Chat transcript: January 7th

WeAreSC held a chat for premium subscribers on Friday, January 7th to discuss a variety of topics including the Orange Bowl win, recruiting and the possibility of players and coaches looking to the NFL. Click below for a transcript from the chat.

 JDGTrojan1:: How solid were Wyatt and Wright in that a$$-whooping in the Orange Bowl. Man were they lock down. Fantastic job.
USCcowboy:: our DBS look solid for nxt yr
FaithInTroy:: wright will be an AA next year IMO and wyatt might be also
USCcowboy:: wyatt laid out Clayton, I yelled louder on that play than any other
GarryP:: I agree on the corner play in the OB. Wright had the big pick but I thought Wyatt played his best game as a Trojan. His anticipation was terrific.
toner 1:: What I like about our corners are their closing speed. Just terrific
CasualD91:: You can tell our DB's were COACHED up for the OB, the were in the right position to make plays all night
USCcowboy:: so can a frosh DB unseat wyatt or EW?
SCtradition:: NOPE
CasualD91:: No Way Cowboy
USCcowboy:: I agree
FaithInTroy:: absolutely D great coaching of our DB's
scgrad2002:: Are Eric Wright and Justin Wyatt two of the most underratedcorners in the nation? can you say shutdown
USCcowboy:: not underrated anymore

toner 1:: Garry, can you give us an update on Chris Barrett. How are his shoulders? Also, is Chauncey in school?
GarryP:: Barrett is able to go through contact drills but he hasn't made much of an impact so far. Hopefully we'll see him start to come on during spring ball. Chauncey is enrolled in school which will start on Monday
FaithInTroy:: greta news on chauncey he's the best RB in this class!
cbromusc:: Garry, will Barrett stay at tight end
toner 1:: Great news about Washington. Really glad to hear he's in school
GarryP:: I dont know on Barrett staying at TE. I personally think he could end up back on defense but the shoulders may force him to stay on offense.
toner 1:: I'd like to see Barrett back at DE

sweat:: any word on Aaron Miller? Is he locked in with Cal?
cbromusc:: Aaron miller has grade issues
GarryP:: We're not recruiting Aaron Miller
FaithInTroy:: miller is out
toner 1:: If Miller couldn't cut it at OU why do folks think he'd cut it here?
FaithInTroy:: we'll get cary harris in this class also as a CB
GarryP:: If/when we get Cary Harris we will be set at corner for this class
FaithInTroy:: yep
FaithInTroy:: I'll say what Garry can't say, Cary is a lock to SC
CasualD91:: In looking at the games I saw of Cary Harris, I was just not real impressed
FaithInTroy:: what didn't you like D?
FaithInTroy:: abput harris
GarryP:: Cary Harris is a stud. I was on the sidelines for two of his games this year and was very impressed.
CasualD91:: Garry, I know Harris is real fast, but he seemed stiff to me. Is my obeservation wrong in your opinion
GarryP:: I didn't get the impression that he was stiff. I thought he was a pretty fluid athlete, especially as a running back. They rarely threw his way as a corner.

getw1:: Garry, What is happening with Oher?
GarryP:: Nothing new on Michael Oher since what we reported yesterday.
getw1:: Thanks Garry
cbromusc:: Where does Oher play what position?
GarryP:: Oher is an OL from Tennessee

FaithInTroy:: what about the new DL coach? what's your thoughts on blackwell GP?
cbromusc:: Garry, where does PC get the spots to promote Norton and hire the coach from Clemson?
GarryP:: Everything I've heard on Blackwell is solid and he sounds like a PC kind of guy. Nothing is confirmed yet though. I still havent heard how they would realign the staff because I know Carroll wants to make Norton a fulltime guy. We asked Ken about it early this week and he just said "we're working on it".
scsig1:: I would love to see Norton full time

sweat:: GP, we know you can't tell us about who the two players were, but can you at least tell us if they are "kaboom" worthy?
GarryP:: The two players who committed are guys that have been on the radar screen for a long time. One of the names might surprise casual recruiting fans but it won't be a surprise to anybody who has been following the message boards on a regular basis. FaithInTroy:: man this class is unreal, especially with guys coming in form last year
FaithInTroy:: Justice is a 6star, Washington is a 5+
USCcowboy:: we need WJ next yr

cbromusc:: ARe herring and Germany ready to enroll?
GarryP:: yes, Herring and Germany will be here in the spring.
USCcowboy:: so whats Herring gonna be playing next yr, still watch the DVD highlight of him outrunning DBs in high school
cbromusc:: Herring has to hit the weight room hard to get minutes next year
GarryP:: I'd be surprised if Herring is ready to make an impact.
Fort Worth Trojan:: Garry, do you see Germany possibly moving to NG with his quickness?
SC POOH BAH:: Germany needs to work on being more physical
jacksonsf:: FWT, I agree with your thoughts.
GarryP:: I do think that's a possible move for Eugene and it's the one I think makes the most sense. He's got good quickness for his size and that's what we want at the NG spot.
SC POOH BAH:: not ready for the middle
cbromusc:: He clearly could add more muscle and weight and play ng..speaking of Germany
GarryP:: I agree on Eugene needing to get bigger before he would make an impact at NG but looking long-term I think the move makes sense.
jacksonsf:: I think Eugene was 260 pounds. Does he really need to gain that much?
GarryP:: It won't take long before Germany is in the 280 range and that is just fine.

