Spring Ball Day 5

It was a day for the offense on Thursday, particularly with the passing game, as John David Booty and his arsenal of weapons combined for several big highlight type plays during the practice which was as spirited as we have seen this spring.

It was a day for the offense on Thursday, particularly with the passing game, as John David Booty and his arsenal of weapons combined for several big highlight type plays during the practice which was as spirited as we have seen this spring.

To be fair, the defensive secondary is missing some key players and overall the defense did have their share of plays toward the end of the practice, but for the most part it was a day that belonged to Booty, Reggie Bush, Dwayne Jarrett, Fred Davis and the rest of the offense.

John David continued his solid spring performance by taking the vast majority of snaps for the second day in a row (Rocky Hinds did not take part in throwing drills today). It didn't matter if it was a mid-range throw or a deep throw, John David made it look easy with his calm presence and beautifully thrown passes. During team drills he had touchdowns to Bush and Jarrett.

Reggie had one of the top plays of the day when he caught a Booty pass that was low to the ground and he simply ran away from Ryan Ting for a long touchdown. On the play before that Ryan had given Reggie a good pop after a screen pass but Reggie came right back and let Mr Ting know that he wasn't fazed by the hit. Once Reggie gets in the open field and hits that second gear that only he has it is a joy to watch. Reggie also had another score in an earlier drill when he was matched up against Keith Rivers and Bush just took the pass down the seam and races for the end zone. Reggie also got in some work on punt returns, at one point he was back by himself against the whole punt coverage team and one observer remarked that Reggie by himself against 11 defenders was almost a fair match.

Jarrett provided the highlight play of the day, and perhaps the most impressive play we've seen so far this spring, with a one handed grab deep down the middle where he simply stuck his left paw in the air and came down with the ball. Dwayne looks so much more confident this spring, as if there is nothing on the field that he can't do. He also caught a deep touchdown pass from Booty.

Davis made multiple nice plays today including one where he caught a short pass and turned to head upfield where he was met by Ryan Ting who gave him a solid shot and popped the ball loose. Fred calmly brought the ball back in and fought for an extra yard or two before being gang tackled by the defense. It was the type of physical effort which showcases the new Fred Davis we are seeing this spring. Fred also got big cheers from his teammates when he caught a pass on the run up the middle and ran hard through a group of three defenders to pick up about five more yards. One question that many people have about Fred right now is his ability to block but he put a great hit on a defender which allowed Jody Adewale to turn upfield after a screen pass.

Some other top offensive performances were as follows:

* After the catch by Adewale which was mentioned above, Jody delivered a blow to Ryan Ting who was trying to tackle him.

* Will Buchanon had several nice catches including a deep ball to open up the team situation drills at the end of the day. Will also used his hands to go up high to grab a pair of balls along the sideline.

* Chris McFoy made a pretty one handed grab from Booty and then followed that up a few plays later by using his hands to pull down a high thrown ball from Mike McDonald.

* Desmond Reed put a spin move on in the open field which caused Keith Rivers to grab nothing but air. Desmond also had a touchdown run in an early run drill on Brian Kennedy Field.

On the defensive side of the ball there were some standout plays:

* Kevin Ellison stopped a run play at the end of the run drill on Kennedy Field which brought a lot of support from his teammates and coaches. Kevin also had a solid tackle in the open field on Reed after a long run.

* Rivers batted down two Booty pass attempts in a row on blitzes.

* Lawrence Jackson also added two sacks and Sedrick Ellis had a sack as well.

There were four players who missed practice on Tuesday for various reasons (Whitney Lewis, Ryan Powdrell, Sedrick Ellis and Jeff Schweiger) and all four returned for practice today.

The kickoff coverage team got some work and here were the coverage teams:

* Reed, Ware, Ashton, Powdrell, Lua, Williams, Danelo, Pinkard, B. Ting, R. Ting, Washington

* Barrett, Sartz, Adewale, Rivers, Goodrum, Ellison, Buchanon, McFoy, Gomez, Danelo, #30 (walk-on)

Among the guests in attendance today were Mark Sanchez, Brian Cushing, Luthur Brown, Troy Van Blarcom, Matt Cassel, David Newbury and Mike MacGillivray. One potential recruit watching the action was OL Michael Justice from Pasadena City College. Michael is originally from the state of Washington but he is looking to enroll at a school for the fall semester.

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