Mike Ross update

Mike Ross, 6'0, 200 lbs, of St. Petersburg Catholic (Fla), is a speedy safety/outside linebacker prospect that Pete Carroll would love to add to his defense. There have been rumors that the Florida stand out might have reached a decision regarding his future college. Is that true?

Wearesc- Have you reached a decision yet?

Ross- "Tomorrow my decision will finally be out everywhere. Right now, my family and I don't really want to put it out even though it has kind of gotten out, but I feel confident with my decision. It's going to put me in a place where I'm going to be able to succeed with a core of great young players because the recruiting class is going to be great. I'm just excited and can't wait until I get there and start my collegiate career so I can help my teammates and coaching staff win a national championship."

Wearesc- What are the schools that are in the running?

Ross- "Boston College, South Florida, Purdue, and USC."

Wearesc- Have you told the coaches from the school you are announcing for tomorrow yet?

Ross- "Oh, yeah."

Wearesc- Who was the coach that recruited you from USC and what did you think of him?

Ross- "Coach Kiffin was the coach who recruited me from Southern Cal. When I came up on my visit, he made sure I interacted with the rest of the prospects and with the coaching staff. Coach Kiffin has been a very good recruiter. I feel comfortable with Coach Kiffin. You can tell he's still a young coach but he's only going to get better with time. He's been very, very good with me."

Wearesc- Is USC recruiting you as a linebacker?

Ross- "Southern Cal's recruiting me as more of a strong safety really. I mean, it all depends on the amount of weight I can put on. If I can put on enough weight, I can play linebacker easily, but it's more of a strong safety position that I believe I'm being recruited at."

Wearesc- Have you had a chance to talk to Coach Carroll?

Ross- "Yeah, I've talked to Coach Carroll on a number of occasions, numerous times. I can tell he is a player's coach but at the same time, he's a guy who has a lot of discipline and he wants his players to follow a certain form to his team. Coach Carroll is a great defensive coach. That's one of the reasons why I'm considering USC. He's somebody that, I believe, his players will rally behind and focus on doing the task at hand, and that's going all the way. Not only in the Pac Ten, but in the entire nation."

Wearesc- Do you have any idea what you might want to major in?

Ross- "There's about three things I may major in. I'm thinking about Communications. You know, like on television or something because that's something I like to do. I like talking to people. I like interacting with different people. Journalism is also something I'm looking at because I enjoy writing, and even Sports Medicine, that's something I may look into."

Wearesc- Now that you've made your decision, are you looking forward to tomorrow when it becomes public and the whole process is over?

Ross- "Yes Sir. The entire process was exciting for me. Sometimes it got kind of grueling with all the different coaches that will call you in one night, but now that I have my school, now that I made a comfortable decision, and now that I'm ready to become a part of the team, I feel great and I can't wait."

Wearesc- Did your teammate, Chris Davis, announce his decision today?

Ross- "Both of us decided to announce tomorrow on signing day. He's made up his mind about his school. Me and Chris have been best friends for a long time. We tell each other everything, so we both decided to wait until signing day to announce our decisions to the public."

Wearesc- What time is the press conference?

Ross- "Our press conference is at 9 o'clock (AM Eastern) tomorrow."

Wearesc- What kind of numbers did you put up this year?

Ross- "This year, I actually had the least amount of tackles that I've ever had in High School. I had 114 tackles, 12 sacks, 5 blocked kicks, about 5 forced fumbles, one that was returned 30 yards for a touchdown, and I had 1 interception."

Wearesc- What position did you play this year on defense?

Ross- "I was playing mostly outside linebacker."










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