toner 1:: I'm really sad Orgeron is leaving. Great opportunity for him but a bummer for us.
USCcowboy:: Im happy for Coach O
FaithInTroy:: yeah me too toner, but I heard it was best for both SC and Coach O
cbromusc:: Is it possible that someone else on the staff is going to leave to open up the spot for Norton or the new coach?
USCcowboy:: Im crossing my fingers no Chow to Balt
SCtradition:: Cowboy, I cant see Coach Chow going into the NFL
sweat:: Im happy for SLutak that he got a paying job at Ole Miss
cbromusc:: No I am talking about Carroll's son or someone else
toner 1:: I can't see Norm going to Balt
USCcowboy:: I agree, but still
RichSC:: Chow ain't going to Baltimore. They want Scott Linehan from Minnesota, or Neuheisel. They're not even interviewing Norm.
USCcowboy:: good
FaithInTroy:: Chow is not going to bmore, I live here and there is no WAY!
cbromusc:: NOrm does not want to go to nfl
USCcowboy:: didnt know
FaithInTroy:: Baltimore WILL NOT allow him to run his offense

Uscbiz: Are any new recruits showing interest in USC after the OB?
GarryP:: Michael Oher could be a considered a recruit who is now showing some interest.
uscbiz:: Thanks
FaithInTroy:: yeah that Oher kid sounds like a monster
uscbiz:: yea he does
RichSC:: Oher is an interesting case-- we're actually recruiting against CEO for him!
jefftrojantheft:: I thought Oher was visiting Coach O/

SCtradition:: GARRY, I'm not sure if you've mentioned anything yet, or if you're even allowed to speak on the subject, but what are your thoughts on Coach Carroll and the 49ers?
GarryP:: I will be more comfortable when the 49'ers hire another coach. I know Carroll has made the statement that he isn't interested and I believe him but I'll be very happy when they have somebody else in place and it's not Pete Carroll.
USCcowboy:: yep
FaithInTroy:: me too GP
SCtradition:: thanks Garry, and i agree
jefftrojantheft:: me three
FaithInTroy:: If the niners make him a ridiculous offer, I hate to say, but he's gone
toner 1:: SF needs a lot of work
SCtradition:: Here's to Romeo being a Great Interview with the 49ers
uscbiz:: yea the bay area sports radio stations are talking about Carroll 24/7
sweat:: the niners dont make ridiculous offers anymore
VanFan8245:: SF is so messed up, anyone, let alone PC would be crazy to take that job
VanFan8245:: I hope Fassell gets the job
FaithInTroy:: but I really doubt york will do it
SC55:: I hope they get Holmegren!
USCcowboy:: PC stay at SC
FreeMethomps:: York sounds like he wants to be the next Daniel Snyder. NO thanks!
VanFan8245:: if Debartolo was still running the 49ers, I would worry
SCtradition:: Romeo Crennel deserves the Job
JDGTrojan1:: Faith, our hope there is that York is a clown and everyone knows it...maybe that will help us but when talk of "almost total control" started to creep into the discussion, that makes me nervous as well
RichSC:: I think Crennel or Brad Childress end up HC at San Fran.
VanFan8245:: but the Yorks are really messed up
FaithInTroy:: some pretty reliable posters are saying pete is going nowhere so...
jefftrojantheft:: We need the NAACP to pickit outside while Cormel is interviewing
sweat:: from a "I hate Cal" stand point, I wish they would offer Tedford the job (i know they won't of course)

VanFan8245:: Garry, are they going in-house to make someone Recruiting Coordinator, or going outside?
GarryP:: I'd be surprised if we went outside the staff for a new recruiting coordinator. We're having enough trouble trying to find a spot for the graduate assistants we have now (Norton). They are plenty of candidates from Kiffin, Seto, McNair, Davis, etc.
FaithInTroy:: I would think McNair or Kiffin or maybe Blackwell if he was really hired, maybe seto?

SC55:: Does Patterson/Cody go in the first round?
SCtradition:: Maybe Cody, no on patterson
jefftrojantheft:: Cody goes late 1st
USCcowboy:: But if he does, he will be NASTY
SCtradition:: yep, Patterson is everything you want, except the NFL will look at his size and pass early
CasualD91:: Our defense is based upon understanding your assignment first, then doing your job

Fort Worth Trojan:: Garry....if grades improve, do we have a shot at Lucky/Nebraska?
FaithInTroy:: no way on lucky
GarryP:: I don't see it happening with Lucky. We're pretty focused on Gwaltney right now
FaithInTroy:: Gwaltney will be the only RB in this class
lvloanpro:: you think in recruiting GWALTNEY we are telling him he will play as a FROSH...he mentioned that being a concern for him
FaithInTroy:: no gwaltney as a frosh IMO
GarryP:: My guess is we're offering Jason the same opportunity to compete that we are offering every other recruit. Nothing more, nothing less.

uscbiz:: Garry are any of our target recruits announcing at the Army All-Star game ?
GarryP:: yes, my guess is we will have some kids announce for us at the Army game. Myself and Johnny Curren will be there to get any updates.
VanFan8245:: where is the Army game being played at?
GarryP:: SAn Antonio
FlyingTrojan:: when is the Army game?
GarryP:: Army game is Saturday the 15th

USCcowboy:: So AA honors for LoJack next year?
SCtradition:: Yes on LoJack

SCtradition:: Garry, It looks like next year will have some top RB recruits, any early names for us to remember?
SCtradition:: Gable, Harris?
GarryP:: Chane Moline, C.J. Gable, Devon Brown are just a few of the junior running backs who we will be recruiting. Next year is a VERY good year for running backs in California.
toner 1:: Isn't Moline more of a fullback type?
CasualD91:: Moline is a HOG
GarryP:: Chane Moline will likely be a fullback but he's such a good runner that you have to recruit him with that ability in mind. He reminds me so much of LenDale White in terms of being a naturally big guy who knows how to run with the ball and break tackles.

