USC championship ceremony recap

A recap of the event and selection of photos from the USC national championship ceremony held on campus Friday, January 21st.

USC national championship photo gallery (courtesy MDdave)

USC national championship photo gallery #2 (courtesy AltadenaTrojan64)

3:32 PM – Notice a sign that says:

Last Year…
We Were Left Out
This Year…
We Left No Doubt
Next Year…
"3 – Pete"

3:36 PM – Mike Garrett takes stage and sits between Marcus Allen and President Steven B. Sample.

3:46 PM – Band plays the Fight Song. Players begin march through the large crowd that has gathered around Tommy Trojan.

3:48 PM – Players begin taking the stage; walk-on running back Andre Woodert is the first on. There are several recruits walking among the players including Mark Sanchez, Desean Jackson and Cary Harris.

3:50 PM – Eric Wright and LenDale White are driven to the stage in a cart (the Thundering Herd one); both come out on crutches, fresh off surgery.

3:52 – Marcus Allen, the master of ceremonies, approaches the microphone "Let's make some noise out there and hear it for the baddest boys in the land". Marcus went on to tell the story about how he watching the Orange Bowl with friends and, even after USC went down 7-0, he said the Trojans were going to whip their "you-know-whats". Marcus said "I pulled out my letterman's jacket and put it in front of the TV, I pulled out my Heisman trophy and put it in front of the TV, my national championship ring, my Rose Bowl rings, my #33 jersey, my USC hat. The next thing I know it's 21-7 and I'm getting a call from Ronnie Lott. I can barely hear him but basically what he was saying was "We're kicking their you-know-whats". Marcus ended his remarks by saying "This team left no doubt."

3:55 PM – Steven Sample – "Well is it great to be a Trojan or what?" "The entire Trojan community owes you one big debt of gratitude. It's a joy and a privilege to have someone with his (Pete Carroll) skill and enthusiasm running the program. This is the best staff in the nation".

4:07PM Marcus Allen – "There is definitely an East Coast bias but those attitudes have changed and we're just going to enjoy this right now"

4:10 PM – Bernard Parks, former Chief of Police – "We feel this is the greatest University in America. Let them (UCLA) know the #1 school just accomplished another feat." "I remember climbing the fence as a kid to get into the Coliseum for free" "I've had a lot of titles but the greatest one of all is USC graduate Class of 76"

4:14 PM – A student is identified as having gotten to the roof of Commons to get a better view. DPS officers and police officers are seen notifying one another of the situation.

4:16 PM – The student is taken away from the top of the roof.

4:20 PM Plaques are passed out to the Trojan All Pac-10 performers. Several players are not in attendance as they are preparing for the Senior Bowl (Groots, Cody, Patterson).

4:30 PM Matt Leinart is presented with his Heisman trophy – "I could not have won the award without them (his teammates)."

4:37 PM Leinart, Carroll, Desmond Reed, LenDale White and other players throw oranges from the Orange Bowl trophies into the crowd.

4:43 PM The rep from ADT, the sponsor of the BCS crystal ball trophy, comes to the mic and says "I bet it's quiet in Westwood tonight"

4:48 PM Marcus gets ready to introduce Pete Carroll and he tells the story about how Ronnie Lott had been reported to be pushing the 49'ers to hire Pete. Marcus said that was absolutely false, that Ronnie would never do anything to hurt USC, and that Ronnie and Marcus would dig into their own pockets if they had to in order to pay to keep Pete at USC.

4:50 PM Carroll addresses to the crowd and receives a large round of cheers. "I don't know how we will thank you for the support you've shown us" "When we came here four years ago we set out to build a program a certain way. We wanted to do it in a way that nobody has ever done before and to do it with a certain style. This shows that you can get what you want if you dream and work hard enough". Carroll also told the story of halftime at the Orange Bowl when the referees mistakenly had the Trojans ready to come out of the locker room only to find that they had to wait for the Oklahoma Sooners to pass by. With the locker room doors open the USC players began the chant "We ready, we ready, we ready, for ya'll".

4:55 PM The ceremony ended with Fred Matua leading the drum beat, with a drum borrowed from a member of the Trojan Marching Band, and Desmond Reed chanting into the microphone "The champ is here, the champ is here" Top Stories