Pola returns to RB coach, Moses to DB

In a move that was made last week following the departure of DeWayne Walker the Trojans have formally announced that Kennedy Pola will move to running backs coach while Wayne Moses will take over the defensive backs.

This is a move that makes sense in many ways, primarily for the fact that it gets Kennedy Pola back where he belongs coaching running backs for the Trojans. Pola's work with Sultan McCullough two years ago resulted in a 1,000 yard season and Petros Papadakis called him the "best coach I ever had." He is also one of the best recruiters we have and his work helped bring in the Poly 4 as well as Fred Matua. Kennedy is a leader of men who has a unique passion for this particular position at this particular school and it is a credit to Pete Carroll that he recognized that extra intangible and made the move when he had the opportunity.

Moses is a solid football coach and he has worked with Carroll before at the DB spot when they coached together in college many years ago so that transition should be smooth. Pola will continue to handle special teams and says the double duty will not be a problem.

"This is what I wanted to do," Pola told the OC Register. "I wanted to get back on offense and I won't back off on special teams."

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