Lorenzo Booker update

The All American RB talks about his upcoming visit to the USC campus, the recent commitment of offensive lineman Kyle Williams and gives his thoughts on the player he thinks will be the #1 WR in the country next year

M: So Lorenzo, what schools do you like?
L: Oh, SC FSU, ND, UW, in no particular order but those are my top four right there. I just visited ND and I had a great time out there and I'm looking forward to SC this weekend.

M: I understand that you had an in-home with Coach Carroll, how did that go?
L: Oh, that's this week, I think it's this week. I have to talk to SC today or tomorrow to set it up. I know Bobby Bowden is coming down on the 30th.

M: Can you say a few things about each school?
L: SC: Great tradition at RB. I like the coaches. I like the system. Close to home, my family can see me play. ND: Tradition and education is top-notch. UW: Love the coaches, love coach Nueheisel. I think I have a good chance of going there and playing early. FSU: They're probably the best football school in the nation.

M: SC is your mom's favorite right?
L: Yeah, of course, it's close to home. She won't say that, but I can tell she wants me to stay home.

M: The last time I talked to you, you told me that if a couple OL were to commit to SC, that would raise them in your eyes.
L: Yeah, Justice, and did Kyle Williams commit?

M: Yeah, he did this last weekend.
L: That's huge. You know Kyle Williams is a big-time guy, and he committed, so SC is finding some big-time OL and that definitely doesn't hurt them. I definitely like the fact that Winston Justice and Kyle Williams committed. You know, I can't run by myself, so I'm definitely happy that those two guys committed.

M: Sounds like you are Kyle are friends.
L: Oh Yeah. Kyle is cool. Me and Kyle are real cool. Kyle is one of the good guys that I hung out with at the all-star game. He's a good guy and great lineman. Big-time. We started talking a lot more once I found out who his final two were. You should have seen him at the all star game opening up some big holes. That guy is awesome. You need great lineman like that to run the ball, you know that. So that definitely helps SC out. ND has some good lineman too though. I think all the schools have good lineman coming back and good line traditions, so I tell you Mark, It's getting tough, but I can't wait til the weekend. I talked to Keary last night, so we're going to hang out and have a good time.

M: So what's going to be the deciding factor for you
L: Well, I'm just going to weigh everything after I get back from my trip from SC, I'm gonna talk to my family about the positives and negatives. I'm gonna cover up the schools and whichever one has the most positives. I'm gonna think about you know, If I can live there and stuff like that. I have to consider my academics and my athletic career because you don't know how long that's going to last. But I know if I get a good education, which all of the schools offer, though some better than others, I'll be OK. You know, they're all good educationally, but I live in Southern California so I'm looking at which school can do the most for me out here, because this is where I'm probably going to live and my family is going to live.

M: So does that help SC?
L: Oh yeah, Heck yeah that helps SC. I'm really looking forward to the trip, I can't wait to get down there.

M: What do want to major in?
L: Communications and I know that the Annenberg school is one of the best in the nation. I talked to coach Orgeron about that and he definitely let me know that I could do some things with that major, so I'm very comfortable with the comm. program at SC, probably the best out of all the schools.

M: The last time I talked to you, you told me that Hershel Dennis' decision would not affect your decision in any way, does that still hold true?
L: Of course, If I am going to be worried about anybody, It's going to be a junior or senior who's an All-American, because I know that that guy is going to get the majority of the carries, but I'm not worried about some freshman coming in. I'm just concerned about having great lineman and great teammates and if Hershel is as good as I think he is, then we'll have a lot more success, because you need great players on your team to win. As a matter of fact, it helps me in picking a school if I were to pick SC because I know I've got other good players around me. The team with the best players and the best coaches are going to win, so I want the best players on my team and I don't care what position they play.

M: So you really don't have a leader?
L: I really do not know, what school I'm going to yet (laughing). I mean it was tough getting it down to those four, but I don't know, Mark, I just don't. I just don't.

M: Maybe this weekend will change that?
L: Oh yeah, that's definitely an advantage because I haven't been to SC yet and they're still in my top four. So after this trip, shoot, they could climb their way to the top, and there's a lot of advantages of going there.

M: Can you give us a little preview of Whitney Lewis for next year?
L: That guy right there is the best WR in the country and I just want you guys to know that. People talk about Steve Smith, but if you go to the Nike Combine, Whitney's the man. I told you first though, so remember that alrgiht? He's gonna be the #1 WR and you'll be like "Oh Lorenzo told me he was #1." He's awesome, and he's a big guy. He's a legitimate 6-2 215. 16 years old. Whitney's been offered by all the schools that I've been offered by. He's a physical freak. 4.4 forty. He went to the combine and jumped 40 inches in the vertical, and he ran a 3.99 shuttle. There were a lot of top players there and Whitney just tore it up. He returned a punt and a kickoff, I mean, he just scored. He scored almost every time he touched the ball. I'm telling you, you'll see, you'll see.

M: So you guys are good friends?
L: The best of friends.

M: So wherever you go, he'll probably follow?
L: Oh yeah, I'm gonna make him go where I go, because like I said I want to play with great players and Whitney's the best.

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