Is Hershel a commit?

Hershel Dennis returned home from his visit to Oregon but when asked if he is a Trojan commit he answers, "Yeah I'm committed to SC. I just had a good feeling, I just felt real comfortable. I think SC has a future and It's close to home."

M: Would you say that you're committed to SC?

H: Yeah I'm committed to SC.

M: So what made you commit?

H: I just had a good feeling, I just felt real comfortable. I think SC has a future and It's close to home. They have a great coaching staff, they're good people, but I'm also interested in the University of Oregon.

M: So would you call yourself a soft commit?

H: Yeah I guess you could say that.

M: Do you have any in-homes lined up for this week?

H: No, but I'm sure SC is going to want to have one.

M: If Lorenzo Booker were to commit to SC, would that affect you in any way?

H: Nope

M: How do you see yourself in Chow's offense? Do you like it?

H: I think it's OK. That's why I'm considering Oregon, because I love their offense. I'm sure Norm Chow has a lot of things going on in his head and he just needs the right type of people for his offense and he sees me as one of those people. I kinda wanted to go into I-back two WR, seven OL kind of offense. Staying in shotgun a lot, I dunno, but I'm sure we can work some things out.

M: So you get along with coach Chow?

H: Yeah, the whole staff, they're good guys.

M: Can you say a few things about Wayne Moses?

H: Oh he's a great motivational coach. I think he'll help me get to that next level. He's got a lot of knowledge under his belt and a good reputation. I think he's a good coach.

M: The last time I talked to you, you told me that you wanted to come into college at 195 lbs. What are you going to do to get to that weight?

H: I probably could have been that weight if I was eating the way I'm supposed to be eating. I'm just going to be getting my rest, eating good, making sure to get all my meals in, snacking healthy, and working out every day, a lot. Top Stories