Marcus Smith to decide between Trojans and U of A

He committed to USC yesterday and that is the school he's always wanted to go to but as of this morning he seems more confused than ever. The Arizona coaches talked to him on the phone last night for over an hour and they are really hurting at DE next year and the hardest part for him is that he has been their #1 priority all year while USC has only recently come on and he is wondering how genuine their interest is. Whoever gets this kid is getting an unbelievable athlete and an even better kid as he is a 6'6", 220 athlete who is a football/basketball player and he is a really good basketball player. He's got a big game tonight so he's trying to stay focused on that so things are just really crazy with what's going on in recruiting. The schools see a player who is going to grow into a 260 or 270 pound frame on a tall, angular body and what coach wouldn't want a guy like that? He also has a 3.4 GPA and close to an 1,100 SAT so you're getting a good kid. Top Stories