Sanchez talks recruiting visit

Mark Sanchez took his official visit to USC this weekend after a whirlwind tour in recent weeks that saw him compete in the CaliFlorida Bowl, the Army All-Star game and being named the Parade magazine national Player of the Year. We talked with Mark to get his thoughts on the trip.

Talk about the highlights of the trip

MS: "We started off with the national championship ceremony on Friday and that was awesome. We sat in on the pre-ceremony meeting and then got to walk up on stage with the team. We got to meet with all the coaches, I met the new DL coach, and it was great to see all those people there. After that I had to take off that night though for a basketball game, which our team won."

How was the Papadakis Taverna last night?

MS: "Oh, that was so much fun. It was an awesome experience as usual. They had the belly dancers and Luthur Brown ended up kissing John Papadakis on the mouth, it was hilarious.

You've gained quite a reputation so far as a good recruiter."

MS: "I just think about all the stuff that I like and I try to pass it along to the other guys, especially the guys from out of state. I just talked to Jason Gwaltney and he said he got like two feet of snow, I told him I was in a t-shirt and flip-flops and I was hanging out with four girls in skirts. I was kind of joking with him but he understands. The girls aren't wearing a lot of skirts when there is two feet of snow. In most cases guys like Jason and Brian Cushing just want to know what's going on and I give them my thoughts."

You were also working hard on Patrick Turner, congratulations on that verbal.

MS: "I just talked to Patrick too, he's solid baby. That commit is solid. He's checking the dates on his spring break because if his dates match up with SC spring ball he's going to fly out here and stay with me. We were also talking about him coming out for the summer workouts, I know Gwaltney and Cushing are talking about doing that too."

You seem to have built some pretty good relationships already.

MS: "The thing is these are great people too. That's one thing about SC right now, they are to the point where they can take whoever they want and that's another selling point. The guys they are looking at can play football but they also have tremendous character."

What about some of the local guys like Luthur Brown?

MS: "I think Luthur really liked Arizona. He was talking a lot about being part of a program he can help turn around. He wants to create something great instead of walking into a program that already is great. We're still recruiting him hard though."

Talk about your interaction this weekend with the coaches.

MS: "I went over a lot of offensive stuff with Coach Chow. They were telling all the recruits over and over that they have a chance to come in and compete. That's just so exciting for a player to hear. This staff just has a way of getting everybody so fired up. It's a first class operation. I can't wait to get there." Top Stories