RichSC:: Is Brian Cushing really getting pressured by the parents to stay closer to home?
FaithInTroy:: Cushing reminds me of whitney lewis' recruitment
RichSC:: Faith-- how so?
FaithInTroy:: I'm glad his DAD is pushing and not
USCcowboy:: good ? SC
FaithInTroy:: well whitney REALLY wanted FSU, but mom said no
Fort Worth Trojan:: Garry, any chance Cushing brings Monroe/UVA to SC?
jefftrojantheft:: Cushing whole family is pushing

scsig1:: I'm looking forward to a full year of Manny Wright next year, I think he will be key for us to shore up the D Line
USCcowboy:: mmmm, get shivers thinking about Manny, Shweiger, Rivers, Thomas Williams, Rucker, Ellis, and year
SC55:: Anyone else think Rucker is going to have a BIG year next season, he looked pretty good/healthy the last few games IMO?
FaithInTroy:: I hope so 55, rucker has been hurt all year so...
uscmike:: Schweiger will be there to push Frostee to an even greater season.
FaithInTroy:: herring likely start his career at DL
USCcowboy:: mmmm, manny AND herring, all of a sudden we are HUGE in the middle
FaithInTroy:: we shouldn't forget Ramsey, he should get some minutes next year also
jefftrojantheft:: I glad Manny got back at the cheap shot artist Brown #55
USCcowboy:: me too jeff, showed we wont be intimidated
FaithInTroy:: oh yeah schwieger should be MUCH better with some off season Carlisle

sweat:: Garry, no JC guys this year on the radar?
GarryP:: Kevin Myers is still a possibility as far as JC players. Gabe Long could get a look next fall.

SC55:: MY BIG ? is where Lutui goes when Justice returns, guard?
toner 1:: 55, I could see that...Lutui to guard
CasualD91:: Quiet as kept, Big Fred Matua had an AWSOME OB
FaithInTroy:: yeah I thought matua played great, hope that's a preview of next year, imagine how much BETTER this OL is going to get with more carlisle and Davis coaching
CasualD91:: Starting Oline next year Baker LT, Duece LG, Kalil C, Matua RG, Justice RT
sweat:: Casual, no Byers?
CasualD91:: Byers has to wait another year, I think he is the guard of the future
USCcowboy:: no byers, he will be in rotation though
USCcowboy:: big time
USCcowboy:: that starting OL looks awesome
RichSC:: I wouldn't count Byers out as a starter. He's probably the most technically proficient OL aside from Sam, and he'll be much stronger and bigger next year.
jefftrojantheft:: Byers should RS
uscmike:: Byers with some size is going to be scary before he leaves Troy.
FaithInTroy:: byers will put on 20 more pounds and then watch out!
SC55:: I'll say this, between Tim Davis and Carlisle those are BIG reasons SC is winning Again!
GarryP:: Carlisle was the first person I went up and thanked after the game.
Creamy Filling:: We need to cash in while the iron is hot and get Carlisle the training facility he really wants.
SCtradition:: agree
FaithInTroy:: agree creamy
cbromusc:: yep one of our rich alumni should write a check
FaithInTroy:: why not update our facilities?
sweat:: Faith, send in the check
GarryP:: I'm told a facility upgrade is one of the next priorities now that the arena is underway. I'll believe it when I see it but at least it's being openly discussed. carlisle already has his wish list plan drawn up in terms of what he wants to build.

cbromusc:: Garry, has brown finally committed to PC? If not maybe we should let him go to ucla
GarryP:: I've yet to hear Charles Brown make a solid commit.
RichSC:: I agree, let Charles Brown go to UCLA.
jefftrojantheft:: Brown thinks his a TE LOL
FaithInTroy:: Brown will play OL at SC

cbromusc:: Is Whitney enrolled for the spring?
GarryP:: Whitney Lewis has moved down to campus and is ready to start classes next week

sweat:: Garry, or anyone who has seen him, is it true that Mike Williams is up to 260-270?
GarryP:: I havent heard that on Mike. He was a little bigger than normal when he left for Georgia in October (probably 235-240) so it would be a major surprise if he has gained that much weight.

