Darnell Bing interview

WeAreSC.com caught up with Long Beach Poly safety/running back Darnell Bing to get his thoughts on his recent commitment to the Trojans and where he will be playing once he gets on campus

M: So why did you pick USC?
D: It's close to home, they have strong alumni and I feel that I fit well with the team

M: Do you plan playing RB, S, or both.
D: Pretty much both, but I'll probably play S first then start looking at RB.

M: How big are you right now?
D: About 6-2,220

M: Do you have a desire to get bigger for RB?
D: Well, I think I want to get a little bit bigger, but not too big. I just want to work on my speed.

M: You're already a 4.4 guy right?
D: Yes.

M: You think you can get down to 4.3?
D: Yes.

M: Dang, I know you run the 100 in track, what's your best time?
D: I haven't run the 100 since last year, but my best time last year was a 10.6

M: Give me a prediction for this year.
D: This year, I'd say that I'll probably go about 10.4, 10.3

M: Wow, so you think you can take state?
D: Probably, but I dunno because I don't think I'm even going to run the 100 this year. I'm mostly going to do the 200 and the 4 x 100.

M: Can you say a little bit about Pete Carroll?
D: Pete, he's a cool guy, I like him a lot. He's really easy to get along with. I think he brings a lot to SC. From last year they improved a whole lot to me. They won some games, and the ones that did lose were real close. So I think he brings a lot to this school.

M: Were you disappointed to hear about coach Walker leaving?
D: Well at first I was, but then they told me that Pete Carroll is going to be handling the DB's, so I'm not really mad about it.

M: So are you going to start out at FS?
D: Yeah.

M: Do you think that you can start right away there?
D: Yeah.

M: Can you tell me a little about wearing Mike Garrett's Jersey?
D: I think there is going to be extra pressure on me, but that's what I like, because that will build up my game. It'll make me play better, I'll be on top of my game.

M: Have you taken your SAT's?
D: Yes, on the last one I scored a 780 and I took it again on Jan. 26, so I'm waiting for that one.

M: When do you hear how you did?
D: I should hear sometime this week.

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