Gabe Long Q&A

Fullerton JC defensive tackle Gabe Long, who gave a verbal commit to the Trojans in January but was unable to sign an LOI due to academic reasons, told WeAreSC today at the Trojan Huddle scrimmage that he will be fully qualified to enter USC at the end of the current spring semester and will be enrolled for the fall. We talked with Gabe tonight to get his thoughts on the scrimmage and his future with the Trojans:

Thoughts on scrimmage:

"I thought the scrimmage was pretty solid. It was impressive to see how much talent we have on this team. I can't wait to be out there with them."

Thoughts on d-line, where will you play?

"That's some stiff competition on the line. Hopefully I can bust my butt and earn my place with those guys. I will be playing defensive tackle, the spot occupied right now by LaJuan Ramsey. I've always played that position."

What was the atmosphere like today in the locker room?

"Wow. It was amazing, there is so much energy and everyone is so in tune and focused with what they need to do. I love how the whole team comes together as one, I really appreciate the way they do that."

Are you an emotional player on the field or more low-key?

"Both. I'm low key but I can get pumped up pretty quick with someone like Coach Carroll."

Have you met with Coach Franklin?

"I've spoken with him on the phone and I met him today. He's a nice guy. My family really likes him too and that's important to help build a good relationship."

Talk about being able to play for Coach Carroll.

"The first time he came to my house I was sweating bullets. This was a huge celebrity. He told me to relax, that he wanted me to be a part of his team, but I couldn't help sweating. I'm real fortunate to have the opportunity to play for him. He gives you confidence."

How hard was it not to be able to sign an LOI on Signing Day?

"You learn from your mistakes. It all falls back on me because I didn't take care of my business but I've learned from it and now it pushes me not to let it happen again. In the future I know I'll come through, I'll bust my butt, I'll do whatever it takes. Having to go through something like that gives you focus."

What is the schedule for you to finish up at JC and be ready for USC?

"I'm taking my classes at Fullerton right now and the semester ends May 17th. After that I'll be able to start working out with the other players in their program. I'm supposed to be getting the workout program soon, Coach Franklin asked me if I had it today, because they want me to start doing as much as I can on my own with stretching and stuff like that. They told me I need to come in ready to play, they don't want to have to get me in shape."

What kind of shape are you in right now?

"I'm at 295 and I usually play at around 275-280. The SC coaches told me they want me to come in around 290. I ran a 4.79 40 yard dash two weeks ago."

How is it going to feel when you finally get the chance to start your career at USC?

"Exciting. Overwhelming. I finally get blessed to be there."

Will we see you at any spring practices next week?

"No Sir. I'm taking care of my business right now with my classwork. The next time you'll see me is for summer workouts." Top Stories