toner 1:: Anyone think Matt will stay another year?
SC55:: Not me Toner!
USCcowboy:: I have to think ML is gone
GarryP:: I don't see it happening on Matt. There are many signs indicating he is gone.
VanFan8245:: Garry, besides Sanchez, are we looking at any other QBs for this class? (we are losing Cassel, Hance and Hart) with only Hinds and Booty behind Leinart
VanFan8245:: assuming Leinart stays
jefftrojantheft:: Hart has 1 more year
cbromusc:: we have walk on qb on roster
GarryP:: no, we aren't recruiting any other quarterbacks. I saw Sanchez after the game and he was so excited about what he had just watched. He can't wait to get to SC.
FaithInTroy:: Leinart is gone fellas, face it
True:: Leinart should go
jacksonsf:: If Leinart moves on then I see a Heisman for Bush next year, a Heisman for Booty the year after.
scgrad2002:: Mark Sanchez is a natural leader. anyone watch the huddle before the 2pt conversion in the Cal-FL game? wow
jefftrojantheft:: This is what we will hear from ucla. Matt Leinart is gone, you guys will lose now!
VanFan8245:: I would like Leinart to stay, but am okay if he goes
VanFan8245:: we will do just fine
True:: Jeff - they said that about carson
toner 1:: Leinart throws a great deep ball. Not good, but great. Too much has been made of his preceived lack of arm strength.
TROJANTD:: I thought that perfect pass down the sideline to DJ was the best pass ML threw in two years, that thing was a beaut

JDGTrojan1:: Garry...what have you heard about Desean Jackson and his possibility of going into MLB?
GarryP:: Desean will look at baseball but I havent heard any scouts say he will definitely be a first round pick. The consensus is that he's a pretty good prospect but he would need a very good senior year to go that high in the draft. The good news is that Desean really wants to play college football, he's also developed such a good friendship with Mark Sanchez and that adds to the long list of signals that he will likely end up playing for the Trojans.
cbromusc:: I heard Desean was getting family that to play baseball
cbromusc:: Other than Desean...what other wide outs do we look good for?
jefftrojantheft:: WR Patrick Turner from Tenn.
SCtradition:: GARRY, Where do you see Whitney Lewis on the depth chart next year if we bring in Turner and Jackson? (3rd, behind Smith, and Jarrett?)
jacksonsf:: its amazing that the loss of BMW didn't impact SC in any way. If anything, it made us stronger for next year with Jarrett.
jefftrojantheft:: DeSean Jackson would play right away at USC. He has something that know one on the roster has. RJ Soward moves and burst.
BleedSCRed:: Jeff, I hope he doesn't have RJ's attitude
FaithInTroy:: jackson is not an RJ soward
cbromusc:: I hope not
Creamy Filling:: Jackson is like the Patriot WRs, Troy Brown et al.
GarryP:: Desean is a good kid who has similar football abilities to a Soward. He's not as blazing fast but he's plenty fast to offer skills that we don't have on the roster right now.
uscbiz:: who starts at WR is we get Desean and Turner next year, any suggestions anyone?
SCtradition:: BIZ- i think the starters are Smith and Jarrett, with Lewis, Turner, and jackson backing up
USCcowboy:: i think SS, DJ and WL will split time if WL actually plays
USCcowboy:: does WL have return abilities?
GarryP:: yes, Whitney could be a return guy if needed
CasualD91:: SS DJ and WL don't need to split time, they will be in together in a lot of 3 Reciever sets
USCcowboy:: but I dont think either WRs will be catching more than the other 2

SC55:: Anybody else think Byrd will be an AA next season?
scgrad2002:: Byrd may be the best TE in the nation.
FaithInTroy:: if Byrd stays healthy, he should make AA next year
USCcowboy:: ever since that long catch and run vs. ASU byrd has been my favorite trojan, so pissed when he got hurt
SCtradition:: 55, i think Byrd is an AA and a 1st round pick
USCcowboy:: byrd could most def be a 1st rounder
CasualD91:: Byrd is the Man!
uscbiz:: i agree casual
SC55:: I agree Tradition, GOOD nfl material!
toner 1:: This conference will be loaded in regards to TE's...Byrd, Lewis, Newton, Day, Miller, Bienemann
True:: Will be fun to see how he does in the league
USCcowboy:: did anyone see hancock doing the Byrdman signal after byrd scored?
USCcowboy:: hancock will be back w/ full force next yr
FaithInTroy:: yeah hancock will be anice little gift next year
USCcowboy:: I wanted byrd to give his byrdman signal, but hancock did it for him
GarryP:: When Dom came to the sidelines after his first touchdown all the players were giving him the bird signal. It was pretty classic.
sweat:: this is unreal. Webb Leaves, Hancock comes back. Drake leaves, Justice comes back, etc. etc. etc.
TROJANTD:: LMAO@ Booty, Bush and Hancock in the backfield next year, the XXX backkfield
SC55:: Hanc0ck is going to be a major player, if healthy..
CasualD91:: Byrd was one player who allowed our offense open up this year
toner 1:: Also really helped to get Smith back at WR
jefftrojantheft:: Pete Carroll had a great quote. "If you get to where you are depending on 1 player, etc
SCtradition:: BTW, Byrd's catch might have been the most amazing catch I've ever seen, it happend in the biggest game of the year too
toner 1:: Byrd's catch in the OB was just like the one he had up in Corvallis
VanFan8245:: toner, BETTER than the one in Corvallis
scgrad2002:: Byrd's catch was more amazing then Mike's against OSU last year.
GarryP:: That was an amazing catch by Dom
SCtradition:: i thought it was a harder catch too
jefftrojantheft:: except that one was in the fog
VanFan8245:: I had no idea a guy that big could fly like that
FaithInTroy:: smith's catch was pretty amazing considering he might be pregnant after the OU DB raped him
VanFan8245:: wow
SCtradition:: agree
SC55:: Byrd impressed me in the Cal debacle last season, he was catching everything, then he got hurt in the stanford game!

