Q&A with Josh Pinkard

Trojan sophomore safety Josh Pinkard sits down with WeAreSC for a question and answer session.

What is your favorite thing to do on the field?
Just make plays.

What is your favorite thing to do off the field?
Focus on what I have to do to stay on the field. Keep mentally prepared.

What one word best describes your personality?

What is your favorite memory so far at USC?
Recovering the fumble in the Orange Bowl.

What is your favorite movie?
Friday After Next

If you could play a different position for one day, which would it be?
No other position. I'm a safety.

What has been your favorite class so far at USC?

If all the safeties were on American Idol, who would be sent home first and why?
(Laughs) Oh man. No comment on that one.

If you don't end up in the NFL, what would you like to do?

Own my own business. I'd like to be an architect.

Who do you credit the most for getting you to where you are today?
My uncle. He got me started with sports.

Xbox or Playstation 2?
Playstation 2

Stuff the run or knock down a pass?
Stuff the run

Cardinal or gold?

Alumni or student section?
(Laughs and pauses) Student section

UCLA or Notre Dame?
Notre Dame

Interception or a big hit to cause a fumble?

What is your individual goal for this year?
To step up and get on the field. Then I want to contribute to the team any way I can.

What three words best describe your game?
Mental. Skilled. Fast.

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