Wright and Justice confirm verbals to USC

Amid reports of verbals from all four LB Poly players who were on the visit to USC last weekend Winston Justice and Manuel Wright have confirmed their commitments to the Trojans

Amid reports of verbals from all four LB Poly players who were on the visit to USC last weekend Winston Justice and Manuel Wright have confirmed their commitments to the Trojans.

from pacwestfootball.com:

Winston Justice

"I had been leaning to USC for a long time," Justice said. "Early on it was UCLA but I felt more comfortable at USC and they recruited me a lot harder. I hadn't even heard from UCLA in the last three weeks and they never came in for a home visit. USC came in four times. LSU is across the country and they even came in twice.

"Thursday UCLA called to see if I was still going to visit last weekend and I told them I didn't even know they were still recruiting me because I hadn't heard from them in so long. By that time, I had already decided to trip to USC and I kind of ruled UCLA out at that time.

"I loved the visit to SC. I'm excited to be playing with my teammates, but I made this decision on my own. I was going to go there no matter what the other guys did. My goal is to come in and start as a true freshman. I want to be All Pac 10 by my sophomore year and All-American by my junior year. I think SC has a great class coming in right now and the team is going to be great in a few years."

"Oregon is a great school and I love their offensive line coach. They weighed me at 318.5 pounds and I have just 15% body fat. I'm taking one last trip to Tennessee this weekend and that will be it for me. This has been a fun process but now that it's over, I'm just going to be lifting like crazy to get bigger and stronger so I can play right away."

Manuel Wright's father Terrence

"I've been getting so many phone calls and there's so much speculation going around that it's been crazy around here," Terrence said. "I've heard that it's out about the kids all committing so go ahead and run with it. I've already talked to Miami and they still can't wait to see Manuel next week. Any school just wants a chance to get a player on campus so they have no problems with Manuel already committing.

"It's something he has been thinking about for a long time but the trip really sealed the deal for him and rest of the Poly players. When they visited the Coliseum and came out of the tunnel and saw their names in lights on the scoreboard, it was over. Manuel told me he decided right then. He likes the direction the program is going in and I was more impressed with the alumni support like I told you before.

"Once you're out of college, you still need to have something to fall back on and with the support that USC provides, I think Manuel will get the best of the both worlds. He still needs to pass the SAT and he'll be taking the test again January 26. Right now, everything is still on hold but as soon as he passes the test, I think his eyes will be opened up wide as can be and he'll realize it's finally happening for him."

Terrence said he believes Hershel Dennis, Darnell Bing and Winston Justice will still take their trips this upcoming weekend and all four have turned their attention to UCLA tight end commit Marcedes Lewis.

"I know Manuel was talking to him a lot yesterday," Terrence said. "With the big four all going to USC, they'll be great but if they can get Marcedes too, it's over. I'm sure Marc is feeling like he's on an Island right now with his four other teammates all going to the same school and even though he's going to a great school too, these kids are close so we'll see what happens."

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