scgrad2002:: Do UCLA fans think they really have a shot at Reynolds and Rouse?
cbromusc:: No way on either one
FaithInTroy:: hahahaa they're deluded if they do think that grad
cbromusc:: Rouse wants a free trip to LA
SC POOH BAH:: Rouse is a loooooooooooooooooooooong shot to ucla
SC POOH BAH:: Reynolds is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooger shot

hb4sc:: Does Gabe Long come in a year from now?
GarryP:: I think it's a possibility on Long if we have a spot open at that point.

scgrad2002:: Garry- if Tom leaves, who punts? I heard Sanchez and Reggie both punted for their HS teams
GarryP:: if he leaves we will probably take a kid who is currently committed to another school'
FaithInTroy:: we're not going to punt next
cbromusc:: I was not overly impressed with Tom this year....

scsig1:: My goodness guys, I am getting so damn excited about who will be around next year,
scgrad2002:: How many other teams could lose BMW, Whitney, and Justice and still go undefeated?
USCcowboy:: no other teams could
USCcowboy:: only SC
GarryP:: scgrad - I remember talking with some people last summer about the possibility of losing either Mike or Whitney, we all agreed there was no way we could lose both and still run the table. It's unreal to think we did it despite losing both and being without steve Smith for much of the year.
Rvarss:: Whitney's attitude and maturity will surprise everyone this year...
VanFan8245:: I saw Whitney in high school... DAMN!!!
scgrad2002:: Whitney looked awesome in Spring. If he lines upwith Smith and Jarrett. You cant stop that. Even Poohbah could play QB and we would do okay
SC55:: I saw WL at the Huddle, he was GOOOOOD!
SC POOH BAH:: I'd bet against me

jefftrojantheft:: Any other Jr's thinking of turning pro. Lofa should stay because he will not be a 1st day pick
hb4sc:: Is Lofa definitely gone or is there a chance he stays?
USCcowboy:: Lofa will be a 1st day pick
scgrad2002:: Lofa played himself into a day 1 pick
jefftrojantheft:: Let's bet
FaithInTroy:: 1st day? ummm no he won't, maybe second day if he's lucky
USCcowboy:: ok, well, I bet he goes 1st day
USCcowboy:: if in fact he leaves, dont think he will
cbromusc:: 2nd day
scgrad2002:: If Lofa leaves, who starts in the middle?
USCcowboy:: whats powdrells future hold?
SC POOH BAH:: Powdrell needs to step up
USCcowboy:: true
toner 1:: I could see Powdrell moving to DE
cbromusc:: wow we would be getting heavy at DE
SC POOH BAH:: that's a possibility toner
GarryP:: Powdrell has thought about possibly moving to fullback but if Lofa leaves my guess is he will stay right where he is and compete for the open spot.
jefftrojantheft:: Powdrell was a good FB is HS
USCcowboy:: cant wait to see RIVERS on the field all day next year
cbromusc:: Does Lua ever make it on the field
norcal:: Garry , I am not going to feel comfortable till big Rey and Luther commit
SC POOH BAH:: Lua is a hard worker...I think he contribute soon
SC55:: Lua was on special teams
cbromusc:: REy is a done deal
FaithInTroy:: rey has been done for months
FaithInTroy:: nice LB'er depth finally huh pooh?
SC POOH BAH:: It doesn't suck to be us Faith
FaithInTroy:: rivers, sartz, williams, powdrell, lua
cbromusc:: Rivers is going to be big time next season
SCTrojanLou:: Rivers was huge this a different capacity
USCcowboy:: rivers made some great plays in the OB
uscbiz:: yea he did
sportsczy1972:: Rivers is a LB in a DE body. He will dominate against the run.
cbromusc:: Actually Rivers needs to get bigger
USCcowboy:: made a nice tackle on 1st drive to run down a WR
SC POOH BAH:: Does Rivers move to the middle if Lofa leaves
FaithInTroy:: don't worry, rivers will get biger
cbromusc:: I heard Rivers goes to the middle
JDGTrojan1:: How about Williams to the Middle and Rivers to take over Groots position?
cbromusc:: Garry what about Thomas Williams?
sportsczy1972:: Groots will be the toughest to replace. So many intangibles
cbromusc:: Groots had a great game
SC55:: I've always been a GROOTS FAN, but did you guys see that he almost picked JW 3 times? I told my wife before the game he would get one for a TD, almost,lol
GarryP:: I think the Williams to the middle idea is a pretty good one (Rivers will likely be at WLB). Thomas needs to be on the field, his hit on the kickoff was unreal
RichSC:: I can foresee Luthur Brown at MLB, Rivers at Will, Rey at Sam for the next 2-3 years.
JDGTrojan1:: We didn't really get to see the full impact of that hit with the ABC angle they kept showing on kickoffs.
GarryP:: He just blew the guy up and his man was down on the field for several minutes afterwards. As Williams came to the sidelines Carroll went running to him and gave him big congratulations.
sportsczy1972:: Groots rarely has a bad game
sportsczy1972:: Lofa was the man too
SC55:: Groots just has FB instincts, period
RichSC:: Yeah, the loss of Groots and Lofa is probably every bit as bad as Cody and Patterson. Talk about dependable.

