Is there no Justice in recruiting?

For Trojan fans lately it seems as if there has been little justice in recruiting and that doesn't just mean offensive lineman Winston Justice from Long Beach Poly. It also refers to the "soft" commits from his teammates Hershel Dennis and Darnell Bing, as well as the last minute nail biting that is going on with guys such as Lorenzo Booker, Fred Matua and Pat Watkins.

We all know that recruiting has its usual ups and downs but this year has seemed to offer a little more in terms of keeping us in suspense and the undisputed leader in the art of bedazzlement has got to be Justice. The talented future tackle is worth every bit of worry he is causing fans on both sides because his potential is through the roof but he has changed his thought process so often that even the most veteran recruiting fans are shaking their heads in amazement. At this point it is a good news/bad news proposition for the Trojans because we remain the only school he has verbally committed to and he has done that multiple times but he also has publically stated this week that he no longer considers himself a commit so the roller coaster ride continues with an answer expected early next week.

Dennis is now saying that he is also considering Oregon and will even trip to UCLA this weekend after giving a verbal commitment to Pete Carroll just two weeks ago. Hershel remains a top priority and said he got the "special feeling" on the USC visit that he was hoping to get so that is certainly a positive sign for the Trojans and he is expected to announce his final choice as early as Sunday evening. Bing has yet to make it official in public although he has come as close as you can without actually confirming that it's a done deal and the feeling is that he will be a Trojan.

The Trojans have an in home visit today with Lorenzo Booker and Pete Carroll will look to build on the momentum that was built during the exciting on campus trip last weekend. Booker has gone through this recruiting process as a young man who showed his genuine excitement about the opportunity to be wined and dined by some of the finest universities and football coaches in the nation but now comes the time when he must put all that emotion behind and make a choice. Fortunately for Trojan fans there are a lot of factors pointing him in the direction of USC from family to friends to education and life after football so there is no doubt we will be a player in this final decision.

Matua has long been considered a lean to the Trojans although his continued interest in out of state schools such as Notre Dame and Oklahoma have made some fans a little nervous but at this point it's still a likely bet that when all is said and done we will see Fred at USC. For the same reasons that the home school usually wins out in a late decision by most recruits it is just as likely that Pat Watkins will end up at Florida State or Georgia but he showed genuine interest on his visit and you never know what might happen.

For Pete Carroll and the coaches it is these remaining players who are the key to rounding out this recruiting class to give them the type of athletes they are looking for and this next week will go a long way toward impacting the future success of this program. There are a lot of different scenarios that can play out for the Trojans in the next week and in most cases it looks like things will turn out all right but until we get the actual signatures on the dotted line it will be a nerve racking experience. Top Stories