Manuel Wright interview

The Trojan coaching staff got a huge boost last weekend when Manuel Wright, 6'7, 315 lbs, and three other stars from Long Beach Poly committed on their trip. Wright discusses why he chose the Trojans, as well as his trip to Miami this past weekend and whether or not it had any impact on him.

Wearesc- How was your trip to Miami over the weekend?

Wright- "It was cool."

Wearesc- What were some of the things you did on the trip?

Wright- "Went out at night, went to the beaches and stuff like that."

Wearesc- Did the trip have an impact on you?

Wright- "Not really."

Wearesc- Are you still committed to USC?

Wright- "Yeah, I am."

Wearesc- What made you decide on, and stick with USC?

Wright- "At Miami they were talking about me redshirting and then playing the next year. I don't really like the situation that would put me in. At SC, I could come in right now and contribute."

Wearesc- How was your official visit to USC and what were some of the things you did?

Wright- "It was great. I got to know the players a lot better. We went out, had a little fun, you know how it goes."

Wearesc- Who was your host on the trip?

Wright- "Shaun Cody. He was cool. We talked about a lot of things."

Wearesc- When did you commit on the trip?

Wright- "I committed Sunday morning. Coach Orgeron was going to coach Pete Carroll's and I told him in the truck and I think he was so happy that he stopped the car and got out of the car and started yelling and stuff. Then, he called Coach Carroll and then I told them all together. I was the first one to do it. When I got there, they were like ‘Hershel [Dennis] just committed too.' Then we found out that Darnell [Bing] had committed too and then the phone rang and it was Winston [Justice] who was committing."

Wearesc- Did you guys ever talk about all committing on the same day like that?

Wright- "It just happened like that. We never really talked about it."

Wearesc- Are you going to go on any more official visits?

Wright- "I don't know. I could go to the Gators next weekend, but I don't know. I might just chill."

Wearesc- Are any of the other Long Beach Poly recruits going on that trip?

Wright- "No, I don't think so. Hershel told me that he wasn't…..that he wasn't going anywhere else."

Wearesc- What are your plans now that the recruiting process is over for you?

Wright- "After signing day, I'm going to start working out with some of the players. I might start working out with Bernard [Riley] in two weeks. So I'm going to call him up and go workout." Top Stories