SC POOH BAH:: Garry ...Fred Davis' status?
GarryP:: I havent heard anything on Fred since we got back PoohBah
FaithInTroy:: I'd bet the farm that Davis is transferring

VanFan8245:: is Hershel Dennis redshirting next year?
GarryP:: yes, hershel plans to redshirt. I saw him after the game on the field and said "wish you were out there" and he looked really sad when he said "me too"
FaithInTroy:: ohh that one hurt garry, don't bum my high! hahaha
FaithInTroy:: well we all know what injuries can do at the RB position, dennis should keep his head up
VanFan8245:: HD's season broke my heart, I hope he gets another chance

USCcowboy:: are ware and bing going to start? whos taking over for leach?
GarryP:: yes, it will likely be Bing and Ware at the safety spots next year
jacksonsf:: will Bing be at free safety
GarryP:: Bing at SS, Ware at FS
USCcowboy:: mm, cant wait to see ware hit, hope he can be as consistent as leach
SC55:: Pinkard, could he move to OLB?
cbromusc:: yes what about Pinkard
FaithInTroy:: pinkard stay at safety and rotates in
SCtradition:: agree
SC55:: Pinkard looks big...
SCtradition:: Look out for Will Harris guys, he could contribute next year
CasualD91:: Pinkard will be a Hog, just one year away
GarryP:: Pinkard will be the backup to Bing next year and then probably take over as the starter the year after that (assuming Darnell would go pro after next year)
SC55:: Pinkard is going to be a good player, from what I've seen..

FlyingTrojan:: when is the deadline for players to declare for the draft?
cbromusc:: 15th
USCcowboy:: jan 15th

scgrad2002:: So will Chow be back this year?
FaithInTroy:: chow will be back

SC POOH BAH:: Fili Maola ready to contribute next season?
GarryP:: Moala was the scout team defensive player of the year. I can't wait to see him in the future as he is a real beast.
FaithInTroy:: good to hear on moala, the DL two-deep is unreal
USCcowboy:: we lose 2 AA DLs and were still scary deep
USCcowboy:: unreal

VanFan8245:: Garry, what former Trojans were on the sidelines besides Carson? was BMW, Keyshawn, Seau there?
jacksonsf:: who was the guy getting interviewed with Carson on the sidelines?
SC55:: Was that Colbert next to Carson with the #5 jersey ON?
sweat:: Colbert's jersey had a #5 on the front and #11 on the sleeves. SWEET
GarryP:: It was a great group on the sidelines. Munoz, Boselli, Charles White, CP, Colbert, Peete, Daylon, Brian Kelly, Jacob Rogers. I never saw Keyshawn if he was there.
GarryP: The Colbert jersey had different numbers on the front, the back and the sleeves to represent his former teammates "2, 5, 21, 11" it was really cool.

FaithInTroy:: garry who do you REALLY think is going to declare for the NFL?
GarryP:: I think ML will go and probably Lofa as well if his family situation is that dire. My guess is Malone stays but that one could go either way. I don't see Bing or Manny leaving at this point.
cbromusc:: Tom could improve his status by staying
Creamy Filling:: Tom may get to punt more if ML goes pro.
Creamy Filling:: Maybe...
GarryP:: At our lunch on Monday Steve Malone said he didnt know what Tom was going to do. His mom said she wants to go to Hawaii for the game next year so hopefully that will be an influence on Tom!

CasualD91:: GP, I thought Rashard Goodrum looked pretty explosive at DE before the injury, what do you think
GarryP:: Goodrum did show some promise in the early going before his injury
CasualD91:: Goodrum is that physical speed rusher we missed
CasualD91:: I say starting DLine of Frostee DE, Manny DT, LoJack DT(Suprise of the year), Goodrum DE.
GarryP:: I think the DL will be Jackson, Wright, Ellis and Rucker
SCtradition:: Thats awesome talent, but not much experience
sportsczy1972:: Schweiger may push Frostee
USCcowboy:: just like our WRs, the DL will not have any "starters"
SC55:: Schweiger with some Carlisle work and healthy will play!
uscbiz:: Schweiger needs to add lbs
USCcowboy:: everyone will play, everyone will produce
VanFan8245:: Wild Bunch III?
uscbiz:: he gets thrown around sometimes
CasualD91:: Ellis is just did not impess me this year
cbromusc:: SChweiger needs more moves
toner 1:: Can you guys believe how big Cody is now! His arms are huge!
uscbiz:: overall Schweiger needs a lot of polishing
uscbiz:: no doubt that Schweiger will have a huge impact in his career at SC
cbromusc:: cody is a big guy
toner 1:: D91, tend to agree
CasualD91:: GP, you don't see LoJack moving inside during his career
SC55:: Your correct biz, but he's all muscle now, and is FAAAST!
VanFan8245:: toner, I slapped Cody on the arm congratulating him after a game, it felt like GRANITE
cbromusc:: Ellis needs to get bigger
CasualD91:: I dont think Ellis can get much bigger, if you have seen him, he looks like a body builder now
cbromusc:: more weight
toner 1:: He can get thicker
cbromusc:: yes thicker
SC55:: Ellis is a damn refrigerator!
CasualD91:: Ellis is just not the explosive bowling ball Patterson is
sportsczy1972:: Wright, Ellis and Rivers down the middle is scary!
FaithInTroy:: probaly not D, but who is like patterson..watrren sapp I guess
uscbiz:: Wright is a monster, he is so dominant at the line its scary
JDGTrojan1:: Agree Casual..actually, thought he was handled in the game by the Sooner line. Manny, Patterson, and Cody were up the field many a time. Going to miss Patterson the most
norcal:: No one is like Patterson , Ellis will be fine.Player like Cody and Patterson do not come around often..........
CasualD91:: My point is, Ellis is not very tall or massively big, so he needs to dominate with quickness and technique, and I don't see a bunch of either
JDGTrojan1:: I agree
GarryP:: Sed has a lot of promise but he doesn't have Patterson's speed. Nobody else does on our roster right now either and that's one concern for the coaches because Mike brought such great quickness to that spot over the years.

