Sanchez talks about USC on LOI day

Incoming Trojan quarterback Mark Sanchez appeared as a guest on the Petros Papadakis radio show today on Letter of Intent day to discuss his future with the USC program. Click below for a transcript of that interview:

Petros- He's got a lot of polish and a lot of charm. The winning style, the boyish charm, rated the #1 QB in the nation. Mark, welcome to the situation, are you nervous about being on the show?

Mark Sanchez - "I'm not too nervous, I'm just excited to be a Trojan."

When asked about when he decided and why he did it so early:

"Last May. I decided so early because I knew I wanted to focus on finishing up my senior year, and not have to worry about all the trips and letters and extra stuff. We [my family and myself] had all the information we needed, and we took unofficial visits to Texas, Ohio State, and Notre Dame, and went down the list of priorities, and #1 being academics of course, chances to win championships, coaching staff; we ranked each school, and USC was #1 and #2 on every list. I think we could get the best decision without all the bells and whistles. We're just happy to get started."

When asked how he thinks he will do:

"It's hard not to imagine yourself doing well, but I'm just going to work hard when I get there and figure out life as a freshman and hopefully do well when I get there."

Regarding attention he's received and how's stayed so poised and modest:

"With the technology today, it's hard not to be noticed, but I think my brothers have kept me pretty grounded. As soon as I get home though, it's take out the trash and stuff, so it keeps me pretty grounded. I think it's [the polish] from the entire family here. They've taught me what it's like to be in the spotlight, so you've got to be able to multi task with academics and everything that's going on. I've looked up to coach Johnson, my mom and my dad, and they've taught me well."

When asked about offensive coordinator Norm Chow:

"We've talked a little bit when I was on the official visit; we had a great meeting. It was awesome to do, because Coach Chow is so knowledgeable. I can't wait to get started to learn as much as I can. He comes across w/ the media as maybe reserved or laid back, but I think when he's in the meeting and on the field, he's a perfectionist and someone you want to be around. You want to be in his huddle, and I can't wait to make the transition here."

When asked in what capacity he knows Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart:

"I know Carson fairly well. I was the ball boy at Santa Margarita (Here, Petros interjects with a comment saying that Mark is doing much better in this interview than Carson did at this time in his career; Sanchez gives a brief laugh); With Matt Leinart, seeing him progress through his career here, I definitely have some big shoes to fill. I'm going to do my best; there' ll be some ups and downs, but hopefully I will do well."

When asked about Leinart coming back:

"It's the best for me. I have the chance to learn from a potentially two-time Heisman Trophy winner and national champion; and compete like heck when I get there."

When asked if he ever thinks about the depth chart:

"I'm just waiting to get into camp. I'm excited to get there. I know there'll be stiff competition, but I think it'll bring out the best of me."

When asked about the number he will be wearing:

"I'm #6; I left Matt Grootegoed a message when he was at the senior bowl, and I hope it'll be alright, because we're Orange County guys, so I hope he'll pass it on to me."

When asked about what goals he may have coming to USC:

" They're not quite set in stone yet; I'd like to get there and feel things out a bit. I want to just compete and get academics underway and start off strong there and have everything in focus. I just want to compete, and if the job is open, I'll compete for the chance to start. Competition is what I'm all about."

When asked if Sanchez's remarks about Petros' show being his favorite early in the season was to simply get Petros to talk about him more on TV:

"I was serious. I like the charisma, I like your fire on TV and the radio, and I think a lot of the listeners enjoy that too." When asked if he liked Petros or his father more:

(Hesitates) Oh man…is he listening? (Laughs) It's a photo finish Petros. (Laughs) Thank you so much for letting me be on the show; it was an honor. Top Stories