Kyle Williams gives verbal to Trojans

Offensive tackle Kyle Williams (6-6, 280) from Highland Park, TX gave a verbal commit to Trojan coach Pete Carroll during a visit to the Coliseum on Saturday. Click below for details.

Williams is ranked as one of the top offensive tackles in the country and his commitment pairs with Winston Justice to give the Trojans a pair of bookend tackles around which to build for the future. 

Kyle chose the Trojans over Washington and it was a tough decision that did not get finalized until a Saturday night visit to the Coliseum.

"It was pretty emotional," Scott Williams, Kyle's father, told PacWest Football. "I saw Kyle walking around and I could tell there was something on his mind. A little later he was talking to Mel (Scotts wife) and she kept saying, 'Kyle are you sure, are you sure you want to do this.' Kyle said, 'yeah, I want to commit.' Mel and I both had tears in our eyes. Then I called Coach Carroll over and told him Kyle had something to say to him.

"Kyle looked right at him and said, 'coach, I'm in.' Carroll let out a yell and then gave Kyle a big bear hug. We're all very excited about his decision. The family is moving to Southern California (San Clemente) as a lot of people know but this was Kyle's decision all the way and we're all happy for him."

What was the deciding factor for Kyle in picking USC over Washington?

"Just the education, that really was it," Scott said. "Washington is a great school and we loved Coach Neuheisal and the staff but the fact is, Washington does't have a broadcasting major and that's what Kyle wants to do. I mean only about 150 players get drafted every year so there's no guarantee Kyle is going to make it to the NFL. He wanted to remove football from the equation and it was an easy choice for him from that standpoint Top Stories