jacksonsf:: Garry, what is the rationalle of Pete keeping verbals silent? Does Pete encourage this or do the recruits?
norcal:: As soon as a player commits to USC other teams focus on them , like a full court press.I f the recruit is a sleeper it lets other teams know he is a player
GarryP:: Carroll doesn't want recruits to face the local pressure they will get once a verbal is public so he's confident enough to have them keep it quiet until later in the process. We got burned by the Tony Hunt scenario a few years back and now with players like Rivers last year we've found it works to have them stay silent.

jacksonsf:: GP, how is Rocky Hinds looking. Herbreit pulled his name out of a hat. Do you think that Hinds would be receptive to moving positions?
GarryP:: Rocky has some moments of great play but he's not steady enough yet to take over. My guess is he won't have enough time to overtake Booty by the time next fall rolls around, I was really surprised to hear Herbstreit say that because nothing on the practice field would indicate Rocky is ready to be the man yet.
FaithInTroy:: It sounded to me like Herbie just messed up
FaithInTroy:: I don't think he meant to say hinds
scsig1:: It sounds to me that herb doesn't know squat about SC football, same guy said we would lose to Oklahoma
toner 1:: When is ABC going to replace Craig James? He's horrible
USCcowboy:: darren woodson should replace James
cbromusc:: so is that nortre dame moron
scgrad2002:: Shrek Taylor needs to go
SC55:: Mark May is a idiot, JW is better than Matt, incredible!
cbromusc:: taylor is useless
USCcowboy:: shrek is fun to watch hes so sorry
lvloanpro:: I was heckling Trev, and Marky may after the much security cleared our section
toner 1:: That whole ABC group(Saunders, James and Taylor) are bad. Wish Jackson and Fouts would have called the game too. Grises does little for me
VanFan8245:: onlly Corso picked us to win

norcal:: Bing looked great in OB ,,,,,,,,,,,,
USCcowboy:: Bing laid Hat all Day
USCcowboy:: we need to call Bing AD
USCcowboy:: instead of peterson

SC55:: Garry, so did we hire a DL coach?
GarryP:: not yet on the DL coach.

toner 1:: Groots, Patterson, Cody and Holmes...all great Trojans!
FaithInTroy:: well losing guys is a catch-22 at this point, fact is they were national champion caliber players, good news is, there are more behind them
SC55:: So we could say, our Freshmen that played this year will be even better, with a year of Carlisle in the weight room..
RichSC:: The only downside with being this talented? We're going to probably lose everybody as Juniors instead of Seniors (Bush, Rivers, et al)
VanFan8245:: Rich, its just an opportunity for others to step up
RichSC:: VanFan, I agree, the talent just keeps coming, so it's exciting see the next stars emerge.

VanFan8245:: the best part after the game was during Stoops press conference, you could hear CONQUEST being played LOUD in the background

jefftrojantheft:: Lee Webb hurt a guy on LenDale's carry
GarryP:: Webb also had a great hit on the final kickoff
cbromusc:: Webb has been a good trojan

USCcowboy:: so I wonder now, assuming ML leaves, Sanchez? or Booty?
USCcowboy:: or Hinds?
RichSC:: Booty has a big leg up with regards to knowing the system.
jefftrojantheft:: yes
TROJANTD:: Booty, he knows the playbook better
USCcowboy:: true
GarryP:: Booty was throwing the ball fantastic during bowl practices
sportsczy1972:: Booty's family lineage worries me.. they all had hype and they all stunk it up
FaithInTroy:: ah the other booty's didn't play at SC!
SCtradition:: They had Hype but THEY DIDN'T HAVE NORM CHOW
jacksonsf:: I hate to say it, yet it is probably best for the team to break in a new QB next year with the veteran line, tailbacks and wideouts.

USCcowboy:: lendale looked SO much better than AP did
USCcowboy:: didnt have HUGE holes, but was so shifty
USCcowboy:: just shot out of the line like a cannon
USCcowboy:: for the 1st half, every time lendale touched the ball, it was a 1st down, or a TD
USCcowboy:: all game actually
GarryP:: LenDale was incredible considering the ankle problems he had. The guy didn't practice since the UCLA game and only got some light work in on Saturday and Sunday before the game (no contact).
lvloanpro:: Everyone in our section was joke about how well the LIDACAINE was working for Lendale...figure they had to give him something...High ankle sprains nag forever...
JDGTrojan1:: Maybe he should do that every time before the big bowl game as he was just a freak...they had no answer for him
USCcowboy:: so anyone think SC will have 2 1st round running backs next year?
SCTrojanLou:: I would love to see Lendale get 25 touches a game. With what he did in HS, he could rattle off 2000 yards in a season
sportsczy1972:: Washington was amazing before he got hurt fellas
FaithInTroy:: Chauncey is the best RB recruit in the nation folks, believe it
USCcowboy:: AND washington, how cool would it be to see Washington as our FEATURE back if LW and RB leave after next year, and rthen Chauncey has 2000
toner 1:: don't forget about D.Reed
USCcowboy:: the next thunder and lightning, Reed and Washington
lvloanpro:: I love having this Thunder and Lightning tandem...i thought at the beginning of the game the Lendale was not going to play given he didn't start....we were going to be in BIG trouble without Lendale...

