Mike Williams update

Although its only been a week since we last spoke with Mike Williams 6'5, 205 lbs, of Tampa Plant (Fla), much has happened in that time, including important in-home visits with his two favorites, Florida and USC. The Florida visit also provided a chance for Williams to meet Florida's new coach, Ron Zook. Did these visits have any impact on the Blue Chip receiver?

Wearesc- Have you met the new coach at Florida, Ron Zook?

Williams- "Yeah, he was in my house yesterday."

Wearesc- How did the visit go and what did you think of him?

Williams- "It was fine. When they hired him, it didn't really bother me because I never played for Spurrier, so its not like I was losing anything or anything like that. It was no big deal. They said, obviously its going to change. Regardless of whether they said it or not, its going to change, but how it changes is different from if it changes. That's important because they're still going to throw the ball and stuff like that, so that's the main thing."

Wearesc- Did the visit leave an overall good impression on you?

Williams- "Yeah, I got a positive impression......but then, like at one time, they were talking about if I ever got too big, like 250 or something like that, to play tight end or something like that. I told them, I was like 'If its in your plans to make me a tight end, y'all can forget about it.' Because, any school, I'm up front with everybody. If they're dishonest with me about this whole thing and playing receiver and no intentions of me playing tight end or anything like that....you know, they get me there and they try to do something like that. I don't know if I feel like they're going to try to get me to do something different than what they told me and told my parents. You know, I told my parents, 'Hey, I'll be out of there.' I don't think that's fair to me or them to say one thing and do something totally different.

Wearesc- So the talk of you possibly playing tight end was a negative?

Williams- "I mean, it was an awesome visit up until then. I don't know if they were 100% serious about it or not, but even if they weren't 100% serious, just the fact that it might have been on their minds."

Wearesc- Did you talk to them about it?

Williams- "I was like, 'I'm not going to play tight end, bottom line. I'm not going to play tight end.' I was like, 'You know, if you're going to tell me one thing now, but then, something totally different comes up when I'm there, then hey.' Then he [Zook] said 'Oh, no, no, no, no...we're not trying to tell you that you're going to play tight end or anything like that, we're just saying that it was a possibility.' I'm like, 'hey, the possibility will never be there.' I said I'd never allow myself to get that big. I wouldn't allow myself to be put on some program that would make me get that big."

Wearesc- Did you have a visit with Coach Kiffin from USC recently?

Williams- "Yeah, they were here on Monday. He and Norm Chow. That was fine. They're cool."

Wearesc- How did that go?

Williams- "They came to my basketball game first and then came to the house and talked for a little bit. I mean, Kiff's been here a lot. They just kind of visit with me when they come over because they know so much."

Wearesc- At what position is USC recruiting you at?

Williams- "Wide Receiver."

Wearesc- Solely at Wide Out?

Williams- "Yeah, my host, which was Alex Holmes, called me last night and he was like, 'Trust me, they're not recruiting you to play anything but wide receiver.' He had a good point, he was like 'Especially, I wouldn't be trying to call you because they were recruiting you for tight end and then it would be possible that you'd be playing my position. So, I wouldn't be encouraging someone to come in and take my spot.'"

Wearesc- So you talk with Alex sometimes?

Williams- "Yeah, he calls me sometimes."

Wearesc- So, are you any closer to a decision? Do you have a leader out of the two now?

Williams- "No, I'm going to wait until my visit to Florida. I'm leaving this weekend and then...like next Tuesday."

Wearesc- So you're hoping to have a decision by next Tuesday?

Williams- "Yeah"

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