

Wearesc- Who was your host and how did you get along with him?

Miles- "Kevin Arbet. He's real. He's tight."

Wearesc- Who were some of the other players you hung out with?

Miles- "I hung out with Darrell [Rideaux], Alex [Holmes],......I saw Troy a couple times."

Wearesc- Do you know if any of the other recruits on the visit committed?

Miles- "I think, from Minnesota, the tight end....Dominique [Byrd], he committed...and that was about it."

Wearesc- Did you get a chance to talk to the coaching staff?

Miles- "Yeah, it was cool. They've got a good staff. Coach Holt, he was cool. I think it would be fun to play linebacker for him."

Wearesc- Did the trip improve USC's standing with you?

Miles- "Yes sir."

Wearesc- What other schools are you looking at?

Miles- "Arkansas [January 18th] and Iowa."

Wearesc- Any leader out of USC, Arkansas, and Iowa?

Miles- "I can't say right now."

Wearesc- Do you know what you want to major in while in college?

Miles- "I still haven't decided. I'm still looking at either Business, and if that doesn't work out well, then I'll go to Communications. So, Business or Communications."

Wearesc- Were you able to look into those departments at USC?

Miles- "Yes."

Wearesc- Do you have any idea about when you might make your decision?

Miles- "The first week of February." Top Stories