Kyle Williams interview

The Trojans received a verbal commitment from one of the top offensive linemen in the country this past weekend in 6'6, 280 lb, Kyle Williams, of Highland Park, Texas. Williams talks about his visit to USC and why he ultimately verballed to the Trojans.

Wearesc- So I heard you committed to USC?

Williams- "Yes Sir."

Wearesc- You had it down to USC and Washington for a long time. What made you decide on USC at the end?

Williams- "A couple of things. I wanted to major in Broadcasting and Washington didn't have that, so that's one thing. And, I'm originally from California, so I just felt really comfortable there. Also, with the coaches and everything. All of the coaches are just awesome, especially my offensive line coach, Coach Uperesa. He's a really good guy, and Coach Carroll, Coach Holt, Coach Orgeron, all of them."

Wearesc- How was your trip to USC this past weekend?

Williams- "Oh, it was awesome. I went out with a couple of the players. They were a bunch of good guys. I met some other guys too. I just really enjoyed the weekend."

Wearesc- What were some of the places you went to?

Williams- "We went to one place, some Greek restaurant called Papadakis'. Yeah, that was a good time. We also went to some place called Beaches for lunch one day. Actually, that was the first day I was there. Everyone was there. Coach Holt was there. Coach Carroll was there. Coach Uperesa was there. A lot of the coaches were there."

Wearesc- Did you check out the Coliseum?

Williams- "Yeah, actually that's where I told Coach Carroll that I was committed. We were on the top of the Coliseum, in the press box."

Wearesc- How did he react to the news?

Williams- "He was excited. They were all really excited."

Wearesc- Who was your host on the trip?

Williams- "Alex [Holmes]. He was awesome. An awesome guy."

Wearesc- Did you hang out with any of the other recruits?

Williams- "Dallas Sartz. Yeah, he was there. We hung out. He was a good guy and we got to know his family too."

Wearesc- Did anybody else commit on the trip?

Williams- "No, not that I know of."

Wearesc- Did the coaches talk to you about where you'll fit in next year?

Williams- "Oh yeah. They said I'd be able to come in and I'd be able to contribute as a freshman. So, that really attracted me."

Wearesc- Since you're going to major in Broadcasting, did you get a chance to check out Annenberg?

Williams- "Oh yeah. That place is awesome. They have everything there."

Wearesc- I read where you hung out with Lorenzo Booker a lot at the Army East-West High School All Star game. Have you talked to him since you committed to USC?

Williams- "Not since I've committed, no. Actually, I've got to give him a call here pretty soon. I guess he's going to USC next weekend."

Wearesc- What will you do now that you're done with the recruiting process?

Williams- "Now I'm just going to be lifting, working out and stuff."

Wearesc- I know your family is going to be moving to Southern California soon. When is the family moving?

Williams- "At the end of my senior year. I'm going to come out there in the summer. They should be down there but if not, I'm going to be down there for the summer for sure. Plus, my grandparents are down there too. They live really close. And, if I do come down, I can just stay with one of the players or something. I'll be working out with the team."











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