Spring Ball Day 7 - Scrimmage recap

The Trojans held their first extended scrimmage of the spring today on a beautiful Sunday morning in front of a large crowd of spectators and Junior Day recruits. The USC offense started strong with two straight scoring drives but, as usual, the Pete Carroll defense stiffened as the day went along. Click below for a recap.

The Trojans held their first extended scrimmage of the spring today on a beautiful Sunday morning in front of a large crowd of spectators and Junior Day recruits. The USC offense started strong with two straight scoring drives but, as usual, the Pete Carroll defense stiffened as the day went along.

Starting line-ups

1st Offense
QB Booty, RB Bush, FB Kirtman, WR Smith, WR Jarrett, TE Thompson, LT Baker, LG Radovich, C Kalil, RG Matua, RT Justice

2nd Offense
QB Hinds, RB Reed, FB Adewale, WR McFoy, WR Buchanon, TE Miller, LT K Williams, LG Malu, C Spanos, RG Rachal, RT Lutui

1st Defense
DE Jackson, DT Ramsey, NG Ellis, DE Schweiger, OLB Rivers, MLB Lua, OLB Sartz, CB Thomas, CB Gomez (walk-on), S Ware, S Pinkard

2nd Defense
DE Tofi, DT Moala, NG Draper, DE Goodrum, OLB Ashton, MLB Powdrell, OLB T Williams, CB Abbott (walk-on), CB Williams (walk-on), S Ellison, S B. Ting

The first unit offense came on the field for the opening drive against the first unit defense and marched straight for the end zone. Reggie Bush got things started with a ten yard run. Booty hit Thompson along the right sideline and he got upfield thanks to a good block from Fred Davis (27 yards on the play). Sed Ellis had a sack. Booty completed a pass to Davis for six yards. Booty rolled to his left and hit Smith on the run for 14 yards before a tackle by Brandon Ting. Booty then hit Jarrett for 15 yards before a tackle by Ware. Bush took a handoff but was met immediately by Thomas Williams for a one yard loss. Chauncey Washington took a handoff and went up the middle where he ran right into the back of Kalil, Chauncey then bounced outside to the right and ran over Mark Gomez at the goal line for a five yard touchdown. Mario Danelo made the extra point with a good hold by Tom Malone.

Hinds brought the 2nd offense out and they proceeded to put together a similarly effective drive. Des Reed had the first carry and he went for a short gain. Hinds rolled out and hit McFoy for 18 yards before a tackle by Thomas Williams. Williams followed that up with a sack on the next play. Hinds threw a quick hitch to McFoy who got a short gain with a tackle by Williams. One of the best plays of the day was turned in next by Will Buchanon after Rocky rolled out and had trouble finding a receiver, he lobbed it up toward Will down the sidelines about 35 yards downfield and Buchanon made an acrobatic grab. Reed shook a tackle attempt from Abbott in the backfield and picked up two yards before Powdrell made the stop. Rocky then dumped a short pass to Reed but Draper hustled down from his DL position and held the play to a six yard gain. Rocky then hit Buchanon on a well thrown post pattern for a 22 yard score. The extra point was good.

The third unit teams got some action. Mike McDonald hit Jimmy Miller along the sidelines and Miller went rumbling for a good pick-up. Michael Stuart tackled Michael Coleman for a two yard loss. McDonald hit Whitney Lewis with a short completion and then he followed that up with a completion to John Zilka for a first down. Stuart beat Thomas Herring for a sack. Lua and Rivers combined to hold Coleman to no gain on a run off LG. Another incomplete pass and the ball was turned over.

Reed tried to take a handoff behind Winston Justice but Rivers read the play well and held it to no gain. Booty hit Jarrett along the sidelines but Terrell Thomas drove him out of bounds after four yards. Booty hit Davis but Kevin Ellison stopped him just short of a first down.

Hinds dropped back and had nowhere to throw, Travis Tofi finally closed in for the coverage sack. Reed got a nice block from Lewis to help him gain six yards. Tofi beat Lutui for a sack.

The punt team got some work. Scott Ware blocked a punt. Thomas and B Ting were the gunners.

