Signing Day conversations

WeAreSC caught up with four Trojan commits to get their thoughts on signing day and what lies ahead for them at USC. Click below for more.

CB Kevin Thomas

How does it feel to be a Trojan?

"I feel great…I feel really honored. I feel like now I have to carry myself a little different now that I'm a Trojan. You have to let people know you're a good person inside."

How about your family? How do they feel?

"They're very happy for me."

Did you have a party or ceremony for your announcement today?

"No, everybody's known that I'm going to USC for awhile now, so I didn't really need too much of that. It was a pretty regular day for me; I had brunch at Thousand Oaks, then school and track practice afterwards, but pretty much it's been a regular day."

What are your goals coming in to the program?

"My first year, I want to try not to party so much and focus on the school, because you have to stay on top of school. At first, you don't know how to manage your time well, so I want to make sure I don't party too much and get school taken care of."

How important was early playing time to you?

"It was a big thing, growing up, I hear [about] a lot of true freshmen playing, and it's the perfect situation, and they only have three guys returning, and you need four DBs just for a nickel set. I enjoyed the coaches and the players, and I have a chance to play early."

Did you know Will Harris before the recruiting trip? It seems like you two kind of became a package deal…

"I never met him before the trip, but a couple of days before, we were talking after one of the practices, and I told him that I felt in the back of my mind that I wanted to go to USC and he said the same thing. We became friends and we both felt in our hearts that this is where we wanted to go. So as it turns out at the restaurant, it was time, so we announced together. Both of us want the best athletes to come to the school and win championships."

S Will Harris

So what's going on in your mind today? How do you feel?

"It feels great. I'm excited; I can't wait. I'm happy."

How does your family feel?

"They've been excited ever since I committed; they started crying when I signed the papers and sent them over. I'm just happy to be recruited, and I want to thank god for me getting recruited and for my abilities."

Did you have a ceremony or party for your announcement today?

"The paper came over and took some pictures, but that was about it."

What did you like best about the USC program?

"Education, the way they compete. I'm a competitor, and I love competing. Also, they're [the team] a family up there, and I really liked that."

Is there anything you would like to say to all the rabid Trojan fans out there?

"Fight On!"

DE Averell Spicer

So how do you feel right now to be a Trojan?

"I'm very proud; I think I made a good decision. I'm glad the day is finally here and it's finally official."

What do you like most about the program?

"I just felt comfortable. I knew everybody was going to come and they did. I'm excited about the recruits we have in this incoming class."

I know you said you liked Coach O a lot, what did you think when he left, and how much of an influence did that have on your decision?

"At first it kinda affected me, but then I started realizing I didn't choose just because of coach O, and that I picked the school, so I was alright with it."

Have you met the new defensive line coach yet?

"Yes I have. I only met him once though, but he seems cool and he knows what he's doing."

Did you have a ceremony or party for today?

"We had a little meeting in one of the meeting rooms; six guys from my school were going for scholarships. Four of them were for Division I schools, so yeah, we had a small conference thing."

How does your family feel?

"They're very positive and happy for me."

WR Patrick Turner

How does it feel to be a Trojan?

"It feels good. I'm just ready to play now. I'm anxious."

Did you have a ceremony or party for today?

"We just had everybody in the school come down to the gym for a little something. A lot of family came up, and we're going out this weekend to go eat and stuff."

How does your family feel about you going out of state?

"Most of my family feels it's good for me to be going to USC. They know that it's a sacrifice I have to make. Being far away [from home] is part of the game. They know what I have to do to go where I want to go."

How much of an influence did Mark Sanchez have on you?

"He was a big influence, knowing you have a good quarterback, especially another potential Heisman Trophy winner throwing to you."

What was the pressure like for you to stay at home and go to Tennessee?

"There was huge pressure; people coming up to you everyday telling you to go to U T. Coaches come to your school almost everyday; they hound you almost every day calling you up. They even call your relatives to have them try to convince you. It's crazy."

What can we expect from you this season?

"Mainly I want to come in and have a chance to compete for a starting job. Play hard, work hard, stay focused and get done and move on from there and to the next level. Being with a coach like Pete Carroll and his system, that's a big help in boosting my stock." Top Stories