Myers says he will be a Trojan

The USC Trojans recruiting class of 2005 added another commitment today when Compton College offensive lineman Kevin Myers announced that he "it's a done deal" for him to attend USC next fall. Click below for the story.

"Let me give you a little history about me and USC. As a sophomore I first went up to the school and I saw Coach Orgeron running laps around the field. I asked him "Are you a player?" and he said "No, I'm a coach. Are you a player?". I told him I was in the 10th grade and he said "come with me, son" and he took me up into the coaches office to meet all the coaches. That was the first I knew that guys could get to college just by playing football, I didn't know anything about that. I started hanging out at USC all the time, watching practices, hanging out with the defensive linemen all the time, I used to watch films with Kenechi Udeze until like 10:30 at night. My senior year though I didn't get the SAT score I wanted so I couldn't go to SC, I ended up signing with San Jose State but then I figured I wanted to go to a bigger school to get a better chance to get to the NFL so I went to Compton College instead and hoped that I could transfer to a big-time school.

My first year at Compton people didn't even really know I was there because they thought I was at San Jose State, it wasn't really until this fall that big schools started coming around and I started getting a lot of scholie offers. The USC coaches started calling, they said they were watching some film where I lined up at fullback, they knew I wanted to be a Trojan so we just kept on talking. I've got a lot of history with these coaches.

My commitment to them has really been official since a week ago Friday when I set up my visit. I really love SC. Man, I just want to play there and be a part of that tradition.

Right now they are talking to me about coming in and playing left guard. I'm at 379 pounds and they want me at 330 by the time fall camp rolls around. Tim Davis said if I'm not at 330 then I'm going to be watching them win a national title from the sidelines.

There aren't any similarities between me and John Drake other than our weight and the fact that we're both from the same area. We've talk a lot about it and we know people are going to compare us. He's done it at the college level and I haven't yet but some people who saw us both at this stage of our careers say I have it over him. I'm not trying to talk bad about him though, he's a great player.

I just want to be part of a winning team. I don't care if I'm the guy on the sidelines wiping people down with a towel. I love to be coached and I love to help my teammates in whatever way I can. In high school at Manual Arts we won one game my senior year and I cried after every game. At Compton we won three games my first year and five games last year. Even if I can't play I just want to help the team and be a part of a winner.

My host on the visit this weekend was Chilo Rachal but I also got a chance to spend a lot of time with LenDale White and Reggie Bush. When we went to the national championship ceremony, oh my god, I was enjoying myself so much. I thought, this is what I'm going to be a part of?

My last day of school is June 16th and I should be fine academically at that point but I can always take summer school classes if I need to. No person or class is going to stop me from coming to USC, death or injury is the only thing that can stop me. I can't wait to get started with Coach Carlisle's program so that I can meet the demands he sets for me. I want to be at that 330 weight by the time camp rolls around."

Myers will take a final recruiting visit to Oregon this weekend "I promised myself at the beginning of the process that I would take all five of my visits and this is the last one" before making his commitment to the Trojans on signing day. Top Stories