VanFan8245:: Garry, I was watching the game, with 4 minutes left, after OU's last TD, PC and MG are hugging eachother and Travis Tofi is coming off the field and Ed Orgeron is giving him an earful, loved seeing that guy coach his ass off even that late in the game, I will miss him!
jefftrojantheft:: Tofi let the RB get outside for the big gain
VanFan8245:: Ole Miss is in for a treat, Coach O doesn't let up
sportsczy1972:: Ole Miss has become my second favorite team

DLR80:: Garry are we getting back in on D. Farr
GarryP:: I havent heard anything yet on Farr

toner 1:: Garry, how is terrell's shoulder/s?
GarryP:: I know Terrell had talked about having surgery in the off-season but I don't know for sure if that will still happen.

DLR80:: Garry, how do we stand with a commitment from Cushing?
GarryP:: Cushing says we are his leader and hopefully we can get a commit when he comes in after the Army game
sportsczy1972:: Cushing is our next Groots
SC55:: Groots reminded me of Sammy Knight!
TROJANTD:: Cushing is a SS?
SCtradition:: Cushing isn't a FS at 238 lbs
sportsczy1972:: CUshing is over 230 lbs now. He'll play LB
SCtradition:: or a SS
jacksonsf:: if you aren't ready physically to make an impact, you might get moved.
DLR80:: Garry, do you see Cushing at LB or SS
GarryP:: Brian would come in as a safety but my guess is he will end up at LB.

CasualD91:: Who is coming in this weekend
GarryP:: nobody is coming in this weekend. We'll have Cushing on the 16th and then a big group the weekend of the 22nd

altadenamike:: how about a rematch with florida state?
TROJANTD:: FSU would be nice payback
GarryP:: Would love to get another shot at FSU right now
USCcowboy:: That was my 1sr SC game FSU
USCcowboy:: watched Kelly drop that ball, and that was my freshamn year
toner 1:: We would have killed FSU this year. Rix is vastly overated
USCcowboy:: it was ugly for the rest of my time at USC
GarryP:: thanks for bringing up that memory of Brian Kelly TrojanTD
TROJANTD:: Sorry Gar
SCtradition:: Kelly has done some good things too, he's a great Pro CB
cbromusc:: Rix sucks
toner 1:: I agree
JDGTrojan1:: Not consistant and not accurate with the idea that he gets any pressure, it's tuck and run. That will last all of 1 series in the NFL before he gets lit up. Has to be a better passer to make it to the next level
USCcowboy:: Kelly is a top notch CB
USCcowboy:: regardless of dropping one INT
SCtradition:: 8 INT's in the year the Bucs won it all
SC POOH BAH:: Rix is a poor mans Jason White
jefftrojantheft:: Booker once said that USC doesn't play in enough BCS games. LOL
GarryP:: Booker also said about SC "I've worked too hard on my game to go to a program that isn't stable". What do you think now Lorenzo?
USCcowboy:: lorenzo wishes he had skills like our RBs
SCtradition:: all talk
TROJANTD:: Isn't stable?
toner 1:: In hindsight, Booker probably did the right thing. He'd play very little here.
jefftrojantheft:: If we got Booker, we wouldn't have Bush
Creamy Filling:: In all reality, Booker doesn't even look as good as Desmond Reed.
Creamy Filling:: Or the kid from UCLA that transferred.
USCcowboy:: true creamy
toner 1:: Creamy, I tend to agree
cbromusc:: true
JDGTrojan1:: We should thank Booker...because if he was a Trojan the odds that Bush would have committed to Notre Dame would have increased dramatically
USCcowboy:: booker is OVERRATED
USCcowboy:: believe me Ive thanked booker a few times this year
CasualD91:: Lobo's problems is, if you touch him, he goes down, he is just not physical enough
jefftrojantheft:: Chow would have made Booker a great weapon. FSU OC SUCKS(Jeff Bowden)
USCcowboy:: true
pghtrojan:: Booker would get better coaching at SC. He has bad habits
toner 1:: D91, I agree-Booker
SC55:: HD is better than Booker IMO!
CasualD91:: Being physical is a state of mind, and a good example is Reggie, although he is not that big, he does try to deliver a blow if he can
altadenamike:: BOOKER IS SMALL*
JDGTrojan1:: They seem to really like Leon Washington out there as well so he splits time. He has skills, no question, just wouldn't trade him for Bush as it isn't close
toner 1:: Booker isn't even the best back on his own team
SCtradition:: Leon washington is way better than Booker
JDGTrojan1:: I don't know about way better, but I think he is a better all around back, that I would agree
CasualD91:: Booker is a change of pace scat back, no MORE, no LESS

jacksonsf:: Garry, are you bummed to see Henry Bibby go?
GarryP:: not at all
TROJANTD:: Tim Floyd is a great pick up
toner 1:: Our BB team is not good but I'm glad Bibby is no longer a part of it Top Stories