Pat Watkins interview

Highly touted safety prospect Pat Watkins, 6'4, 190 lbs, of Tallahassee Lincoln (Fla) talks about his official visit to USC this past weekend.

Wearesc- How was the trip to USC this past weekend?

Watkins- "It was pretty fun. We went to Keyshawn Johnson's restaurant. It was fun. I met Keyshawn Johnson. He's pretty cool. Also, you know, we went out, hung out with the team, got to know the players. On Saturday, we went out to a restaurant…Papadakis'. Yeah, that was funny."

Wearesc- Did you commit?

Watkins- "No Sir."

Wearesc- Did you get a chance to visit the Coliseum?

Watkins- "Yeah, it was great. It was at night and they showed our names on the screen and everything."

Wearesc- How was the basketball game on Saturday?

Watkins- "That was fun too. I didn't know their basketball team was that good."

Wearesc- Who was your host?

Watkins- "Alex, the tight end. Yeah, he was cool."

Wearesc- Did you get a chance to talk to the coaches?

Watkins- "Yes. Mostly Kiffin and Coach Carroll. And, I talked to the D.B. coach a little bit. They were pretty fun dudes. They were energetic."

Wearesc- Did they talk to you about where you will fit in on the defense?

Watkins- "Yes. They said ‘We're not going to guarantee you the starting job', you know. They said they're going to give me a shot at it."

Wearesc- Was there anything else that stood out on the trip?

Watkins- "I like their physical therapy program. I love how they work with athletes to improve their speed and everything. How the research center is right there on campus. I like everything about that, you know, because I want to go into physical therapy. I thought that was pretty neat how they do that because I didn't know how athletes come to USC and train."

Wearesc- Did your parents enjoy the trip?

Watkins- "Oh, they loved it."

Wearesc- Is distance from home, and the fact that USC is farther away from home than the other schools you are looking at, a factor in your decision?

Watkins- "No. For me, no. The distance…I could spend four years out there. I'm not really looking at it like it's forever. Yeah, I could spend a couple years out there."

Wearesc- Is the distance from home a factor for your parents?

Watkins- "I'm not even sure."

Wearesc- What other schools are you looking at right now?

Watkins- "Florida State and that's about it because I haven't visited Georgia yet. I'm not going to think about Georgia until I see what they have to offer and everything."

Wearesc- So you are visiting Georgia this upcoming weekend?

Watkins- "Yes."

Wearesc- Do you have a leader out of the three schools you are considering?

Watkins- "No, not really."

Wearesc- Any in-home visits coming up?

Watkins- "I think Florida State and USC are coming up."

Wearesc- Any idea of when you might make your decision?

Watkins- "I'm going to try and make my decision by February 6th."









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