The team left the field for halftime.

Booty brought the first offense back on the field for the start of the second half and on his first throw he missed McFoy deep. John David then threw a short pass to Bush who reversed his field and was held to a short gain. Washington went on a sweep and picked up seven yards.

Hinds threw to Miller who made a real nice catch and picked up 18 yards before being tackled by Abbott. Coleman had a short run before Tofi and Ashton combined for the stop. One of the highlight hits of the day came on a Coleman run up the middle where nobody blocked Lua and Oscar laid a solid hit on the freshman running back at the line of scrimmage. Hinds dumped a pass to Reed who ran for eight yards before a good open field tackle by Ashton. Washington went up the middle for two yards before Draper grabbed him around the ankles and held on until Lua came in to finish him off.

Booty hit Buchanon with a quick out and Gomez was there quickly to make the tackle. Coleman weaved his way for six yards with Jackson making the stop. Booty dropped back to pass and there must have been some miscommunication because the only player near the deep thrown ball was Ware who came down with the interception.

Ashton stuffed a Coleman run at the line. A Hinds pass to Hancock went for a short gain before a tackle by Powdrell. Draper tackled Coleman behind the line of scrimmage for a loss. A Hinds pass attempt to Jarrett fell incomplete.

Washington had a nine yard run that was helped by a Lutui block on Sartz. Chauncey had a three yard run. Booty completed a quick toss to Smith but Ware held the play to five yards with a solid tackle. Booty hit Jarrett on a crossing route with Pinkard making the open field tackle for an eight yard gain. Booty had to throw quickly due to pressure by Ellis up the middle and Smith caught the pass for a short gain. The other highlight hit of the day, in addition to the earlier hit by Lua, came on a run play by Reed who put a shake move on Gomez but then was met by a tremendous lick from Ware. Ellis had a sack on the next play to force a 39 yard field goal attempt but Terrell Thomas blocked the kick coming off the end.

Hinds rolled to his left and hit Thompson for 12 yards before a solid tackle by Thomas Williams. Reed eluded Goodrum at the line and picked up seven yards. Hinds hit McFoy with a rope pass to put the ball at the ten yard line and then he came right back to Chris for a touchdown throw.

Booty hit Jarrett for six yards before a tackle by B Ting. Ramsey stopped a Reed run for no gain and then Jackson had a sack.

The Trojans then got some work on their overtime period execution with the ball placed on the 25 yard line. Hinds came out first and threw right away to Grieg Carlson for 11 yards with a tackle by Abbott. A short run was followed by a pass to McFoy for five more yards. Hinds then tried a dump pass to Reed but he was gang-tackled by the defense. Walk-on Phil Mellinger made the 25 yard field goal.

Booty rolled right and hit Nick Vanderboom dragging across the field inside the five yard line where he was stopped by Ware. A Chauncey run was held to no gain by Rivers. Booty threw a ball away thanks to good coverage. John David then tried to hit Thompson who juggled the ball and couldn't pull it in after being hit by several defenders. Danelo made the field goal.

In the second overtime period Hinds missed Kirtman with a pass on the opening play. He then threw a low ball to Kirtman who made the catch but was stopped by Williams after four yards. Abbott had a sack to force a 44 yard field goal attempt by Mellinger which was no good.

Booty threw the ball high to Jarrett who stretched out his arms and made the catch for an eight yard gain. Chauncey had a hard run off LT but holding was called. Booty threw a bubble screen to Smith but Thomas read it well to hold it to five yards. Booty hit Davis for three yards to set up a 38 yard field goal attempt by Danelo which was good.

Scrimmage stats

Rocky Hinds - 14-of-17 passes for 159 yards
John David Booty 16-of-21 for 132 yards with an interception.
Chris McFoy - 5 passes for 46 yards
Dwayne Jarrett - 5 catches for 42 yards
Will Buchanon - 3 grabs for 68 yards.

Scott Ware - 6 tackles, blocked punt
Terrell Thomas - 5 tackles, blocked FG
Oscar Lua – 4 tackles
Josh Pinkard – 4 tackles
Thomas Williams – 4 tackles
Travis Tofi. – 4 tackles

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